Your Ultimate Hoover Vacuum Filters Buying Guide For 2022

Are you having a rough time trying to find a filter for your Hoover vacuum cleaner machine? This Hoover vacuum filters guide will guide you appropriately on the vacuum filters you should get for your vacuum cleaner. The Hoover Vacuum company has been around for over 100 years. The company has come a long way to become a leading vacuum brand. It is known to manufacture cordless stick vacuums, canister vacuums, handheld vacuums, hard floor cleaners, and upright vacuums. Recently, it has hit the headlines for integrating artificial intelligence in manufacturing hands-free robot vacuums. When you go shopping for Hoover vacuum filters, be sure to get only genuine filters. Here are the different types of Hoover filters you can go for;

1.    Hoover Foam Filters

The foam filter is by far the most basic type of hoover vacuum filter. As the name suggests, the air is forced through a foam layer. Small dust and dirt particles are filtered out while air is allowed to pass through. Foam filters are usually placed under the canister or a primary filter since they are not well-suited to capture large debris. Foam filters also require frequent cleaning.

Some examples of foam filters for Hoover vacuum cleaners include the following;

  • Hoover Linx Foam Filter
  • Fette Foam Filter
  • HQRP Sponge Filters

2.    Cyclonic Action Filters

Most bagless hoover filters use cyclonic actions as their first filters. So, instead of having a physical filter, air will spin in a cyclone in the middle of the canister, forcing dust particles outwards. Cyclonic action filters will feel the same as you when riding a carousel. Dirt and dust particles will be forced out and collected on the canister. As a result, only air is forced upwards, and it will go through a secondary filter.

3.    Hoover Vacuum Disk Filter

Disk filters are always created from paper or cloth materials. Their disk-like shape gives them the ability to fit into small Hoover vacuum filters. However, unlike most primary filters, disk filters need to be cleaned frequently.

4.    Hoover Vacuum Cartridge Filters

One of the most popular types of Hoover vacuum filters is the cartridge filter. They are characterized by their circular shape and are made from folded paper or synthetic materials. They hence have a greater surface area to allow greater filtration filter. Whereas some of the cartridge filters are washable, some will only need to be gently tapped to eliminate dirt.

5.    Hoover Vacuum HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are the most advanced type of Hoover vacuum filter. Although HEPA filters were originally designed to filter out radioactive particles from labs, their technology has proven them worthy of vacuum cleaners' filtration needs. They are properly designed to address the shortcomings of the standard filters. Unlike standard filters such as the ones mentioned above, HEPA filters usually have several filtration techniques that allow them to remove over 99.97% of dust particles. If you are allergic to dust, I highly recommend the HEPA filter for your Hoover vacuum cleaner.

1.     Are Hoover vacuum Filters Washable?

All Hoover vacuum filters should be replaced when they become dirty. However, those that have been marketed as washable should be washed, rinsed in clean water, and fitted only after they are dry enough.

2.    How do I clean a Hoover vacuum filter?

You should detach the filter from the vacuum cleaner, clean it in clean water and your favorite detergent, and return it after it dries. Here is a video link that will guide you when cleaning your Hoover vacuum filter

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