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In 2020, BUYMYLOVES LTD. began to fully promote the new retail business, relying on online sales experience and data support, launched the website buymyloves.com, its electronic products online hot sales. And in Amazon, ebay, Walmart and other official flagship stores.

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BUYMYLOVES LTD. was established in 2020, headquartered in Yongxinhui Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, is a local Shenzhen incubated and fast-growing Internet company. BUYMYLOVES LTD. is committed to be the explorer and leader of global consumer electronics. We have established good cooperation with many Chinese quality manufacturers, and deployed overseas warehouses in Germany, France, USA, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Japan, insisting on the two major development directions from single brand to multi-brand full category development, online and offline linkage of new retail, and building brand moat with product power.

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