Bissell Vacuum Attachments- Desmistifying Every Attachment Tool For Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

Is your home hard-floored? By “hard-floored,” I mean hard floor surfaces such as tiles, wood, or linoleum. In that case, having a vacuum cleaner capable of lifting debris, dirt, and dust from such hard floors without scattering the dirt is ideal. And it just happens that the best vacuum well-suited to carry out the task for you is the Bissell vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is known for its one-pass and scatter-free technology, and therefore, it lifts dirt and dust without scattering it through the room. If you already have the Bissell vacuum cleaner, then you should know that at one point, you might need to fit your vac with different attachments for different tasks. Worry not. In this Bissell vacuum attachment guide, you will learn about the most fundamental attachments of your vacuum cleaner.

Bissell Vacuum Attachments: Extension Wand

The extension wand gives your vacuum cleaner more reach. It captures dust and dirt dangling from high areas such as ceilings, roof bottoms, corners, or buried deep beneath home appliances. What is more? You do not just need the extension wand for cleaning purposes. Suppose you have dropped something in a hole or an area that is not possible to be accessed by your hand, you can stretch a piece of nylon pantyhose on the extension wand, tie it up with a thread or rubber band and retrieve your item with less strain.

Bissell Vacuum Attachments: Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is a necessary Bissel vacuum attachment you should be aware of. With an angled tip and a slender shape, the crevice tool gets your vacuum cleaner into tight spots such as corners along the baseboards and around vents.

Bissell Vacuum Attachments: Upholstery Tool

The Bissell vacuum upholstery is wide and features a lint-catching fabric strip that gives it the ability to coax dirt and dust from sofas, cushions, carpets, and other cleaning surfaces.

Bissell Vacuum Attachments: Pet Hair Fabric Tool

Sure, you can use the Bissell vacuum cleaner to vacuum pet hair your dog or cat scatters in your room. Similarly, you can attach pet groomers to the Bissell vacuum attachment to vacuum your do. If your dog does not freak out at the sound of a vacuum cleaner, better find the pet groomer and keep your dog clean.

Bissell Vacuum Attachments: Dusting Brush

The Bissell vacuum dusting is characterized by soft rounded bristles that make it ideal for cleaning the windowsills, bookcases, framed arts, etcetera. Since the Bissell vacuum cleaner is well-equipped with variable suction, you can also use the dusting brush for more complicated tasks such as cleaning the knick-knacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How do I use the vacuum cleaner attachments?

To use any of the mentioned Bissell vacuum cleaner attachments, you first need to turn off the Bissell vacuum or cleaning machine and unwind the flex hose rack located at the back of the vac machine. Remove the attachment you want to use from the tool caddy, push the attachment part into the end of the flex hose and change the vac settings from ready tools dial to hose attachment. Turn on your Bissell vac and use the attachment

2.      How Do I Use the Pet Hair Fabric Attachment

You should follow the procedure in FAQ 1 to install the pet hair fabric eraser. Here is a video link that will guide you on how to use the attachment.



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