The Best Review of Ridgid Vacuum Filters

The Ridgid vacuum cleaner is one of my preferred vac cleaners. The heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is known to suck all forms of materials with equal potency. Water, nails, crews, sawdust, and others, are all sucked up. One of the most significant features of the Ridgid vacuum cleaner is its powerful motor that is capable of sucking up debris. It is also characterized by four casters, an excellently-positioned handle, and a manageable weight that makes it easy to be carried around. This article will pay much attention to one of the most outstanding elements of the Ridgid vacuum cleaner, the Ridgid vacuum filter.

Ridgid Vacuum Filters

You are probably reading this review because you already know the purpose of vacuum filters and how significant they are to your vacuum cleaner's functionality. The filters help in the collection of dust and debris passing through the suction nozzle from the carpet, floor, mat, or surface being cleaned. Like most parts of your Ridgid vacuum, filters must be cleaned and replaced frequently. Therefore, you need to be acquainted with some of the best tips to clean the filters and also know some of the best filters that will work for your Ridgid vacuum cleaner. Below, we touch on the Ridgid vacuum filters you must know about.

Ridgid Vacuum HF0500 Pre-Filter

Pre-filters help maintain the performance and efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. The HF0500 pre-filter is the first and perhaps the most basic Ridgid vacuum filter you should know of. It is an excellent companion for the certified HEPA filter found on the Ridgid RV2400HF wet and dry vacuum that is certified for HEPA filtration. It is made of fabric material so that the filter can be washed and recycled. The fabric filter cover also blocks a huge chunk of dirt that could otherwise clog the certified HEPA filter.

Ridgid Vacuum HF1000 HEPA Filter

The HF1000 HEPA filter is a perfect Ridgid vacuum filter since it cleans 99.97% of particles that could be as small as 0.3 microns. This filter is also water-resistant, washable and durable, which further makes it a perfect option. Using the HF1000 HEPA filter alongside the high-efficiency filter bag, WD3502, could make the HEPA filters more durable and consequentially increase the functionality of the vacuum cleaner.

Ridgid Vacuum 1-Layer Pleated Filter

The 1-layer pleated filter is an ideal option for handling day-to-day dirt that is typically found in the basement, car, and garage. It is the ideal replacement Ridgif vacuum filter for 5 Gal and other large wet/dry vacuums. The filter is also easy to install and washable.

Ridgid Vacuum VF5000 3-Layer Fine Dust Filter

The VF5000 3-Layer fine dust filter is characterized by a double-plated design that makes it well-suited to harness fine particles like dust and ash. This Ridgid vacuum filter is compatible with all Ridgid vac 5 gallons and larger vac cleaners.

Ridgid Vacuum VF7000 Wet Application Filter

As the name suggests, the VF7000 wet application is good for cleaning wet surfaces. It is designed for high-volume liquid pick-up. This filter is also washable and reusable.


  1. Are Ridgid Vacuum Filters

YES. Most Ridgid vacuum filters are washable

  1. How Do I Wash The Ridgid Vacuum Filter?

Washing the filters is quite simple. All you need is clean water and detergent. Before returning the filters, ensure they are properly rinsed in cleaned water and dried. You can watch the video in the link below to learn more about cleaning the Ridgid vacuum filter.




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