A Complete Guide to the Riccar vacuum parts in 2022

Before we narrow down to the Riccar vacuum parts, let us first answer one of the burning questions people have been asking about Riccar vacuum cleaners. Are Riccar vacuum cleaners worth their cost? Just so you know, Riccar is a premium brand that has been in operation for a long time. Their objective is to manufacture world-class vacuum cleaners that offer much value to the users. And sure enough, Riccar vacuum cleaners have met their objective. In a nutshell, Riccar vacuum cleaners are worth their price.

Riccar Vacuum Parts

Like all vacuum cleaners, Riccar is an integration of several parts and components. Most of these parts are time-bound and will need replacement after some time. For this reason, every Riccar vacuum owner should be well acquainted with the different types of Riccar vacuum parts and how they operate. Here are the top Riccar vacuum parts and their examples.

Riccar Vacuum Belt

Belts are the first essential Riccar vacuum parts. So, what do the belts do in a Riccar vacuum cleaner? The answer is simple- the vacuum belts connect to the roller and help in collecting debris.

Several belts are compatible with the Riccar vacuum cleaners. They include the following

  • Riccar Brillance brld belt
  • Replacement Simplicity belts
  • Vibrance belts compatible with the Riccar Vibrance series

Riccar Vacuum Filter/Filter Kit

As the name suggests, the primary agenda of the Riccar vacuum filters is to help in the collection of dust passing through the suction nozzle from the floor or carpet being cleaned. Therefore, the filters are critical because they help to prevent dust and dirt from spreading to other parts of the rooms.

Different filters are used for various purposes and are compatible with different Riccar vacuum models. Some examples of Riccar vacuum filters include the following;

  • Riccar Simplicity S12L RSLP1 post filter polyester
  • Riccar upright vacuum RAD X9 Electrostatic HEPA filter
  • Riccar secondary filter for the 2000 series

Riccar Vacuum Hose

The hose is the long and cylindrical object connecting the to the port of the vacuum cleaner. When attached to your Riccar vacuum cleaner, the suction will be pulled through the hose so as to eliminate dirt, debris and dust from areas that might be difficult to access using the main section of the vacuum cleaner.

Riccar Vacuum Brushroll

The brush roll is the next Riccar vacuum part you should know. So, what exactly does the Riccar vacuum need a brush roll? Brush rolls are vital because they can help to push dust and debris away from the vacuum cleaners before they are suctioned. For easy and fast cleaning of hard surfaces, brush rolls are necessary.

Riccar Vacuum Motor

The motor is like the powerhouse of your Riccar vacuum cleaner. It utilizes turbine energy to create an intense force that generates low pressure inside the unit of the vacuum cleaner and allows air outside it to rush into the vacuum but in a controlled flow.

Riccar Vacuum Wheels

The last but not least item on our Riccar vacuum parts list is the wheel. The wheels enable mobility and portability of the Riccar vacuum cleaner.


  1. What Factors Should One Consider When Buying A Riccar Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many factors one ought to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. Such factors include ease of use, air filtrations, suction power, and noise levels, among others.

  1. When Should I Change the Vacuum Filters

Riccar filters should be changed after 3-6 months and depending on the frequency of use. To learn more about how to change the filters, you can watch the video in the link below;


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