Every Detail You Must Know About The Rainbow Vacuum Mop Attachment

Rainbow vacuums provide cleaning solutions for every surface. They are characterized by excellent filtration, durability, powerful suction, and versatile attachments such as the Rainbow vacuum mop attachments. Talking of mop attachments, you should know of several rainbow vacuum mop attachments. They are explained below;

The Power Nozzle

The rainbow power nozzle is an excellent companion that helps in cleaning carpets, coaches, mats, tiles, linoleum, as well as other hard surfaces. It also deals with dirt and dust, such as pet hair and crumbs, because of its powerful revolving brush. Another outstanding feature of the power nozzle is the LED headlights, which illuminate the surfaces and ensure you do not miss a dirty spot.


The AquaMate rainbow vacuum mop attachment maximizes the power of your Rainbow vacuum cleaner. By leveraging the natural cleaning abilities of water, the AquaMate attachment massages deep into the surfaces to ensure they are thoroughly and adequately cleaned and rinsed. It is an ideal option for dealing with non-vacuumable stains that might have been caused by pet stains or grease and oil spills.


Like the AquaMate attachment, the Rainjet also uses the cleaning power of water when eradicating ground-in-dirt and grime from tile, carpets, mats, linoleum, and other surfaces that ought to be cleaned. The self-contained power tank has enough capacity that puts it in a good position to clean large rooms. It also features interchangeable sponges and brushes, making it easy to scrub away embedded debris from the cleaning surfaces. Additionally, it has a trigger control that helps to regulate the amount of liquid sprayed on the cleaning surfaces.


RainbowMate is the next rainbow vacuum mop attachment that is specifically designed to clean areas of limited access. It features a sleek, lightweight, and powerful motor-driven brush that makes it easy to achieve optimum cleaning efficiency in areas that are not easy to access by regular vacuum parts. RainbowMate is suitable for surfaces such as upholstered furniture, car interiors, carpeted stairways, and mattresses. Please note that the RainbowMate is not suitable for outdoor usage.


The Minijet rainbow vacuum mop attachment is undoubtedly the easiest to set of all mop attachments. It leverages the cleaning power of Rainbow to shampoo to scrub, and remove debris and dirt stains for smaller carpet areas and upholstery. It features long ten-foot hose refillable tanks that help eradicate stubborn stains from your floors. Moreover, the MiniJet has a trigger that helps to activate and regulate spray. It is an excellent attachment that could help you in cleaning small area rugs, carpets, stairways and closets, pet stains, upholstery furniture, and vehicle interiors and floor mats.


The jetpack is specifically designed to help in cleaning tiles, linoleum, and other hard surfaces and floors. It has an extra-wide surface area that helps it cover extensive ground when cleaning. It does not matter how large a room is; you can bank on JetPad to do an excellent cleaning job for you within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Do I Replace the Power Nozzle Belt?

The best way to learn how to replace the power nozzle belt for the rainbow mop attachment is to do it practically. Here is a video link that will guide you through.


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