Batteries, Filters, Bags, and Other Festool vacuum accessories You must Know

Festool often refers to their vacuum as dust extractors. So, do not be confused when you hear of Festool dust extractors. Other than Festool, I do not know of any brand that refers to them as anything different. Usually, it is either Vacs or vacuums. Festool takes dust collection with uttermost seriousness, no wonder the name Festool dust extractors. The state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner is an excellent option for cleaning offices and homes.

From the moment you see it, Festool might seem like a complex gadget to operate. However, operating it is not as hard as it might seem, not after knowing some of the Festool vacuum accessories and their functions.

  1. Batteries

The Li-High power compact battery is the first on our list of Festool vacuum accessories. The battery weighs under 600 grams and allows for effortless work and device mobility. It saves weight without necessarily interfering with device performance. The high-current resistant battery is also characterized by a long lifespan.

  1. Rapid Chargers

The high rapid is the second Festool accessory you should know. The chargers come with airstream technology that plays the cooling function and consequentially increases charging efficiency. It is also covered with simple wall mounting that prevents it from external impacts and increases its durability. The charger also comes with least double charging, and this increases its efficiency.

  1. Festool Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Third, on our Festool vacuum accessories is the vacuum cleaner bags. The high-quality nonwoven bags are used for automatically cleaning the dust deposits inside the filter bag. Upon switching on the vacuum cleaner, it puffs up. It collapses when the vacuum cleaner is switched off, thereby allowing the dust deposits inside the vacuum cleaner bag to come off. They are suitable for their cleaning efficiencies and can also help reduce other health hazards. Most Festool vacuum cleaner bags are made of multiple-layered polyester sanding cloth materials that make them tear-resistant. The bags are also reusable.

  1. Main Filter

The main filter is characterized by cellulose fiber material. It is responsible for vacuuming dust, both fine and coarse. It enables efficient and systematic vacuuming and helps to reduce health hazards. The main filters are also helpful in filtering residual dust not retained by the filter bag, ensuring that clean air is directed into the room. Please note that the filter is not suitable for Festool vacuum extractors with the auto-clean function.

  1. Festool Hose Depot

The Festool Hose depot is a robust hood used to facilitate the movement of the gadget and extraction. It provides enough storage for the suction hose and the power cable. It is also equipped with T-LOC connectivity that helps to attach Systainer toolboxes. Before buying the hose depot, you must check the model number to ensure you get one that is compatible with your Festool vacuum accessories.

  1. Festool Ratchet and Screwdriver

The last Festool vacuum cleaner accessory is the Festool ratchet and screwdriver set. This component is well-equipped for diverse installation works. The perfectly packed and clearly organized ratchet contains SYS MINI, various extensions, adapters and universal joints. 37-pieces in total. You cannot ask more for your Festool vacuum replacement and assembly works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Clean the Festool Vacuum Filter?

Yes, you clean your Festool vacuum filter. Click on the link below to learn how

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