HEPA Filters and Other Dewalt Vacuum Attachments You Should Be Aware of

Before we narrow down to Dewalt vacuum attachments, it is vital that we address the question of what makes Dewalt a good vacuum cleaner. For starters, the air watts for Dewalt vacuum cleaners peak at 325, which is an excellent feature worth noting, especially for such a small-sized vac cleaner. Secondly, the vac is efficient and has an excellent speed that outdoes that of most handheld vacuums. It also has a washable cartridge filter. This is a nice thing because you get to save a lot of money you would otherwise have used to buy filters every time they get dirty. The Dewalt vacuum cleaner is also made of stainless steel, which plays to its durability advantages. That said, let us now focus our attention on Dewalt vacuum attachments.

Dewalt Vacuum Attachments

The Dewalt vacuum cleaner has a number of tools, accessories, parts, or attachments that work in tandem to ensure efficient dust management. Some of the Dewalt vacuum attachments are explained below.

  1. HEPA Filters

The HEPA filter is the first item on our Dewalt vacuum attachments list. The filter is highly modified to capture almost 99.99% of dirt and dust particles, thereby helping to keep your room or office clean. It is a perfect choice for all particles greater than or equal to 0.3 microns. Before you go looking for a replacement filter for your Dewalt vacuum, it is vital that you ascertain the model number to buy the best-fit HEPA filter for your vacuum.

  1. Paper Bag

The second vital element of the Dewalt vacuum attachment is the Dewalt extractor paper bag. The bag allows users to quickly and efficiently empty the dust tank without necessarily spilling the dust back into the environment. The paper is designed to handle all forms of dust, such as drywall, sawdust, and concrete, among others.

  1. Hose

Unlike other vacuum hoses, the Dewalt replacement hose includes a universal connector that allows fast connections to power tools. Most Dewalt vacuum attachment hoses are characterized by high durability, excellent suction power, and value for money. But the most outstanding feature of the Dewalt vacuum attachment hoses is the antistatic power that protects it from electricity build-ups that might cause accidental shocks.

  1. Brush Nozzle and Crevice Tool

Next, we have the brush nozzle and crevice tool. These parts are useful for vacuuming high areas such as whisk windowsills, bookcases, framed art, and similar delicate regions such as the knick-knacks.

  1. Replacement Belt

The last but not least item on the list of Dewalt vacuum attachments is the belt. The belt is, in fact, one of the most vital parts of the Dewalt vacuum cleaner. It helps to rotate the brush bars that are used in beating or agitating dirt and dust from the mat, carpet, or couch so that the vacuum cleaner can suck it out.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How Do I Install The Filter Bags the Right Way?

The best way to learn how to install a filter bag is by practically learning it. The video in the link below will help you out with the right procedure;

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