Rainbow e Series Vacuum Cleaner: All You Need to Know Before You Buy

What is Rainbow e Series Vacuum Cleaner?

As the name implies, the Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaner is an appliance for collecting debris, fur, dirt, or any loose material from surfaces and furniture. It uses HEPA Filtration Technology, making it one of the most reliable products on the market.

Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaner has an amazing 80 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) of power. It also features an electric power nozzle, a high-speed brush roll, and edge cleaning brushes. The product makes cleaning much faster and more efficient and boasts high durability compared to the competing models.

The Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaner model initially had two motor variations. It was either fitted with an AME motor made by Ametek or GSE motor made by GS Electric. Due to the acquisition of GS Electric, Ametek became the only supplier. It phased out the production of AME motors after deciding to continue with the GSE motor because it had higher quality.

Replacement parts are available for the Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaners with GSE motor and AME motor. However, these parts are not universal. So, you should always check what you have to pay for the correct replacement part.

The Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaner delivers high performance on hardwood floors and carpets. The previous models only clean hardwood floors.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable
  • New HEPA filtration technology
  • Controllable suction power
  • Reliable and efficient in cleaning
  • Carpet pile-height adjustment


  • Relatively big – less convenient to move around





e Series


1.5 hp

Power (Cubic Feet Per Minute)



Water and HEPA Filtration

Filter type


Controller type

Push button

Hose style

Separate electric and non-electric hose

Shampooer style

Aquamate 1 & 2 Shampooer, or the Prolux Storm(Click here to see)


40.2 lb

Who Should You Buy Rainbow e Series Vacuum Cleaner?

The Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaners are easy to use and have reliable performance. If not for their high prices, anyone is suited to use them. This series has high suction power that never reduces as they fill up with dirt.

Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning carpets, wooden floors, furniture, cars, and other hard-to-reach surfaces. Regardless of the cleaning task you throw at it, this product will exceed your expectations.

Both homeowners and cleaning companies can buy this vacuum cleaner. Its reliability and durability make it a good choice and provide a good return. 

Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaning power makes it an option for large houses and spaces. And since it does not use a battery but gets power directly from the receptacle on the wall, you get unlimited clean time.

Review of Rainbow e Series Vacuum Cleaner

The Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaner is a good investment for property owners and cleaning companies. But what should you know before you buy it? The product has many features that we can briefly discuss in this review. They include the following:

Suction Power

The Rainbow e Series Vacuum vacuums have a cubic foot per meter power of 80. With this massive capability, it can lift every debris from the surface, including pet hair. It also does not lose its suction power, even if it is nearly full of dirt. So, you can enjoy longer hours of cleaning.

Long Hose

The appliance comes with a 24-feet hose. This property makes it a good choice for cleaning large rooms and makes up for not being codeless. With wall receptacles strategically placed in the room, you can efficiently clean even concert halls with this product.

Wheels at the Base

Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaner is relatively heavy, and moving it from place to place would have been difficult if it never had wheels. Luckily, the wheels at the base make it easier to handle and move around the room.

Filtration Technology

Like many vacuum cleaners on the market, Rainbow e Series Vacuum uses the New HEPA filtration. This is an efficient technology that makes it more reliable and efficient. It extends its working hours before filter cleaning and conducts regular maintenance.

Parts and Accessories

This product comes with all accessories to make it work even better. Once fitted, you can clean even hard-to-reach places around your home.

Fortunately, replacement parts are also readily available if you need them. You only have to visit your local store, and you should find an appropriate aftermarket part.


Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaners are the most durable compared to competing products. If well-maintained, your vacuum cleaner can serve you for decades. And should it break down, there is a repair manual you can follow if you are a DIYer. Otherwise, you can consider taking it to a technician for assistance.

Water to Filter

The product series uses water to filter. The advantage of this is that you never have to buy any bags. On the downside, it is bothersome to fill and damp out every time you vacuum. Our advice is that you should never leave water in the water bowl because it can cause rusting of the bearings and other motor components. That will shorten its service life, making you buy replacement parts prematurely.

Comparison Chart: Rainbow e Series Vacuum Vs. D4 Vs.SE Models

How do Rainbow e Series Vacuum cleaners compare with the previous generations? The following chart provides an insight into the existing differences and similarities. Check it out for details!


E Series



Power (CFM)





Water filtration and HEPA filtration

Water filtration

Water filtration

Shampooer Style

Works With Aquamate 1 & 2 Shampooer, or the Prolux Storm

Only works with Aquamate 1 shampooer or the Prolux Storm

Only works with Aquamate 1 shampooer or the Prolux Storm

Hose Style

Comes With 1 Electric Hose and 1 Non-Electric Wet Hose

Comes With 2 Non-Electric Hoses

Comes With 1 Electric Hose and 1 Non-Electric Wet Hose

Questions about Rainbow e Series Vacuum Cleaners

How old is the E series Rainbow vacuum?

The first version of the e Series Rainbow Vacuum cleaner debuted in 1999, and the second version a year later. However, there have been some improvements in the product features being manufactured today, such as higher motor reliability and more modern designs.

Are Rainbow vacuums still available?

Yes. Rainbow vacuum cleaners have been on the market for over 80 years. They are manufactured by Rexair LLC, based in Troy, Michigan, United States. Due to their legendary water-based filtration system, these vacuum cleaners are still being sold worldwide today. They are reliable and durable.

How long do Rainbow vacuums last?

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are estimated to last about 20-30 years, depending on how you take care of them or the task they are subjected to. High durability is one of their main advantages compared to other available brands.

Can you vacuum up baking soda with a Rainbow vacuum?

Yes. The water filtration technology used in Rainbow vacuums makes them effective in cleaning baking soda and other dust particles. They also have excellent suction power and do not clog, making them the best choice of vacuum cleaners for the task.

Does Rainbow vacuum clean hardwood floors?

Rainbow Vacuum cleaners are some of the most reliable products on the market today. Regardless of the model, they are perfect for people with hardwood floors. You can also choose them if you have tiles, throw rugs, carpets, or any other floor covering. They are also ideal for people with allergies because they use water filtration technology. So, dust, pet hair, and other debris don’t stand a charge to fly into the air.

Can you clean a couch with a Rainbow vacuum?

Yes. If your Rainbow Vacuum cleaner model has an upholstery attachment, you can effectively use it to clean your couch. It can clean sofas, chairs, and many other home furnishings.

Video of Rainbow e Series Vacuum Cleaner Review

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