Ryobi Backpack Vacuum Comparison and Reviews: Ryobi 625 CFM RY40440, Ryobi 730 CFM Whisper Backpack Vacuum (Ry4040170), and Ryobi Whisper Backpack 730 CFM (404180)

What is the Ryobi Backpack Vacuum?

The Ryobi backpack vacuum is a brand of Techtronic Industries. They specialize in arrays of vacuum products and other tools. The Ryobi backpack vacuum is unique and versatile, and you will get to see it as we review three different models under this brand. You can use these backpack vacuums to eliminate debris around the home, and the vacuum can also function as an outdoor leaf blower.

Features of The 40V Ryobi Backpack Vacuum

1. Design

Their backpack vacuums are very similar in design. The engine is placed in the backpack. There are straps to provide the wearer with comfort. 

2. Power Source

Different series of the Ryobi backpack vacuum is cordless, so it doesn't require you to plug an electric cord because it is battery powered. The number of batteries differs according to the model. 

3. Cruise Control

It is a feature that is most common in all the Ryobi backpack vacuum series. It allows you to clean without placing your finger on the trigger control.

4. Long Warranty

The back series can have up to five years warranty. It is a good sign that the manufacturers have the users in mind regarding the well-being of their vacuum. 

5. Low Noise

The 40 V system was designed to produce strong power to clean the home without making a loud noise. 

Video Review of Ryobi Backpack Vacuum Blower

Models Under The Ryobi Backpack 40v System

They include:

  • The Ryobi 40v 625 CFM RY40440 
  • Ryobi 40v 730 CFM Whisper Backpack Vacuum (Ry4040170) 
  • Ryobi 40v Whisper Backpack 190MPH, 730 CFM (404180)

The Ryobi 40v 625 CFM RY40440 Review


  • Width: 18", Length: 63", Height: 18"
  • Air Speed: 625 CFM
  • Air Volume: 145 MPH
  • Noise Level: 59DB
  • Volts:40v DC
  • Weight: 21.1 lbs
  • Power: Battery

This Ryobi model replaces the other gas models by creating a backpack vacuum that doesn't even need a cord to run. There would be some downside to using a battery-powered backpack to vacuum, such as cleaning time will have to be minimized to the battery's runtime. But this is a great substitution for those who do not like the gas-powered models. 

Like the other models, the Ry40440 is equally as powerful and efficient at cleaning. There are multiple cleaning modes to clean. The turbo button cleans wet debris more effectively. The button is on a two-minute timer, and you can press the button again to restart the timer. High mode is the preferred option for cleaning smaller debris. 

With backpack vacuums, finger fatigue is quite common, but not with this model. This vacuum doesn't require you to keep your finger on the trigger but rather on the stick. And if you wish, you can use the cruise control feature. 

The blower runs on one battery, but two battery ports are designed in the blower for more runtime. Typically, the battery can last for about 25 minutes, and it takes a long time for the battery to recharge fully. 

Compared to the other models, the noise level is quite low. The design of the machine is quite similar to other backpack vacuum models, but it doesn't provide a hip strap. It is still comfortable, though, because there are adjustable shoulder straps, a chest buckle, and hip and back padding. The waist straps would have provided even more comfort if the manufacturers had added them. 


  • It requires just one battery to run, and there are two ports to give the vacuum more runtime
  • It has a high cleaning power


  • No hip strap to reduce the weight off your shoulders and hips 
  • The flexible tube portion doesn't allow enough motion to reach across your body 

Ryobi 40v 730 CFM Whisper Backpack Vacuum (Ry4040170) Review


  • Air Speed: 165 MPH
  • Air Volume: 730 CFM
  • Noise Level: 59DB
  • Volts: 120 V
  • Weight: 21.2 lb, With Batteries: 26 lb

The backpack vacuum is very comfortable to wear. It weighs 26 pounds with both batteries included. It is not too heavy and supports your shoulders, chest, and hips in the form of pads. It makes it possible for you to use the Ryobi backpack vacuum for a long period without feeling fatigued.

The 4040170 is a quiet vacuum expected of the whole whisper series. Its noise level is quite low for a vacuum with that much power. Even when it is at its highest speed, it doesn't make as much noise though it increases. 

This whisper model allows you to clean at two different speeds. When you put the speed on full throttle, there's a lever lock to keep the speed in place. It allows you to clean without having to press the trigger down. It eliminates the chances of finger fatigue.

The other speed you can clean it is the turbo mode. This mode is when the blower is at its full speed and capacity. The battery drains faster with this mode, and as the battery level drops, so does the turbo's power. It is best to clean with this speed when the battery level is full, then switch to full throttle as the battery level decreases. The turbo mode shuts down automatically after every two minutes. You can hit the button again after this happens, and you're good to go. 

The unit has two 40V 6.0 Ah batteries and a rapid charger to go with it. The battery usually takes up to an hour to charge, and how long they last depend on how often you use them.

  • The vacuum has controls that are easy to use
  • The backpack is comfortable
  • The Ry404017 is a quiet vacuum
  • You can use the vacuum to clear a very large space


  • The batteries are quite heavy 

Ryobi 40v Whisper Backpack 190MPH, 730 CFM (404180) Review


  • Length: 40 inches
  • Air Speed: 730 CFM
  • Air Volume: 190 MPH
  • Noise Level: 57DB
  • Weight: 6 Pounds, With Batteries: 9 Pounds

The Ryobi RY404180 is a backpack/ handheld vacuum. The backpack holds the house's power supply (three batteries) while you have the vacuum in your hand. The handheld unit weighs 9 pounds which are a little bit heavy. 

The vacuum is arguably the less noisy model in the whisper series. 

Different speed settings give efficient power needed to complete your cleaning task. It runs for 15 minutes in full throttle mode and 10 minutes in Turbo mode. It also has a cruise control mode where you can clean without holding the trigger. 

The backpack holds three batteries and a power adaptor. There is an adjustable strap for you to wear the bag in a comfortable way on your back. To use the backpack power supply, put the batteries in, then plug the power adaptor into the handheld unit's battery slot. The vacuum only needs one battery pack at a time.

If you install more than one battery into the backpack, the unit will only use one, usually the one with more battery level. It is a good feature because it means you have multiple power batteries so that you can clean twice as much with this vacuum as with the other models.

The adaptor has a LED display to show the reading on each battery's power level. The backpack also holds a USB charging port that can provide 2 Amos of charging power. 

The Ryobi RY404180 is an improvement from the other two 40v series we've discussed. It has more powerful airflow and three batteries you do not use simultaneously.

  • Long battery life 
  • It has a strong airflow
  • LED display
  • Less noise
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Gets heavy after a while

FAQs About The Ryobi Backpack Vacuum

What is the warranty on the 40V Ryobi backpack vacuum?

The backpack vacuums under the Ryobi 40V system have a maximum of five years and a minimum of three years.

Should I leave my battery charged even after it's full?

No, you shouldn't because this could damage the battery. After the battery is full, unplug it and store it according to the user manual.

How long would I wear the backpack before it starts feeling heavy? 

The answer to this depends on many factors, but it should take about twenty minutes before you start to feel the machine's weight. It would be best to take it off when this happens, so you don't cause yourself any harm. 

Can I use my battery on another Ryobi vacuum? 

The 40V battery is only compatible with vacuums under the 40V system. You should know that the Ryobi 40V system doesn't just include vacuums. They have other products. These products can use the 40V battery too. 

Where can I buy replacement parts?

The Ryobi website has all the replacement parts you need and other important information. 


The Ryobi backpack vacuum is designed with powerful suction to eliminate dirt, dust, and other debris from your homes. It comes in handy when you want to clean large areas in your home very quickly. The vacuum can also be used as an outdoor blower to eliminate leaves in your yard. 

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