Shark Vac Mop Reviews 2022, Shark VacMop vs VacMop Pro, which is better?

The rate at which technology is growing is quite encouraging, and any human activity that seems tiresome and boring has been simplified. Cleaning is part of our daily chores, and it ought to be done in an excellent manner for you to be proud of your environment. The Shark brands have ensured that you enjoy their vacuum cleaner models' noble cleaning services. The Shark VacMop and the Shark VacMop Pro are among the most celebrated and excellent performing vacuum cleaners that ensure that your home is praised for having the cleanest floors.

Shark VacMop vs VacMop Pro, which is better?

Choosing the better vacuum cleaner between the Shark VacMop cleaner and the Shark VacMop cleaner can be a needle in a haystack. This article is for those who are undecided on which vacuum cleaner they need between the two powerful vacuum cleaners.

This guide will help you choose between the Shark VacMop VM200 vs VacMop Pro VM252 vacuum cleaners and make you understand the difference between the two. The VacMop Pro features a magnetic charger along with a magnetic charger connector, while the VacMop VM200 comes with a standard charger and standard charging connector.

On one end of the power cord of the magnetic charger is a round magnetic connector that is made to stick to the charging zone so as to charge the VacMop. Using the magnetic design is far much safer since it will bar kids from accidentally lifting it up without disconnecting the charging connector.

The VacMop does not come with any headlights, whereas the VacMop Pro VM252 features automatic LED headlights that will ensure you can see hidden debris in dim light or dark zones. The VacMop is designed so that the motion sensor can automatically activate the headlights and, after 10 seconds of inactivity, will turn off the headlights.

Thanks to the affordability of the Shark VacMop pro cordless vacuum cleaner, whose price falls at $169.99. Check the pros and cons of using the above-mentioned powerful vacuum cleaners.

Shark VacMop


  • It has a lightweight nature
  • It offers excellent cleaning
  • It comes with a disposable pad that captures dry and wet messes with no dust cap to empty
  • It offers you a spray feature that allows you to apply more moisture where there is a need. 


  • It is only recommended for hard surface flooring
  • It does not feature a traditional dust bin, just like other vacuums.
  • Any large debris must pass through the narrow opening in the middle of the vacuum that is to be captured.

VacMop Pro VM252


  • It is cordless
  • It is easy to use
  • It features a lightweight design
  • It delivers a strong suction
  • It is rechargeable
  • It can vacuum while it is mopping
  • It is highly affordable                              
  • It is only suitable in small spaces
  • It only functions best on hard floors
  • It only comes with disposable cleaning pads

Shark VacMod vs VacMop Pro: Design

There is a difference in how these two vacuum cleaners are designed to provide the cleaning services they are intended for. The Shark VacMop features suction and sprays in one disposable pad. The Shark VacMod features a cordless system that charges with great ease. The vacuum cleaner achieves a lightweight design that offers you the ultimate portability you deserve. The vacuum cleaner comes with multi-surface cleaner technology to ensure that you enjoy both vacuuming and mopping service from one device. On the other hand, the VacMop Pro vacuum is made of stainless steel, which gives it a solid body outlook. The vacuum cleaner has got a lightweight nature that helps you find the ease to move the machine from room to room. The only disadvantage is that this vacuum cleaner cannot stand by itself, and you have to make it lean against the wall.

Shark VacMod vs VacMop Pro: Cleaning Power

The Shark VacMop VM200 is excellent at picking up crumbs or spills that may be scary. The vacuum cleaner is able to offer suction on a small mess like corn flakes from the floor. This suction is versatile enough to pick up dirt that may be hidden in hard-to-reach zones. On the other hand, the VacMop Pro is good to go as it gives you easy assembly time as you get ready to be offered a strong suction power that supersedes most vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner uses a multipurpose cleaning solution on sealed hardwood and ceramic tiles to ensure that you are well sorted out.

Shark VacMod vs VacMop Pro: Performance

The new Shark VacMop features a dust container and a filter that is incorporated into the machine’s mopping pad. The vacuum cleaner does a perfect job of ensuring your entire hard floors are left sparkling clean. The vacuum cleaner brings the luxury you need as it can help you vacuum and mop with greater convenience. You are eligible to enjoy a longer battery life from this machine compared to what other vacuum cleaner models can offer. On the other, the VacMop Pro offers a powerful suction that locks away directly into the disposable VacMop pad. A spray mopping feature is known to clean any stuck-on grime for you to get sparkle-clean floors.

Shark VacMop Vacuum cleaner Review

The Shark VacMop vacuum cleaner is a 2-in-1 cleaner that allows you to both vacuum and mop your room to the desired standards. If you want to mop your room, you are required to push a button that is on top of the device. The machine has got wireless power along with a lightweight body style for greater convenience. The vacuum cleaner is designed to store all debris collected in a mopping pad, which makes it easier to empty the dust cap and even replace the mopping pad.

This vacuum cleaner does not feature a brush roll which is a feature that makes this vacuum cleaner more of a mop than a vacuum, in my opinion. The manufacturer of this vacuum cleaner ensures that the machine’s tank can hold up to 0.3L capacity, which does not allow you to empty the machine more frequently. A small spray nozzle is positioned on the front side of this mop that wets a small area directly in front of this vacuum cleaner so that mopping takes place. A trigger button on top of the machine releases a spray of the cleaning solution, and you are advised to use it as little as possible.

This VacMop is designed to be wireless so that you can find it easy to move wire-free around your house as you clean. Once you are done with the vacuuming session, you are required to use the magnetic charger that is provided so that your machine gets enough charging which will be essential in the next cleaning. You are assured of 11 to 12 minutes runtime that may decrease depending on the suction power mode you will be using throughout your cleaning activity.

Thanks to the lightweight nature of this vacuum cleaner, that measures up to 6.14 pounds. This weight goes well with the compact design this machine achieves by featuring; dimensions of 47.87 by 9.5 by 5.3 inches. This perfect physical design allows your vacuum cleaner to maneuver easily under furniture and other hard-to-access areas.

VacMop Pro Vacuum Cleaner Review

This outstanding vacuum cleaner and mopper has gained public trust and confidence as its performance is known to impress everyone who gets a chance to use it. The machine features a disposable pad that is a secret weapon for its wonderful performance. The pad installed on this machine is made of a sturdy frame that holds a vacuum bag. The vacuum bag opens up whenever the suction feature is offered so as to trap debris. This works alongside the installed mopping pads that clean the floors and is able to absorb wet messes that are eliminated by the cleaning solution.

The VacMop Pro is cordless and gives you, as the user, an easy task. It allows you to attach the magnetic charger that completely charges in three hours for you to enjoy longer cleaning sessions. Thanks to the high portability level that this VacMop is designed to feature. The VacMop weighs 3.34 pounds, thus achieving the lightweight nature that is needed in every well-performing VacMop. There are also powerful LED headlights that will be essential for ensuring accurate cleaning of dark places.

Comparison Chart Shark VacMop vs. VacMop Pro vs. Bissell 


Shark VacMop

VacMop Pro

Bissell Cross wave

Weight (pound)




Dimensions (inches)

5.3 by 9.5 by 47.87

47.87 by 9.5 by 5.3

10.5 by 12 by 46

Cord length




Recommended floors

Hard floor

Multi Floor

Multi Floor

Dust cap capacity (quarts)








Shark VacMop vs VacMop Pro: Which Should you choose?

You are left with the power to decide on which VacMop will deliver the best results. You can choose the one that your pocket can afford. It is worthy knowing the nature and type of floor you will be dealing with once you purchase either of the VacMop.

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