The Shark nv586 Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet/ Hardwood floors: Is it Worth Buying?

Vacuum cleaning is a trend of cleaning all the dirty surfaces in your house and helping you achieve a sparkle clean environment. Cleaning should no longer be a thing to worry about since technology cares for you, and it brings you every way of making your life absolutely easy and fun. Today, this article will guide you to the most important aspects you should know about the powerful Shark nv586 vacuum cleaner.

What is Shark nv586 Vacuum Cleaner?

The highly experienced Shark Ninja brand makes the Shark nv586 vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner has, over the years, proved to be among the best-selling vacuum cleaners in the market. Shark Vacuum cleaners have been known to be highly functional and innovative as you will only need to maintain them for you to enjoy their perfect service. In case of any fault with the Shark vacuum cleaners, you will find a service provider near you.

Using the Shark nv586 vacuum cleaner is far much better than other vacuum cleaners since it is upright, making it more versatile. The vacuum cleaner features a 2-in-1 design as it is meant for multi-floor cleaning, and the Shark nv586 vacuum cleaner can do so with great ease and convenience. 

Most people look for this vacuum cleaner mostly because of its powerful suction capabilities. The machine can pick up debris from carpets, rags, and hard floors with great precision, which will leave you impressed by its powerful action, especially on picking pet hair.

Pros & Cons


  • It comes with a wide cleaning path for quick cleaning
  • It offers a powerful suction
  • It is relatively light
  • The fingertip controls are easy to control
  • It offers multi-floor cleaning
  • Its accessories and canister can easily be detached
  • It offers you a HEPA filter for 99.99 cleaning efficiency
  • It is highly versatile
  • It features excellent maneuverability
  • The dustbin is easy to empty


  • The power cord is a bit short
  • It offers tedious storage capabilities due to the lack of a cord rewind





Shark nv586 vacuum cleaner


15.2 pounds

Cleaning path

12 inches


Upright, bagless

HEPA filter



30.7 x 13.5 x 13.1 inches

LED Headlights


Dust Cup Capacity

2.4 quarts

Power cord length

25 feet

Who should buy a Shark nv586 vacuum cleaner?

Every homeowner should own a vacuum cleaner that does an excellent job in ensuring you are in an allergen-free environment and enjoy staying in a clean, sparkly, clean, floored room. If you have any room size from small to medium, the Shark nv586 vacuum has a power cord that can clean on a single plugging. Whether your house has got carpeted or bare floors, your cleaning desire can be effectively delivered by this vacuum cleaner.

Review of Shark nv586 vacuum Cleaner

The Shark nv586 vacuum is corded and features a 25-foot power cord that is long enough to offer you a continuous vacuuming session. This is advantageous compared to cordless vacuum cleaners running out of battery before your rooms are well vacuumed. This vacuum cleaner is bagless, and it achieves an upright nature. 

You might think that you do not need LED lights until you realize that there is much dirt that hides in darker places. This vacuum cleaner features bright LED headlights on its head lead so that you can ensure accurate cleaning. 

What makes a vacuum cleaner worth using is the filtration level it features. The Shark nv586 vacuum cleaner allows you to install a HEPA filter that ensures that your vacuum cleaner traps up to 99.97% of all pollutants. It has anti-allergen complete seal technology that will trap all dust, mold, hair or any other kind of dirt that may be present on your floors.

With this wonderful vacuum cleaner, you will enjoy large surface area cleaning as the vacuum cleaner features a cleaning path of 12 inches. The machine comes in compact size dimensions, 30.7 by 13.5 by 13.1 inches, which goes well with its lightweight nature, making it highly portable. This vacuum cleaner is known to consume the power of up to 1140 watts for it to offer its amazing suction. The power cord that is featured in this vacuum cleaner measures 25 feet along with a 6-feet hose length for you to enjoy large area cleaning.

You will find a swivel steering that prevents you from being intimidated by the weight of this machine. The swivel steering actually delivers a pull effect as you go on cleaning your house. The vacuum cleaner comes with highly compatible accessories that will help you improve and make your cleaning faster, more convenient, and more accurate. The attachments that come alongside with this vacuum cleaner include a duster crevice tool and a pet multi-tool.

Comparison Chart: Shark nv586 vacuum vs. Coredy R750 vs. Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet vs. Dyson Ball Animal 2 vs. Kenmore Elite Bagged


Shark nv586 vacuum Cleaner

Shark Apex Duo Clean with Zero-M

Bissell Clean view Swivel Pet

Dyson Ball Animal 2

Kenmore Elite Bagged

Product Weight (pounds)






Dustbin Capacity (gallons)






Cleaning path (inches)







Upright, bagless

Upright, Lift away



Upright, bagged

HEPA filter






Dimensions (inches)

30.7 x 13.5 x 13.1 inches

12 x 11.2 x 46

13 x  14 x 46

42.13 x 15.35 x 13.39

13.8 x 12.2 x 45.8


Questions about Shark nv586 vacuum Cleaner

How do I clean and maintain my Shark nv586 vacuum Cleaner?

Taking good care of your vacuum cleaner means a lot, and with proper cleaning and maintenance, you can enjoy the benefits of doing so. The vacuum cleaners suction is made in a way it can work in any type of room. Once the dirt bag or can is full, there is a dire urge for the vacuum cleaner to be emptied. The system will fail to function properly if the machine is full. You are advised to empty your Shark nv586 vacuum cleaner frequently.

You might need to clean blockages in the vacuum cleaner if you feel like there is less suction delivery. You are advised to check two critical parts in case you encounter blockages. Sift your attention to the vacuum’s floor head and the hose. You will find it easy to clean the vacuum’s head. You are required to use a sharp object that you will use to detach the brush. You can now remove the debris that is stuck on the head and cut the entangled hair.

If you wish to unclog the hose, you will have to detach the hose and use a thin and long object, for example, a wire. The next move is to insert the wire mildly to avoid poking. Remove any clogging dirt or debris, and then put the hose into place.

When it comes to maintaining the vacuum cleaner’s filters, you will have to check on the manual whether the filters are washable or not. The Shark nv586 vacuum cleaner has got between two to three filters. You should wash the filters using clean running water, after which you leave them to dry for 24 hours before you re-install them back to the vacuum cleaner. 

Should I buy the Shark nv586 Vacuum Cleaner?

 Given that your vacuum cleaner’s dust bag is not full and the hose is free of dirt, this vacuum cleaner delivers a perfect performance, as you will be impressed by the fade-free suction. The vacuum cleaner is capable of collecting all types of dirt and debris as it leaves a polished look on the floor. Thanks to the powered lift-away feature, this vacuum cleaner is an outstanding machine for cleaning your home or office. You can easily access corners, stairs, ceiling and even under furniture.

 As much as corded vacuum cleaners are known to be an inconvenience at times, you are able to vacuum your house for as much as you wish since there is a continuous power supply. Purchasing this product means you will be able to clean any type since it does not discriminate between carpeted and bare floors. What will also make you eager to win the Shark nv586 vacuum cleaner is the presence of the duster crevice tool that helps you clean even in tight spaces.

Generally, you can acquire this excellent performing vacuum cleaner as it comes at an affordable price, and its quality is undoubtedly the best in the vacuum cleaner market. 

A Video of Shark NV586 Vacuum Cleaner Review

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