Shark ION R85 Review (RV850): Is the Shark ION Robot Worth It?

A vacuum cleaner is a motor-powered machine that spins a fan and sucks dirt off your floor. A vacuum cleaner is among the best smart and handy household appliances that are commonly used in different households in the recent world. 

Even as you dream of having this wonderful appliance, you may get a challenge choosing the best from among the best ones in the market. Shark ION R85 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market that you can always count on. For more about this wonderful vacuum cleaner, let's read this review to the end.

What is Shark ION R85 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Shark ION R85 is among the best vacuum cleaners developed by Shark, a renowned smart home appliance developer. It’s a robot vacuum cleaner that is powered by a rechargeable battery, designed with a low profile to access even under furniture. Shark ION R85 is also a robot vacuum cleaner known for its versatility in suction power, clearing any mess from any type of floor.

Here is more about this wonderful home cleaner;

Shark ION R85 Design and Features

Shark ION R85 comes with the best design that is admirable and accommodates numerous features that allow it to function exceptionally.

First, its top is designed with a Dark Grey colour with a mixture of blackish endings. This top side accommodates three physical functional buttons; the Dock button, the Clean Button and the Max Button. On the top side, Shark ION R85 is further designed with error indicators, battery charge level and the Wi-Fi indicator too.

The design of its underside is also amazing. It is designed with two springy rubber wheels and a single roller wheel on its front. Besides the three wheels, Shark ION R85 is also designed with single-spoke brushes that do an amazing job of loosening and sweeping the dirt off the ground.

Shark ION R85 Features

Shark ION R85 comes with numerous unique features that you will always acknowledge. Some of the notable features include; 

Voice Detect Features – you need to control Shark ION R85 to serve you in the right way. One of the features that make controlling Shark ION R85 easy is the voice detection features. It is equipped with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. These features take in voice commands and direct the vacuum cleaner on the given command. Apart from the voice control features, Shark ION R85 also allows you to control it using an android app from your phone or its three physical buttons on its top.

Brush Roll – This is another unique feature of Shark ION R85. The brush roll is designed with a rubberized blade and spiral bristles, making it possible to clean any floor type. Apart from the main brush roll, Shark ION R85 is further featured with side brushes that help in clearing dirt from corners and floor edges.

Smart Navigation Feature - Shark ION R85 is a robot vacuum cleaner that smartly navigates your floor without your assistance. Using the smart navigation feature, Shark ION R85 can map your floor to detect any obstacles and avoid them as it maneuvers through your floor.

Extra-Large Dust Tank – As Shark ION R85 scraps the dirt off the floor, it deposits the debris into its extra-large dust tank. This dust tank is large enough to accommodate up to 0.7 quarts of collected debris. This means that Shark ION R85 can vacuum a large surface area before stopping for emptying.

Powerful Suction Power Shark ION R85 is equipped with a versatile motor that gives it a powerful 3X suction power. This high suction power makes it possible for Shark ION R85 to deal with any dirt, even that deeply embedded on a deep pile carpet.

Attached Bumper – As Shark ION R85 navigates through your floor, it may knock some of your furniture and other obstacles. To avoid damaging them, Shark ION R85 is featured with a bumper.’

Powerful Rechargeable Battery - Shark ION R85 makes use of a 2550mAh capacity rechargeable battery that is powerful enough to power it for continuous 60 minutes of vacuuming time.

Pros and Cons


  1. Shark ION R85 is easy to control. It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and a mobile phone app to allow you to control it conveniently.
  2. Shark ION R85 automatically docks for recharging when its battery runs low. This facilitates continuous vacuuming even when you are away from home.
  3. It comes with advanced sensors that allow it to navigate your floor intelligently.
  4. It comes with a 3X suction power that allows it to deal with any form of dirt from any kind of floor.
  5. It is engineered with a large dust tank that carries a lot of debris before emptying.
  6. It allows for a vacuuming schedule. This means that Shark ION R85 can vacuum your floor even while you are away.
  7. Its side brushes make sure that all forms of dirt from the edges of the floor are dealt with.
  8. Shark ION R85 operates at a whisper-quite noise level that allows you to listen to your favourite music or hold a conversation without any inconvenience.
  9. It comes with a low profile making it easy to clean under furniture and other hard-to-reach points.
  10. It comes with a powerful 2550mAh capacity battery that gives you fade-free suction for about 60 minutes.
  11. It adjusts its suction power automatically to fit any type of floor.


  1. It randomly navigates your floor and may repeat some points
  2. It uses magnetic tape to mark no-go zones, which is an old technology
  3. Its docking and charging stations require a lot of space.
  4. Its error lights may come on frequently.


Vacuum Cleaner

Shark ION R85

Weight (Pounds)


Dimensional Size (Inches)

12.5 x 12.8 x 3.4

Battery Runtime (Minutes)


Battery Capacity


Battery Recharge Time (Hours)


Vacuuming Schedule


Navigation Technology

Smart Sensor 2.0

Filtration type


Suction Power


Dirt Detection


Automatic Recharge


Smart control



Who Should Buy Shark ION R85?

Shark ION R85 is a wonderful vacuum cleaner that every homeowner may dream of having. However, it comes with features that may be suitable for your home and others that may not be suitable. Thus;

Shark ION R85 is best for you if you wish to own a vacuum cleaner that you can control remotely and wirelessly. It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, a Mobile app and even an IR remote to allow you to control it hands-free.

Shark ION R85 is also best for you if you own a home with different floor types. Shark ION R85 comes with 3X suction power that is automatically variable depending on the floor it is cleaning. This means that Shark ION R85 can transit from a bare floor to a carpeted one with different suction powers. 

You will also love the services of Shark ION R85 if you run a busy schedule. This vacuum cleaner can be your home assistant vacuuming your floor even when in your absentia. This is true as it allows you to schedule its vacuuming program and automatically docks for recharging.

Review of Shark ION R85

Many users who have used Shark ION R85 before rank it as one of the best in the market. Even as you buy and use it, you will enjoy the convenience of its dual side brushes that makes sure all the dirt, even the one embedded in the corners, is swept away.

Other users rank Shark ION R85 also on the Wi-Fi and voice-enabled features. These features allow you to wirelessly and smartly control your Shark ION R85.

As the owner of pets, you will also acknowledge the effectiveness of Shark ION R85. It is designed with a self-cleaning brush roll that makes it a perfect vacuum cleaner for clearing pet messes.

Comparison Chart: Shark ION R85 Vs. Shark ION R75 Vs. Shark ION R87


Shark ION R85

Shark ION R75

Shark ION R87


Smart Sensor 2.0

Smart Sensor 2.0

Smart Sensor 2.0

Dust Cup Capacity (Quarts)




Battery Run time (Minutes)




Smart Mapping




Width (Inches)




Height (Inches)




Questions About Shark ION R85

Here are the common questions different users and customers frequently ask about Shark ION R85;

Which type of Filtration does Shark ION R85 Use?

The filtration system ensures that the collected allergens do not escape the environment. Shark ION R85 uses HEPA-certified filters that are 99% efficient and capture microscopic dirt particles as small as 0.2 microns.

How Long Does the Shark ION R85 Battery Last?

Shark ION R85 is powered by a rechargeable battery. This battery is able to power it for up to 5o minutes of continuous vacuuming.

Is Shark ION R85 good for Cleaning Pet Air?

Yes, Shark ION R85 comes with a self-cleaning brush roll that makes it possible for it to clean pet hair without being entangled.

Video of Shark ION R85 Vacuum Cleaner Review

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