Shark ION Robot Error Codes Obstruction (Error 9, Error 2 Not Working), How to Fix?

Many users, after investing in a vacuum cleaner, expect it to run smoothly and solve their problems, which is also the intention of the developer. However, as you continue using your vacuum cleaner, it may develop some problems that will be sent to you as errors. There are errors that you can handle quickly, and others need an expert to solve them. 

Shark as a vacuum cleaner develops different vacuum cleaners, among them being Shark IQ, Shark AI, Shark EZ and many more others. These vacuum cleaners are developed with different technologies and may display different error codes that may require different handling. 

If you own any of the Shark ION robot vacuum cleaners, then let’s know the errors and how to deal with them;

Shark EZ and Shark IQ Error Codes

The Shark EZ and the Shark IQ robot vacuum cleaners are some of the best vacuum cleaners that you can find in different homes. The two vacuum cleaners share almost the same technology and therefore tend to indicate similar error codes that can also be solved through similar means.

Error 2

This is a common error that occurs on the Shark EZ and Shark IQ vacuum cleaners. You will know that it's error 2 when all the three-button indicator lights on the top side of these vacuum cleaners flashes. Here, The CLEAN button will flash BLUE. The DOCK button will flash RED, and the POWER button will flash RED. 

Possible Causes of Error 2

  • Failure of the wheel motor encoder
  • The brush roll blockage
  • The drive wheel may be stuck
  • The side brush may be stuck

This is an error caused by physical dirt accumulation on the brush roll, drive wheel, side brushes and wheel motor. Make sure you clean your Shark EZ or Shark IQ vacuum cleaner from time to time. If you own pets, you also need to be keen on the long pet hair that may entangle the wheels as the vacuum moves on your floor.

Error 9

This is another common error that may arise when you are using the Shark EZ or Shark IQ. This error also occurs because of the physical misalignment of some parts of your vacuum cleaner. You could know that it's Error 9 when the CLEAN button and the DOCK button flash RED continuously.

Possible Cause of Error 9

  • Mis-installation of the dustbin

Here, you need to reinstall the dustbin and make sure it sits in its right position.

Other Error Codes

Error 3: - This error is indicated by the CLEAN and RED button flashing RED continuously. When you see this happening, then it's an indication that the suction motor failed. Access the suction motor by emptying the dustbin, cleaning the filters, and removing any blockages near or close to the motor.

Error 7: - This is an error with the cliff sensors. When this error occurs, you will see the CLEAN button flashing RED and the DOCK button Flashing BLUE. When this happens, move your vacuum cleaner to a new location and clear any dirt that might be blocking the sensors.

Error 10: - This is an error associated with the vacuum cleaner being stuck with an obstacle that it is unable to ride over. When this error occurs, the CLEAN button on your vacuum cleaner will flash RED.

Error 24: - This is an error associated with the battery. It can occur in two scenarios; An error when the battery is charging or when the battery is critically low and the vacuum cleaner cannot dock for recharging. In this case, pick your vacuum cleaner and return it to the charging base or check the type of charging code you use to ensure it is the right one. This error is indicated by The DOCK button flashing BLUE alongside the POWER button Flashing RED.

Shark ION Robot Vacuum Cleaner Error Codes

Shark ION is another series of vacuum cleaners developed by Shark. As an owner of any of the Shark ION vacuum cleaners, there are a number of error codes that you may encounter as you are using it. Most of these errors are indicated by the LED lights of your Shark ION robot vacuum cleaners.

They include;

CLEAN LED Flashing RED – This is an indication that the cliff sensors have developed a malfunction. With this error, your vacuum cleaner may not start. Here, you need to wipe off any dirt from the sensors and ensure that your vacuum cleaner is on a surface that has no obstruction.

CLEAN LED Flashing BLUE - This is an error that is associated with the vacuum cleaner bumper, drop sensor and front wheel sensors. Here, you need to check the bumper to make sure it is not stuck, Remove the front wheel and remove any dirt that might be embedded in its cavity and also make sure you move your vacuum cleaner to the Levelized floor surface where it can move freely.

CLEAN LED Flashing RED and later Solid RED – This is an error associated with the vacuum cleaner charger. You can switch the charger off and on and if the problem persists, consider changing the charger.

CLEAN LED Solid BLUE – This is not an error but an indication that your vacuum cleaner is in sleep mode. Here, you need to press its three buttons, and it will be active.

DOCK and SPOT LEDs Consecutively Flashing – This is an error that points to the main brush roll. Here, there might be something that is stuck between the main brush roll. Locate the brush and remove any obstacles.

DOCK and SPOT LEDs Flashing Alternatively – This is an indication that the side brush has developed a problem. Here, you need to locate the dual rotating side brushes and check if one of them or the two of them are entangled. Remove any form of dirt that may be hindering their rotation.

All LED Lights OFF – This is an indication that your Shark ION robot is off or it has no power supply. Check if your vacuum cleaner is turned off. If there is no response when you try to turn it ON, plug your vacuum cleaner into its charger, as the battery may be low.

Shark AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner Errors

The Shark AI, Robot Vacuum cleaners are another series of vacuum cleaners developed by Shark. These vacuum cleaner series come with similar features and characteristics, hence developing similar errors while in operation.

Some of the notable errors include;

CLEAN LED (WHITE) and DOCK LED (RED) – The Shark AI robot vacuum cleaners use magnetic strips to mark the no-go zones when cleaning. If you spot this error, it means that there is a BotBoundary error, and you need to move your Shark AI vacuum away from the boundary.

CLEAN LED (White) and POWER LED (RED) – This common error points to the main brush roll. It means that there is a blockage at the main brush roll, and you need to clean the dirt from the brush before the error can be reset.

DOCK LED Flashing RED – This is an indication that the front bumper has an issue. It may have jammed because of the accumulation of dirt, and you need to clear the dirt.

DOCK and POWER LEDs Flashing RED – This is an error that points to the issue with the side brushes. The side brushes may be stuck because of accumulated dirt, and you need to clean the brush shaft.

Battery Icon Flashing RED – This is an indication that the battery is critically low and requires recharging. You need to place your Shark AI vacuum cleaner on the charging station manually if it is unable to dock automatically.

Precaution While Resetting the Shark Vacuum Cleaner Errors

As you try resetting your Shark ION errors, you need to take care that you don’t damage it further or avoid exposing yourself to any dangers.

Take the following precautions;

  1. Make sure you turn OFF the vacuum cleaner and unplug it from the power sources be attending to any errors.
  2. Detach any part of the vacuum cleaner cautiously to avoid damage.
  3. Do not force any dirt from the vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging the parts.
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