Shark Rocket Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum IZ 140C Review!

What is a Shark Rocket Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum?

The Shark Rocket Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum IZ 140C can power through even the toughest of messes. It is a versatile vacuum that utilizes strong suction with a self-cleaning brush roll to move from carpets to floors. It is engaged with a Dirt Engage technology for pulling up all the deeply embedded dirt and debris to provide a deep clean. The IZ 140C is ultra-lightweight in design and the cordless operation makes it entirely effortless to use. With the IZ 140C, you will get a handheld unit, a cleaner head together with a self-cleaning brush roll, a crevice tool, a charger, a dusting brush, a manual, and a quick start guide. The battery for the vacuum is built-in and filters are also present within the machine.

Shark Rocket Pro Cordless IZ140C Pros and Cons


  1. It is both a handheld and a stick vacuum: It is possible to detach the cleaner head and the wand to only use the hand-held component of the vacuum. There are tools available with the vacuum designed to work with the handheld unit or at the end of the wand. The last part is for additional cleaning reach. The handheld position is also useful for tackling above-the-floor cleaning and for doing the interiors of vehicles.
  2. Compact, slim, and low-profile vacuum: The IZ 140C is pretty slim and compact. The vacuum is a terrific fit for small homes and it is relatively simple to store the vacuum. You will just have to lean it against the wall or something. It comes with a low cleaner head profile that helps it in getting under the lower furniture.
  3. Maneuvers and steers well: You will find that the Rocket Pro can maneuver and steer very well. The cleaner head available turns pretty easily as you twist your wrist and your arms. This vacuum also weighs just 7.3 lbs which means you get better maneuverability.
  4. Washable filters: There are three filters available with the vacuum which are easy to access and can be rinsed with water and used again.


  1. The handheld unit is heavy and bulky: Although it is great to have a handheld component, it is a bit heavy and large. It might be tough to get inside a smaller car due to the size.
  2. The vacuum cannot stand on its own: The IZ 140C is not capable of standing upright on its own. You will have to lean it against a wall or something.
  3. There is no onboard storage place for tools: There is a crevice tool available with the vacuum together with an upholstery tool however, there is no space to store them on it.

Shark Rocket Pro Cordless IZ 140C Specifications




IZ 140C

Vacuum type


Ideal surface type


Dust containment system


Agitator type

Brush roll

Variable speed control


Wi-Fi connectivity


Recommendation for pet owners


Cleaning path

26.9 cm


Who should buy the Shark Rocket Pro Cordless Stick vacuum?

The cordless stick vacuum uses powerful suction for tackling debris, dirt, and pet hair. Together with powerful suction and self-cleaning brush rolls you can get to clean your carpets and floors without any hair wrap. You can rest assured that the pet hair has finally met its match with IZ 140C. The vacuum is designed for households that have pets. You can achieve floor-to-ceiling cleaning with the removable handheld vacuum. The cordless vacuum can take on floors and carpets by using its powerful suction and the Dirt Engage brush rolls. The vacuum combines with its versatile attachments for cleaning shelves, tight spaces, and upholstery. You can deep clean the tight spaces and crevices in your car by using the hand vacuum and its attachments.

Although you need to store the vacuum in another place while charging the batteries, you get some serious power that will last longer. You also get a high-capacity dust cup with IZ 140C that can handle long cleaning sessions. You can empty it without getting your hands dirty by using the CleanTouch Dirt Ejector. The vacuum has an ultra-light frame. This provides better maneuverability and easier above-the-floor cleaning.

A review of Shark Rocket Pro Cordless Stick vacuum IZ 140C

The IZ 140C provides a powerful suction that is good for the whole house cleaning. You can clean debris, dirt, pet hair, and in general tough messes around the house by using this machine. There is the Dirt Engage technology available with self-cleaning brush rolls which means you are assured about not getting hair wraps. The Dirt Engage technology assures deeper cleaning for the carpets and floors. You can get close to 40 minutes of run time while using the handheld vacuum mode. You can also get extra-large dust cups by using the CleanTouch technology and the vacuum can easily transform into a hand vacuum to perform above-the-floor cleaning. The cordless machine has an extremely light frame which means more ease of use and great above-the-floor cleaning.

The brush rolls available with the machine dig deep into the carpets for pulling out the embedded debris to provide a deep and powerful clean. The Dirt Engage can tackle even the stuck-on-dirt for delivering twice more contact with the flooring than the standard brush rolls that you get on other Shark models such as Shark ION F80. The vacuum can clean the tight spaces and crevices of your car, providing a deep clean with this hand vacuum and its attachments. You will get some solid power for 40 minutes when the vacuum is fully charged. This time should be sufficient for the entire house cleaning. There is a large-capacity dust cup available with the vacuum that can take on longer cleaning sessions. You can empty the cup without getting your hands dirty by using the CleanTouch dirt ejector.

There are a couple of tools provided for the IZ 140C. The first is the upholstery tool and the second is the crevice tool. Both these tools are solid and robust. There is nothing weak about this. These tools also attach securely and they can be removed just by pressing a button. They just snap into place. This method is superior to the compression fitting approach. If you place measured amounts of green peas, flax seeds, and chili flakes over a 5-feet long line on a low pile carpet and run the machine over the mess, you will find that The Rocket Pro will do a fantastic job within seconds compared to other vacuums.

If you run the same test on tile flooring you will find the machine doing an excellent job again. It is an impressive fact that the cleaner heads provided with the Rocket Pro with their brush rolls can be so effective on both bare floors and carpets. Keep in mind that all the Shark Rocket models do not have the finned brush rolls. Now, if you place human hair and pet hair on the carpet and test the vacuum, you will find that the Shark IZ 140C will do a better job than its compatriots in terms of lesser hair tangling on the brush rolls.

Comparison chart Shark IZ 140C vs Dyson V8 vs Shark IZ 162 HC vs Roomba I7

Brand & Model

IZ 140C

Dyson V8

Shark IZ 163H

Roomba I7

Dust cup capacity

0.32 L

0.14 L

0.34 Quarts


Filter type

Foam and felt




Powers source






6.92 lbs

5.64 lbs

3.34 lbs

7.45 lbs

FAQs about Shark IZ 140C

  1. Are the batteries available with IZ 140C interchangeable?

Ans. The batteries you get with the IZ 140C are fixed. They can be replaced but you will need some tools for carrying out the replacement. This is not a machine where you can easily get another battery to extend the running time of the machine.

  1. How long does it take to fully charge the Shark Rocket Pro Cordless Stick vacuum?

Ans. Full charging of the battery approximately takes three to three and half hours.

  1. How much run time can you get with Shark IZ 140C after charging the batteries?

Ans. This depends on the settings you are using and the mode you have selected. There is a Standard mode available and a Boost mode. You can get a Carpet setting and Floor setting with the vacuum. When you are using the machine as a hand vacuum, it will run for 40 minutes in Standard mode and 10 minutes in Boost mode.

  1. Do you need to hold the button constantly for using the Shark IZ 140C?

Ans. The vacuum does offer an On and Off control in the Standard mode. While using this mode there is no need to keep the button pressed all the time. But, in case you are looking for additional suction power you are going to have to pull the trigger available on the handheld vacuum and enter into the Boost mode for this additional power. Subsequently, you can release the button when you enter the Standard mode.

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