Dyson Vacuum Replacement dc14,dc07,dc25 Parts Diagram: Bags, Filter, Belt, Hose & Attachment Accessories

The Dyson vacuum cleaners are one of the leading vacuums selling companies in the world. These machines are a valuable investment in keeping your house healthy and clean for your family. There is no need to spend a great deal of money on the replacement of the Dyson vacuum when you can fix the problem by using Dyson replacement parts in most cases. You can get the problem fixed for just a fraction of the cost by using the Dyson replacement parts. It doesn’t matter what Dyson replacement parts you need viz vacuum filters or belts; you can get them on the web.

Dyson vacuum parts: Belts

When your Dyson vacuum is giving you some issues, you might not be sure about the ways of fixing the problem. Keep in mind that a vacuum belt is a vital part of your vacuum and in case it is damaged your machine will not work properly. Some of the changes you can notice indicating a broken belt are loss of suction power and dirt coming out from behind the vacuum. Your vacuum may sound louder than normal and you may get a burnt-rubber smell while the vacuum is running.

How to put a belt on a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

  1. Ensure that the vacuum is turned off and it is unplugged.
  2. Place the vacuum down allowing you to see the brush roller.
  3. Discover the large plastic fresheners which keep the casing over the roller. You can use a flathead screwdriver or a coin to loosen them.
  4. Take away the casing to access the roller brush.
  5. At this point you will be able to see a broken belt. The belt will be wrapped over the roller brush. Remove it and get rid of it.
  6. Remove the roller brush from the vacuum and insert it within the new belt where you can find the belt hole.
  7. Replace the roller and then stretch the belt via the belt hole till it can slip over the belt pin near the back side of the vacuum.
  8. Place the housing back in its place and then tighten the fasteners.
  9. Now test the vacuum for smooth operation.

To find out the exact size of belt you are going to need, use the Dyson site for finding out serial numbers and replacement parts. In case you still have a difficult time locating the parts you will need, get in touch with Dyson customer service for assistance in finding out the required belts. You may even remove the broken belt and bring it with you to a local store for getting a replacement. Sometimes, when you check the belt and it looks okay. However, if you have already replaced the belt and the machine is still not working properly, you will have to look for other issues.

Dyson vacuum parts: HEPA filters:

It is important to clean the Dyson HEPA filters regularly for maintaining a good suction performance and lower dust emissions. If you are using the HEPA filter for more than 12 months, it might be a good idea to replace it with a new Dyson HEPA filter. Remember, one of the most significant parts of maintaining a Dyson vacuum is cleaning the filters. If you fail to clean the filter regularly, the vacuum may not only lose the suction power it might even break down. 

How to clean a Dyson vacuum HEPA filter?

  1. Unscrew the top area of the Dyson vacuum by turning it counter clockwise. This will make the filter come loose. Now place the vacuum aside.
  2. Shake the HEPA filter. You can do this task outdoor if you suffer from allergic reactions easily.
  3. Turn on a tap to wash the filter with a lukewarm water jet. Hold your filter under a gentle stream of water and then squeeze it gently.
  4. Block the bottom side of the HEPA filter by using your hands and fill it with water. Move the HEPA filter back and forth gradually in the water.
  5. Now dry out the filter with a dry and clean cloth.
  6. Now place this filter in a dry area, do not use the radiator for this. Allow the filter to dry for one day (24 hours).
  7. Screw back the HEPA filter on the vacuum. You must be able to utilize the filter again.

Keep in mind not to use any cleaning agents during the entire process. It may damage the filter. Another common question is how often should you wash the Dyson HEPA filter? The answer is, it depends on how often you use it for cleaning. Generally speaking, you should be cleaning the filter each month.

Dyson vacuum parts: Hoses:

There is always a possibility while using your Dyson vacuum that you will rip a hole in the hose. This can occur in several ways such as stretching the hose too much or catching it on a sharp object lying close by. Even though hose replacement allows the vacuum to restore to an optimal working condition, getting a new hose might not be required. It is possible to fix the tear from the existing hose by using this solution to extend the life of your vacuum cleaner. However, the hose might require a replacement eventually.

  1. First, stretch the hose by drawing it from either end lightly, for exposing the tear. Never pull so hard that the tear gets worse in condition. Similar to most other hoses the Dyson vacuums have grooves and ridges that are easy to reach.
  2. Now, cape several layers of tape over the hose especially over the tear to make sure that the tear is covered completely. As the Dyson hoses are made from plastic, you can use different kinds of tapes for this work. Some of them include packing tape, duct tape, and electrical tape.
  3. Now you must rub the tape surface with your hands and ensure that it works for all the small grooves in the hose. This will help the tape to get a quality bonding with the Dyson hose.

In case the Dyson hose is broken or torn into two pieces get an assistant to hold the pieces together as you wrap the tape across the tear. Avoid the use of weak tapes such as masking tapes and painter's tapes because they are not strong enough to develop a lasting bond.

Dyson vacuum parts: Mop attachment:

The Dyson mop attachment will change the way you clean the floors completely. It gets attached to some of the higher-end Dyson vacuums and can perform the duties such as mopping, dry mopping, polishing, cleaning carpets, and cleaning walls, and windows. The attachment is entirely motorized so that it will not employ suction for spinning. It will provide a quick spinning ability and it will not slow down when a small pressure is applied like other tools. This attachment can be employed for both wet and dry mopping.

For performing wet mopping, fill the water reservoir provided. Attach a couple of ultra-micro fiber pads to the bottom side of the tool. The water will get automatically released with the brushes spinning and scrubbing the floors. It is possible to control the quantity of water released for achieving the desired finish. After mopping, the floors will almost be entirely dry and sparkling clean. For performing dry mopping, you can either remove the water reservoir or leave it empty. There is a dry microfiber cloth provided that will polish off all the streaks and marks on the floors leaving them sparkling clean and shiny.

The mop attachment is an exceptional addition to the Dyson vacuum. It can be used for cleaning all kinds of floors such as wooden, vinyl, or laminated tiles and floors. You may use them on porcelain as well. You can use this attachment for polishing the floors of your car, walls, carpets, and outdoor docks.

Dyson vacuum parts: FAQs:

  1. Do Dyson vacuums have a lifetime warranty?

Ans. Dyson offers a 2-year warranty on cordless vacuums while they offer a 5-year warranty on corded vacuums. There is also a 1-year warranty available on the spare parts and accessories.

  1. How often do you need to replace the Dyson vacuum HEPA filters?

Ans. It is recommended by Dyson that, you should replace the HEPA filter for your Dyson vacuum after every 12 months. This replacement is pretty simple and does not need any additional technical knowledge. However, it is significant to perform regular cleaning of your Dyson vacuum filters. If you fail to do this the filters are likely to get clogged and it might also increase the dust emission.

  1. Are Dyson vacuum attachments interchangeable?

Ans. The parts on some models of Dyson vacuums such as V6 and V7 are not interchangeable. The accessories and parts that are designed for Dyson V6 and V7 will work only on similar models. Although it depends on the type of model you want to interchange the parts, generally speaking, the accessories are not compatible with each other.

How to replace a Dyson vacuum HEPA filter:

How to replace a Dyson vacuum belt:

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