A Review of Shark Canister Vacuum! Everything You Need to Know!

What is a Shark Canister vacuum?

People that had the pleasure of having a canister vacuum will be aware that there is more associated with these vacuums than plain suction power. They will have to jump through several hoops before they can get a stamp of approval from the makers and reviewers. Shark as a leading brand of vacuum makers had to face tough competition from other brands such as Bissell and Dyson for several years. They have some groundbreaking features in the vacuum cleaner sector that are likely to change the lives of many people that have to perform house cleaning. This feature is the Lift-Away functionality. It has brought a difference to the way your upright vacuum cleaners are perceived. This feature is so well accepted in the upright family that adding a canister version of the vacuum would be considered a natural follow-up.

Why choose a Shark canister vacuum?

The power suction you get with this little vacuum is amazing. It works well on all types of fibers, and heavy pile carpets and the availability of lift-away functionality on top of it is terrific. Notwithstanding its tremendous performance on carpets, the vacuum also does well on hard surfaces and floors. There are a couple of power settings situated on the vacuum and there is no need to bend down for changing them. You can change the buttons by using your feet. The lift-away design that is available with the vacuum means you can lift the body of the vacuum and detach it from the wheels provided. You can detach the pipe in the wand ensuring it is simple, cleaning the stairs.

This model of Shark canister vacuum cleaner is priced from $280, thereby making it a completely affordable alternative. There is a fingertip control available in the handle by using which you can adjust the suction power. You also get LED lights in the nozzle illuminating all the dust particles you might have not seen at all or missed seeing. Shark guarantees that this vacuum will never lose its suction power. You can also get allergen control in the vacuum. During a test, 99.9% of the allergen and dust particles were trapped in the vacuum. There is an automatic cord revive functionality available meaning there is lesser tripping.

Shark Canister Vacuums compared:

Shark Canister Vacuums Model Comparison









2 Foam & Felt + 1 Hepa Filters

2 packs Filter  4 packs Foam Filter,

A free Cleaner Brush.

HEPA, Foam, Felt.





9 pounds.

17.0 pounds.

17.8 pounds.

15.2 pounds.

8.7 pounds.

8.6 pounds.

Power source

Corded Electric.

Corded Electric.

Corded electric.

Corded electric.

Battery powered.

Corded electric.


1. Shark CV101 Canister vacuum:

The NV352 is a powerful vacuum cleaner that can be adapted to almost any type of floor cleaning (including bare floors and long carpets).

2. Shark NV501 Canister vacuum:

Detachable pod can be Conveniently for cleaning under furniture. and it Works with a HEPA filter to trap dust, it's Great for cleaning tight spaces, between couch cushions, and in hard-to-reach areas.

3. Shark CZ2001 Canister vacuum:

This model of Shark canister vacuums is also known as DuoClean PowerFins. You get the powerful Shark suctions and advanced cleaning technology in a single compact canister to take on carpets and floors. There are a couple of brush rolls provided that pick up dust and debris. These brush rolls also pick up pet hair without hair wrap and you also get an anti-allergen complete seal trap for more than 99.9% allergens and dust. The dual brush roll system digs deep into the carpets and engages the floors for picking up all the dust. There is a compact canister available that is built with Smooth Glide wheels for effortlessly gliding from room to room as you perform cleaning.

The CZ2001 is ultra-lightweight in your hands because it weighs just under 9 pounds and can be easily carried around for cleaning difficult areas and stairs. It is also possible to customize the cleaning modes with suction levels by using the LED smart display. There is an upholstery tool and a Pet Crevice tool available that allows you to do deep cleaning. The flexible wands permit you to bend them and clean under the furniture or fold it for freestanding and compact storage. You will also get a complete anti-allergen seal for sealing and trapping 99.9% dander, dust, and allergens in the vacuum cleaner.

4. Shark NV352 Canister vacuum Lift-Away:

This model from Shark requires very little maintenance and there are no recurring costs involved while using the vacuum. This is because all the parts are designed to last for a lifetime in a vacuum. Most affordable vacuum cleaners will require fresh belts and filters for keeping them running. In case something breaks the customer service from Shark is excellent and they will honor the five-year warranty provided with the canister vacuum. It is rare to see affordable vacuums being backed by policies that guarantee this kind of life.

The NV352 is a well-rounded and capable vacuum that picks up all the usual kinds of debris, crumbs, pet hair, and dust. This machine is effective on almost any type of flooring including carpets and hardwood floors. The handling on offer is smooth and light. The additional tools provided with the vacuum are useful and they can be conveniently stored with the machine. It is also easy to empty the machine regularly. The Lift-Away technology available with the vacuum means there is a detachable pod available with the vacuum that can be useful in cleaning above the floor areas such as furniture and stairs. The Swivel Steering provides great control to move the machine around the furniture.

5. Shark F80 Canister vacuum ION:

ION F80 is one of the better cordless vacuum cleaners available on the market. This is thanks to its terrific battery power. The vacuum can run for 80 minutes with its rechargeable and replicable batteries. However, good battery power is not the only reason for the vacuum being a great choice. It comes with a multi-flex feature that means just by pressing a button your vacuum will bend and there is no need for you to do the bending. This feature is extremely handy when you are looking to clean difficult-to-reach areas on the floors such as those under the furniture.


Apart from this, the ION F80 can snap and turn into a handheld vacuum cleaner. This is a great help when you are trying to vacuum the areas that are tough to reach. The DuoClean technology available with ION F80 gives you deep and rigorous cleaning. It makes switching between carpeted floors and hardwood floors seamless. But the vacuum also comes with a self-propelling feature making it tougher to control them on higher piled carpets. So, the machine works well on hard flooring and low to medium pile carpets. You can get both regular and high-power functionalities with this vacuum. The high-power mode means great suction power even though it reduces the battery life. But the machine has an impressive battery life in any event so this is not a big problem.

6. Shark HV322 Canister vacuum:

If you picked up a Dyson V series cordless vacuum cleaner and beefed it, and added a cord to it you will get HV322. This model is one of the earlier attempts by Shark to catch up with Dyson while making higher-end stick vacuums. The great thing about the vacuum is its weight. But it is top-heavy and so is tough to use and clean on the flooring like a smaller cordless stick vacuum from Dyson. However, it is a lot less expensive than the comparable Dyson models. As this is a corded vacuum cleaner it will never be running out of power. This is also a downside because it comes with a cord. The product is available for less than $200 so, it is a terrific deal for those who cannot afford a similar machine from Dyson.

The HV322 uses cyclonic technology which means you get assured suction. There is a 32 feet power cord with the machine and it comes with TruePet Motorized brushes. There are 10 LED highlights available on the vacuum floor base. There is also a brush tool and crevice tool available with the vacuum. There are a couple of foam filters on the vacuum that are both washable. The vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning pet hair and comes with bright LED lights. It is a versatile vacuum that is capable of cleaning floors and ceilings as well. The dust cup is easy to empty but the machine does not stand on its own. There are no HEPA filters available and you get a high-pitched sound during the operation that can be irritating.

Video of Shark Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review


Although the Shark canister vacuums are generally on the heavier side, they are usually a good fit for your home. These vacuums are especially useful when you are cleaning the stairs. If you can take some additional sessions at the gym, you will be able to lift this vacuum with ease and in no time. In case, the item weight is a concern for you, an upright Shark vacuum can be the answer. It is lighter and simpler to carry around. This can be an alternative if you are looking to move away from the Shark canister vacuums. But all-in-all it is a good idea to invest in a Shark canister vacuum. It hosts a range of features at a much lower cost than compared to the competitors such as Dyson. It is an excellent product for the price.

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