Ionvac Smart Clean Robot Vacuum 2000 Review & manual [2022]

What is Ionvac Smart Clean robot vacuum 2000?

Can you think of having a vacuum that will perform cleaning like a robot? Imagine having a vacuum cleaner that you just need to switch on for cleaning the home. One such great machine is Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 robot vacuum. The vacuum makes cleaning extremely simple for you. This dust buster comes with innovative technology and several innovative features that will capture even the tiniest dirt and dust particles. It is a compact, lightweight, and portable device for making seamless and quiet cleaning. The Ionvac 2000 is more suitable for carpets although it can be used with all kinds of floorings.

The Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 robot vacuum is an intelligent device for keeping the house free from allergens and dust. The Smart Clean 2000 from Ionvac comes with a super slim design that allows you to clean the areas under the sofas and beds. It also comes with cliff and anti-collision sensors for preventing the vacuum from bumping and falling downstairs. These sensors can identify your house stairs. The vacuum is Wi-Fi enabled, and it can function with voice commands. You can ask Google Assistant or Alexa to make the vacuum start cleaning. You may also select between the device or smartphone's remote control via Tzumi Smart Home App.

Pros and Cons


  • The Smart Clean 2000 gives you a 2000pa suction power.
  • It comes with a smart cleaning technology.
  • There is a voice command available and the vacuum is wi-fi enabled.
  • Cleans carpets and hard surfaces.
  • You can get multi-directional movement.
  • App and remote control are available with the vacuum.


  • The vacuum is expensive.
  • There aren’t enough safety features available.





Smart Clean 2000

Is it cordless?


Surface recommendation


Special features


Components included


Power source



7.8 pounds


Who should buy Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 vacuum?

If you are looking for a vacuum that is compact and will not take up too much storage space, opt for Ionvac Smart Clean 2000. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the vacuum cannot entirely clean the flooring. It comes with a motor that has 2000 pa suction power, side brushes, and roll brushes. For custom cleaning, this vacuum comes with a remote that has 4 cleaning modes viz. spot clean, auto clean, edge clean, and manual control. It provides more convenience by having the capability to connect with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It is possible to control the vacuum by using your voice.

You can get a run time of close to 100 minutes when the vacuum is fully charged. So, it is possible to use the vacuum throughout the home, kitchen, and living rooms through to your bathroom and bedroom. you will not be required to figure out when you need to charge the machine. This is because when the batteries are low the machine automatically returns to the dock for recharging. This robot vacuum has earned hundreds of five-star ratings with Walmart. Consumers are raving about its quiet operation, suction power, and capability to reach difficult areas. In case you have a dog that sheds a lot, you are going to need a vacuum for cleaning the dog hair. Many Shark vacuum owners have shifted to this machine.

Review of Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 vacuum

The Smart Clean 2000 comes with a powerful motor that has 2000 pa suction power. The vacuum sweeps the floors more effortlessly than other comparable smart machines. This powerful motor draws dirt, debris, and dust into its dust bin.

This complete cleaning system comes with roller brushes and side brushes. The side brushes perform the duty of bringing the debris to the suction area. The roller brushes capture even the small particles. This Smart Clean 2000 vacuum can move through your living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas within the house to complete hassle-free cleaning.

As described earlier, this vacuum comes with 4 cleaning modes. They allow you to select from spot cleaning and auto cleaning ways. The other modes available are manual control and edge clean. These modes allow the vacuum to go through a multi-directional movement while navigating through stairs and other similar difficult-to-reach areas. There are rubber terrain wheels on the vacuum, which is an added advantage. These wheels roll from carpet to hardwood seamlessly. There is a gripping 4-wheel drive traction wheel with the machine that paves the way for easy navigation through rugs and hardwood.

The Smart Clean 2000 vacuum is a relatively quieter device, compared to other smart vacuums. The machine cleans at 62 DB. This is equivalent to slow background music or normal conversation. This smart machine comes with a Li-ion battery that gets fully charged in 100 minutes. The Smart Clean device knows when it is fully charged. It automatically docks itself and performs recharging. You may program the machine for cleaning the areas depending on your choice. When the batteries are running low or when the work is completed, the vacuum will return to the docking station for getting into charging mode.

The vacuum comes with a compact round-shaped body that is simple to use and store. The body also is lightweight and it can be carried to all the corners of your house for cleaning. The Smart Clean 2000 vacuum comes with a huge 600 ml capacity. You may use the machine for longer periods and perform the cleaning without having to empty the dustbin too often.

Comparison chart Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 vs Shark Ion 750 vs Roomba 890


Smart Clean 2000

Shark Ion 750

Roomba 890

Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Lithium Ion

Lithium Ion

Charging Time

100 minutes

180 minutes

120 minutes

Navigation Mapping


Shark Smart Sensor


Remote Control


Shark App

Home App



Questions about Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 robot vacuum(troubleshooting)

  1. How do I know when the vacuum is entirely charged?

Ans: After the vacuum battery is entirely charged its indicator lights will remain lit. You need to disconnect the plugs from the USB port and also remove the connection plug.

  1. Does Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 work on carpets?

Ans: This is an intelligent vacuum cleaner that goes through bedrooms, living spaces, kitchens, and other living areas for delivering a cleaning experience that is entirely hassle-free and will be kept out of your way. The vacuum can comfortably navigate from rugs to hardwood floors to carpets by using rubber wheels that will grip.

  1. Is Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 any good for pet hair?

Ans: Your handheld Ionvac Smart Clean vacuum cleaner is designed to pick up debris, dust, and pet hair even from the smaller crevices of all the surfaces. It works well on both carpet and hardwood floors. The cordless functionality available together with the powerful suction power, makes all the cleaning a breeze. It is terrific for tackling big messes instantaneously.

  1. How do you use the Ionvac Smart Clean 2000?

Ans: Here are the operating instructions.

  1. You need to plug into the charging dock. Place the whole remaining cable in the charging dock bottom.
  2. Make sure that the charging dock is placed against a wall or on a hard-level surface.
  3. Position the dock.
  4. Install the side brushes.
  5. Turn on the Smart Clean 2000.
  6. Begin your cleaning cycle.
  7. Pause the cycle before closing.
  8. Power Off.
  1. How to charge the Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 battery?


  1. Connect the USB cable that is included with the vacuum to the charging port. Connect the other end of the cable to an AC adapter and plug the adapter into a wall outlet.
  2. This vacuum can be charged also through USB ports that provide 2A power.
  3. When the vacuum is charging, the indicator light will flash.
  4. After the battery is entirely charged, the indicator will remain lit.
  5. Now disconnect the plug from the USB port and get rid of the connection plug.
  1. How do I attach and remove nozzles?
  1. For attaching the nozzles, you need to insert them inside the suction opening.
  2. For removing the nozzle, just pull it out from the opening.
  3. Use a crevice nozzle for reaching out to the different angles and corners that cannot be accessed with the suction opening.
  4. This all-purpose nozzle is useful for your sensitive surfaces.

Video of Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 vacuum cleaner review:


You may agree with the fact that Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 is one of the finest robot vacuums available. It provides incredible exclusive features that give you great performance. The smart device is pretty effective in getting rid of allergens, pet hair, and dust from your house. It is always a good idea to invest your time and efforts into a smart vacuum cleaner that will keep you away from manual cleaning. Buying Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 is a smart choice for its efficiency and features. It will keep all the dust away from your house and keep you free from hassles. It is a must-buy!

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