2022 Review Of The Simplicity Upright Vacuum: Are They Worth It?

What Is The Simplicity Upright Vacuum?

The Tacony corporation manufactures the Simplicity upright vacuum. They specialize in making high-quality vacuums at low prices. Their vacuums are known for their simple and ergonomic design, as well as their endless list of features. 

Simplicity upright vacuums are great with dirt, and they often come with extra tools to suit various cleaning needs.

Design and Features

  • Ergonomic handle
  • HEPA bag/filter
  • Pet friendly
  • Headlights to see ahead while cleaning
  • Manual/automatic height adjustment
  • Suitable for any floor
  • The vacuums are lightweight
  • Its power source is a battery or electric cord


  • Cleans dirt, dust, and debris from any surface
  • Can keep the air in your home clean through its HEPA filter
  • Thoroughly gets rid of pet hair and dander

Why Choose Simplicity Upright Vacuum?

  • They are easy to operate
  • The vacuums are not costly
  • Simplicity upright vacuum uses HEPA filter
  • Thorough on any surface
  • The vacuums do not need high maintenance
  • They are pet friendly

Simplicity Upright Vacuums Compared: S20EZM, S10CV, and S10S





Power Source

30ft Cord Electric

Lithium-ion Battery

25ft Electric Cord

HEPA Filter








Floor Type

Dual Action, Carpet, Hard Floor

Multi-Surface, Bare Floor, Carpet

Hard Floor, Dual Action, Carpet


15.7 Pounds

11 Pounds

18 Pounds


12 AMP

5.5 AMP

Control Type

Push Button

Push Button

Push Button

Review of Simplicity S20EZM Allergy Upright Vacuum


  • There are extra cleaning accessories
  • HEPA filter and bag


  • The adjustment knob is placed too low on the vacuum for people with back pain


  • Durable
  • Pet friendly
  • Anti-allergy vacuum
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • It has an onboard storage

Key Features

1. Long Cord 

The vacuum's power comes from a 30-ft electric cord you can easily plug into a power outlet. You can clean at any time of the way without bothering about recharging, and you don't have to stop mid-cleaning from charging. I

The vacuum provides a convenient way to clean with its extra long cord. 

2. Extra Tools/Attachments

All the tools you will need to tackle dirt from any surface come with the vacuum. They include a dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, and a telescopic wand.

3. HEPA Filter

The S20EZM uses a HEPA filter to get rid of the microdust in your home. Pet dander, dust mite, and other allergens will no longer be a problem as the filter will leave your air clean. 

4. Adjustable Height

The vacuum automatically adjusts its height to the surface of your floor. It doesn't matter if you have rugs, hardwood floors, carpets, or tiled floors. The vacuum works well on all.

5. Headlights

The headlight feature lets you clean easily with visuals of where the dirt and debris are hiding. The headlight feature comes in handy when you're cleaning underneath the bed or furniture.

6. Rubber Wheels

Its rubber wheels design makes the vacuum perfect for all kinds of floors. It is gentle against surfaces and wouldn't leave scratch marks.

Cleaning Performance

The vacuum weighs around 18 pounds because it is onboard storage. There's a handle behind the vac to allow you to carry it up the stairs. 

When you're cleaning, the weight of the vacuum isn't a hindrance because it has an ergonomic handle and rubber wheels you can use to slide the vacuum.

It has a 5-height adjustment, and the button is located by the side of the main motorhead. You can adjust from maximum, extra high, high, auto, and low. The height adjustment makes the vacuum perfect for any surface.

S20EZM works well on bare floors, and it immediately sucks up cereal, pet hair, rice, bread crumbs, and other dirt. On low/high pile carpet, it is also efficient. The only downside is that the vacuum leaves cleaning marks on the carpet, which isn't really a downside compared to other upright vacuums.

A hose can stretch up to 6 feet without tipping the vacuum off. You can attach the telescopic wand, which can stretch up to 2 feet, the dusting brush, or the crevice tool to the hose to perform more in-depth cleaning.

The vacuum has a HEPA filter and HEPA filter bag, which makes it anti-allergen.

Review Of Simplicity S10CV Freedom Cordless Upright Vacuum


  • Lightweight
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Pet friendly


  • No added accessories/tools


  • The vacuum doesn't require high maintenance
  • It has a HEPA filter
  • The vacuum is easy to empty

Key Features

1. Cordless

A 44-volt lithium-ion battery powers the vacuum. It is perfect for people who do not wish to be confined by the restriction of cleaning with an electric cord. The battery life is enough to allow you to clean your entire home. 

2. Lightweight

The vacuum weighs only 11 pounds. You can easily carry it up the stairs and other areas around your home.

3. Headlights

The headlights will allow you to see dark corners to ensure no dirt or debris escape the vacuum's powerful suction. 

4. Ergonomic Handle

The handle of the vacuum is easy to grip. It is slim, which makes it easy to maneuver the vacuum in any direction. 

5. HEPA Media Bag

Its HEPA Media bag is self-sealing, which keeps all the dirt and dust away.

Cleaning Performance

The handle of the vacuum is easy to grip, which makes using it comfortable. The on/off button is on the handle. When the vacuum comes on, it begins working immediately. 

It does well on bare floors, picking up pet hair and other dirt as it goes by. For carpets, it was thorough; although you have to go over a particular spot more than twice, it still did its job. 

There is a furniture guard right above the headlight on the floor nozzle to prevent damage to your property if the vacuum bumps into it. Still, on furniture, the vacuum has no problem going underneath it to clean. 

There is a hand release pedal behind the vacuum, allowing it to lay flat and go underneath to clean. This simple upright vacuum uses a manual floor adjustment to suit any surface. It has no problem switching to a different floor. 

It also has an edge cleaning feature that leaves your walls squeaky clean. There is a handle behind the vacuum to allow you to carry it up the stairs. After cleaning, you can take out the HEPA bag, which traps pollen and dispose of it. The vacuum runtime is up to 50 minutes.

Review Of The Simplicity S10S Freedom Upright Vacuum Cleaner 


  • Self-sealing HEPA vacuum
  • It is lightweight
  • S10S is thorough in cleaning


  • It can get loud 
  • The vacuum doesn't have extra accessories


  • Its simple features make it perfect for older people
  • The vacuum is pet friendly
  • It is suitable for people with back pain 
  • S10S has a strong airflow
  • Easy to dispose of the dirt and debris

Key Features

1. Ergonomic Handle

The S10S has easy-to-grip handles. Along with the lightweight vacuum, it is easy to clean any area of your house without getting fatigued. 

2. 2 Speed Motor

The vacuum cleans any surface efficiently via its 2-speed 5.5 AMP motor. After cleaning with the vacuum, there would be a clear difference in your floor.

3. HEPA Filter Media Bag

The self-sealing HEPA bag is required to keep dust and other allergens out of the air. It is a beneficial feature for pet owners and people with allergies.

Cleaning Performance

The vacuum is around nine pounds, making it easy to maneuver and direct. It has a wooden brush roll that is located underneath the motorhead. The on/off switch is located on the handle, which is convenient. 

There are 2 speeds to choose from, and both perform fairly. The low speed has an airflow of 77.55 CFM, while the high speed measures 96.07 CFM. You can use either speed to clean any surface and pick up dirt. 

On bare floors, the vacuum will effectively pick up pet hair, dirt, bread crumbs, or cereal at either speed. When you use the vacuum on low/high pile carpet, it is equally as efficient. However, you will have to run it multiple times over the carpet when it is at a low speed. 

S10S has a 25ft cord, which isn't too long but should be able to allow you to clean one room without switching power outlets. It has a headlight feature which makes it easier for you to see ahead while you clean. 

Taking out the bag is very easy because of how the vacuum works. It is a direct air vacuum which means dust and debris move up into the fan and get blown into the HEPA media bag, which is self-sealing.


Simplicity upright vacuum is one of a kind. The vacuums aren't costly, and they efficiently keep your home clean. Compared to other upright vacuums, they are not very expensive, and they are worth their price.

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