The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Complete Review and Manual for 2022

What Is The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum?

The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum is a robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with various features which allow it to clean the floors in your room efficiently. The features of the vacuum are simple but effective in getting rid of mess from different areas of the room. 

The Yeedi K650 robotic vacuum cleaner comes in a box along with two side brushes, one silicone brush, a charging dock along with a power adapter, filter and dustbin, cleaning tools, and an instructional manual. You can give commands to the robot via the Yeedi app you need to install or you can opt for the voice control option through Amazon Echo or Google Assistant.

Design and Features Of The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum

1. Design

Yeedi k650 is round in shape and has a minimalistic design. It has floating wheels that allow it to climb over door sills easily while cleaning from room to room. K650 comes in white color, and its low-profile body makes it possible for it to clean hard-to-reach areas like underneath furniture, sofas, beds, or any place where dirt can hide easily. 

2. Powerful Suction

The Yeedi K650 has a powerful suction that can reach deep and clean dirt from a surface with its two side brushes designed to make cleaning much easier. The main brush rotates at high speed, and the vacuum has up to 2000pa of suction power which makes it efficient in keeping your tiles, carpets, or wood floors free from dirt and debris. You can also adjust the suction power to two other levels, 600pa and 1,200pa. 

3. Large Dustbin

The vacuum cleaner comes with an 800ml extra large-sized dustbin — one of the largest dustbins you can find in robot vacuums. The dustbin can take in the dirt the vacuum picks up and store it tightly to prevent anything from escaping. With this large-sized dustbin, you can complete a whole cleaning session without having to empty the trash from time to time.

4. Smart App 

Yeedi k650 is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and with these apps, you can start or stop cleaning with a voice command. You can change the cleaning mode, adjust the suction power using the Yeedi app or schedule your home cleaning. This feature makes the robot easy for you to control.

5. Tangle-free Brush

Unlike the brushes found on some other vacuums, the Yeedi k650 has a tangle-free main brush that is made with silicone. The feature, amongst others, is what makes the vacuum perfect for easily handling pet hair. No matter how much pet hair the vacuum picks up from the floor, the brush wouldn't get tangled up with it. You don't have to use your hands to untangle the brush, and therefore, it makes it easy to maintain. The vacuum also has two other two side brushes for cleaning. 

6. Self Charging

Yeedi k650 is equipped with a built-in lithium-ion phosphate battery of 2600 mAh. It has a strong battery life, and it can't decay. The robot runs for 130 minutes per charge. When the battery is low, it makes its way to the charging dock and automatically recharges.

7. The Triple-Filter System

Yeedi k650 is the perfect vacuum for people with pets and allergies. It has three filter systems to get rid of dander, dust mites, and other allergens. With this vacuum, you wouldn't have to worry about the air in your home being filled with allergens because the filter traps the things that make you itch, sneeze, etc.

8. Boundaries

The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum doesn't come with boundaries to keep the robot in the area you choose to clean, but the good news is that it is compatible with boundary strips, which is a specialized and upgraded sensor that detects boundary strips to ensure that the robot only cleans the parts of your home you've chosen. You can buy these boundary strips from the Yeedi store in accordance with the cleaning needs of your home. 

9. Anti-Collision/Drop Sensors

The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum has a full set of sensors that allows it safely navigate through your home. The anti-drop sensors allow it to identify places like the stairs where it would be unsafe to drop. The 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors prevent the robot from bumping into any obstacle, such as your furniture. It also has a scratch-resistant, tempered glass top cover. 


  • Cleans pet hair efficiently
  • Yeedi K650 can get rid of debris and dirt from any surface
  • K650 holds the dirt it picks up in a large dustbin
  • Its filter gets rid of home allergens
  • It can clean the particular area you want in little time


  • App and voice control
  • Powerful Suction
  • Long battery life


  • It doesn't have a smart mapping
  • It doesn't come with a remote control





18.5×16.5×7 inches


11.58 pounds

Power Source

Battery Powered

WiFi Connection Enabled

Yes (Compatible with 2.4Ghz WiFi)


130 Minutes

Compatible Devices

Amazon Echo, Google Home

Form Factor 


Dirt Compartment

800ml (0.60L)

Battery Type

14.4V/2600 mAh Lithium-ion Battery

Control Method

App Control, Voice Control

Noise Level


Who Should Buy The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum

  • Pet owners will find this robotic vacuum a good match for their pets
  • People who are on a tight budget will not have to break the bank to buy the Yeedi K650
  • If you're not a big fan of complicated sophisticated technology, you will find the vacuum perfect for you
  • Individuals sensitive to loud noises will find this robotic vacuum great for cleaning up the mess

Review Of The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum

Under the unit holds the two rubber drive wheels and a wheel that moves in all directions. The main brush and the two side brushes are also located underneath the vacuum. 

The side of the robot is where the anti-collision infrared sensor and bumper are located. The four anti-drop sensors are found at the bottom. Two metal contacts used to charge the battery are also located near the front of the vacuum. 

The power switch is at the side of the vacuum along with the WiFi reset button. On the top of the vacuum is an Auto mode button with a WiFi indicator. The button can start the robot or pause it while it's cleaning. If you don't resume your cleaning after it's been paused, the robot goes to sleep. You can put it out of this mode via the Auto button and then resume cleaning.  

To start cleaning, you have the option of using the voice commands, the start button on the vacuum, or the Yeedi app (available on Android and iOS). It cleans from room to room but doesn't have any smart cleaning feature which means it cleans in a random pattern. You can set the vacuum to clean while focusing on the edges of the room or spot clean. 

There are three levels of suction you choose from and the noise level differs between them. The lowest noise level is 56dB which is when the vacuum is on normal mode. The robot will clean while barely making a sound. You can get the compatible boundary strips from Yeedi to allow the robot clean with even more precision. 

To empty the dustbin, press the release button on the front of the vacuum. The built-in Dustbin will pop up which will allow you to see the filter and empty the contents.

Comparison Between Four Yeedi Models: Yeedi K650 Vs. Yeedi Vac Max Vs. Yeedi Vac 2 Vs. Yeedi Vac 2 Pro


Yeedi K650

Yeedi Vac Max

Yeedi Vac 2 

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro



Camera Mapping+Slam

Camera Mapping+Slam 

Camera Mapping+Slam

Max Suction Power

2000 pa




3D Obstacle Avoidance





Mop and Vacuum





Self Empty


Compatible With Yeedi Self Empty Station

Compatible With Yeedi Self Empty Station

Compatible With Yeedi Self Empty Station






Carpet Detector






130 Minutes

200 Minutes

110 Minutes

240 Minutes

Oscillating Mopping



Optional To Upgrade to Oscillating Mopping



Do I need to register for a warranty with this product?

No, you don't, Yeedi K650 comes with a 12-month warranty from the day of your purchase.

Do I need to pay for the Yeedi app?

No, it's completely free.

Why is my K650 not charging? 

Make sure you're following the instructions in the manual on how to set up the charging dock. Also, ensure the charging dock is free from dust. If you're still having difficulty with charging, you can return the vacuum as long as you're under the warranty period.

Video Of Yeedi K650 Vacuum Cleaner Review


The Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum cleans at an efficient and fast pace. It has a very strong battery and an extended battery life to allow you to complete your cleaning session without any interruption. It is a powerful suctioning robotic vacuum that is not very expensive and worth its price. 

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