Sebo Vacuum Parts- Extension Tube, filter, cleaner bags, and Hose

There are many reasons why you should consider buying the Sebo vacuum cleaner for your home cleaning needs. The vacuum cleaner is known for its reliability, long lifespan, and excellent power brush design. They are easy to maintain and do not require frequent maintenance, as is the case for most vacuum cleaners. In a medium-sized home and under normal circumstances, you can bet on the Sebo vacuum cleaner to last for as long as twenty years. But like all tools and machinery, the vacuum cleaner will at one time require to be cleaned and maintained, and some parts replaced. This is why it is vital to know some of the Sebo vacuum parts. This article explains some of the most fundamental Sebo vacuum parts you should know of;

 Sebo Extension Tube

If you want to increase the length of the integral wand to make vacuuming easy, seamless, and reach high places, the 22-inch is the right part you need on your Sebo vacuum cleaner. Upon fitting the extended tube on the integral wand, you will be able to vacuum some of the highest places. More interesting is that you can attach more than one tube, depending on your preferred cleaning height.

The tube is compatible with almost all Sebovacuum models, such as Sebo Dart, Sebo, X1, X4, X7, X8, Sebo Felix, and the Sebo evolution commercials.

Sebo Replacement Hose

If you are well-conversant with vacuum cleaners, then you should know that the hose is one of the most vital parts of any vacuum cleaner. Upon attaching the hose to your vacuum cleaner, it will allow suction of dust, debris, and dirt from cleaning areas that might be hard to reach using the main cleaner section

There are several hoses that are compatible with Sebo vacuum cleaners, such as the Sebo 1495AM Vacuum Extension Hose and the Sebo Evolution Hose, compatible with models X1 X4 X5 X7 XP.

Sebo Filter

The filter is the next Sebo vacuum part you should be well acquainted with. The primary role of the filters is to collect the dust passing through the suction nozzle from the cleaning surface. This prevents the dust from spreading to other parts of the room. Without the filter, your Sebo vacuum cleaner won’t be able to filter out the tiny dust particles it has sucked from the floor or carpet.

Some of the best vacuum filters for Sebo include the Sebo Felix exhaust microfilter, Sebo D4 series filter, Sebo micro-hygienic Windsor sensor filter, and the Sebo Felix motor protection filter.

Paper Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The next important Sebo vacuum part you should know is the vacuum cleaner bag. The vacuum cleaner bag acts as a filter that allows dirt and dust particles to pass through but retains the dirt. For Sebo vacuum cleaners, you should place the bag anywhere between the exhaust port and the intake tube.

Some of the cleaner bags you can use for your Sebo vacuum cleaner include the EnviroCare Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags, CF Clean Fairy Micro Synthetic Cloth Vacuum Bags, and Sanitaire / Eureka F&G Vacuum Cleaner Bags.


Are there other Sebo Cleaner vacuum parts?

Yes. There are plenty more Sebo vacuum cleaner parts such as belts, mop attachments, cleaning heads, mop cloths, cleaning parts, etcetera.

How Do I use the Sebo Vacuum cleaner?

Using the Sebo vacuum cleaner does not call for any form of rocket science. All you need to do is to it on and push it forward and backward on your carpet. You can click on this video link to learn more about how to operate the Sebo vacuum cleaner.



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