Batteries, Sensor, Filter, Wheels, and Other Roomba Vacuum Parts You Should Know

Before diving deep into the nitty-gritty details of Roomba vacuum parts, it is crucial that we answer one of the most burning questions about this vacuum cleaner. Is Roomba a good vacuum cleaner? First, you should know that Roomba vacuum is one of the few robot vacuum cleaners. It works perfectly in most homes since it moves in an orderly manner, driving in back-and-forth rows and keeping track of the already cleaned areas. If you are looking for an excellent robot vacuum, Roomba is the one to go for. Here are the Roomba vacuum parts you should know for replacement purposes.

iRobot Roomba Battery

The first Roomba vacuum part is the battery. It had to come first because, without it, your vacuum cleaner won’t operate. The batteries are rechargeable and could last for one or two years, depending on the frequency of usage. With proper maintenance, one battery could take you through several cleaning sessions before the need for replacement arises.

Some of the best Roomba batteries for your vacuum needs include a 4.5Ah 14.4V replacement battery, 1800 Lithium-Ion Battery, and Tenergy 14.4v 3850mAh battery

Roomba Filters

Filters are also other Roomba vacuum parts that need frequent replacement. Although iRobot suggests replacing the filter every two months, extending the period to six or even twelve months is no big deal. However, you must ensure that the vacuum filter remains as clean as possible. It is also wise to frequently wash the filters. You can use water to do that. However, you should never put back the filters on your Roomba vacuum cleaner until the filters are completely dry.

Roomba Wheels

The Wheels are the next Roomba vacuum parts we should look at. Their primary purpose is to steer the robot vacuum. They are among some of the most neglected parts of a vacuum cleaner, yet very essential. There are three wheels for Roomba robots. The caster wheel and the two other side wheels. As part of Roomba maintenance, you should remember to clean the wheels.


Brushes are the next essential Roomba vacuum parts. They are made to reach the edges, making removing debris, dirt and dust particles easy. The brushes are designed in a manner that makes them easy to be replaced. To replace the brushes, you will need to use a screwdriver to loosen the side brush screws, detach the brush from the cleaner, install the replacement brushes and tighten the screw.


The last Roomba vacuum part we will look at is the sensor. The Roomba vacuum cleaner features photocell and infrared sensors that work in tandem to increase room cleaning efficiency. The principal purpose of the infrared sensor is to allow the vacuum cleaner to bounce light off an object and detect its presence. With this sensor, it is easy to clean at night or in circumstances of little light. In general, the sensor precisely detects objects, dust and dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I wash my Roomba Filters With Water?

Yes. There is no problem cleaning the filter with water. However, you must never return the filters to the vacuum cleaner until they are completely dry. You can watch the video in the attached link to learn more about how to clean your Roomba filter

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