Ryobi one Plus Vacuum Compare & reviews: 18V one+ stick vacuum kit, 18V one+ 6 gal. wet/dry vacuum, 18V one+ 4.75 gallon wet/dry vacuum

What is Ryobi one plus vacuum 

Ryobi is known for manufacturing both professional and household vacuums. Each of their vacuums maintain the magnificent brand image built by Ryobi after all these years of manufacturing some of the best vacuums on the market. 

Ryobi’s new one+ technology and series of vacuums have taken the vacuum industry by storm. In this series, Ryobi has produced vacuums specifically for the household and semi-professional vacuums as well. 

Each Ryobi one plus vacuum shares the following features: 

  • A solid and durable stainless-steel construction 
  • Cordless convenience 
  • A whole universe of 225 Ryobi one+ tools 

Apart from these three main features, there are several other intricacies shared by all the vacuums from the lineup. Firstly, Ryobi’s signature green aesthetic design can be found on all vacuums. 

Another common feature is the sharing of the new and improved Ryobi one plus vacuum 18V battery. 

Usually, Ryobi prides itself in delivering one of the best usable end-products to the customer. A Ryobi one plus vacuum will always ensure that the customer is presented with a substantial ease of usage no matter what the circumstance is, hence, the vacuums from the new one plus range are specifically designed to work on both dry and wet surfaces. 

Video about Ryobi one plus vacuum 

Here are the best vacuums from the new Ryobi one plus vacuum series that will be thoroughly covered in this reading: 

  • Ryobi 18V one+ stick vacuum 
  • Ryobi 18V one+ 6 gal. wet/dry vacuum 
  • Ryobi 18V one+ 4.75 gallon wet/dry vacuum 

The Ryobi 18V one+ stick vacuum is a stick vacuum, which is specifically designed for household use. It is widely regarded as an exciting and outstanding stick vacuum in its class due to a wide range of features that will be discussed in detail later on. 

The Ryobi 18V one+ 6 gal. wet/dry vacuum is a semi-professional vacuum, which has made its usability extremely easy due to an on-board storage container which is large enough to store several tools and accessories. Moreover, it is also 360 degree rotatable, hence it is immensely easy to use given its enormous specifications. 

The Ryobi 18V one+ 4.75 gallon wet/dry vacuum is mostly suited for households. It offers a great deal of resilience, which makes it long-lasting. Moreover, it also offers great customer-friendliness due to several on-board storage compartments with the added benefit of an impressive power output. 

Ryobi one plus vacuum ryobi 18V one+ stick vacuum 

The Ryobi one plus vacuum 18V stick is a highly capable stick vacuum, which is ideal for household use because of it being extremely lightweight, weighing in at around a meager 5 lbs. 

The new and improved design offers 2X higher suction performance, is 30% lighter, and has a 50% decrease in noise production as the new vacuum only produces 73 dB(A). 

The impressive one+ 4Ah High Performance battery delivers an astonishing 1 hour runtime on a single charge. The best part about the charging and battery department of this stick vacuum is that the batteries can be easily replaced during vacuuming sessions. The option of replaceable batteries allows for huge savings in your time because you will not have to wait for the batteries to charge as you can simply pop in the spare one and you are good to go. 

Other than an outstanding performance and battery life, the vacuum also includes a cyclonic filtration system in its design which is responsible for trapping up to a total of 99.99% germs, allergens, wayward dust, and bacterial irritants. This cyclonic filter allows a completely hygienic vacuuming session, hence, you can easily vacuum around Asthma patients or infants without any worries. 

The stick vacuum also comes with an LED lighting feature on the roller bar, which allows the user to spot filth in the darkest and tightest of spaces. 

In terms of providing the customer with a surreal usability experience, the 18V one+ stick vacuum goes above and beyond as it can be easily transformed into a handheld vacuum to allow for surreal portability. You can easily vacuum your car or the outdoor area of your house without any hassle. 

This famed Ryobi one plus vacuum stick comes with the following tools: 

  • Dust brush 
  • Crevice tool 
  • Filter assembly 
  • 4.0 Ah Lithium battery 
  • Overcharge wall mount 
  • Extension wand 
  • Roller bar 

Lastly, and probably the most impressive feature possessed by this vacuum, the vacuum can be charged while mounted on the wall in storage. The EVERCHARGE wall-mounted charger will keep your battery full. It also charges at a staggeringly fast speed of up to 8X more. 

The 18V one+ stick vacuum is quite literally a one-stop solution for all of your household vacuuming needs. It is by far the best stick vacuum we have reviewed given its mind-blowing price of just $229.00; the vacuum provides an immense value for your money. 

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Ryobi one plus vacuum ryobi 18V one+ 6 gal. wet/dry vacuum 

When it comes to storage capacity, there is hardly any beating this professional/household vacuum because of its 6 gallons worth of storage. Moreover, it is an ideal option for waste disposal because all the collective waste simply gathers into a plastic basket at the bottom. This plastic basket can be easily removed from the body for easy and effortless waste disposal. 

Given the sheer capacity of the 18V one+ 6 gallon, it still has a remarkably compact size, allowing it to be easily stored without taking plenty of space. Given its stature and storage capacity, its weight of 16 lbs is ideal for handling. 

Although this vacuum is cordless, if you opt for corded performance, another feature present in this vacuum, you can easily get a staggering suction performance of 80 CFM. 

The vacuum comes with the following tools and accessories: 

  • (2) extension wands 
  • Cartridge style filter
  • Floor nozzle 
  • Crevice tool 

Going for a price of $119.00, this vacuum is an absolute must-buy if you are looking for a product with an enormous storage capacity. 

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Ryobi one plus vacuum ryobi 18V one+ 4.75 gallon wet/dry vacuum 

This Ryobi one plus vacuum is oozing with controllability and impressive handling. However, before we talk about its magical handling features, it would be a great injustice not to talk about its gravitating performance.

The vacuum offers an air suction rating of 40 CFM, a solid number. 

In terms of its handling and mobility, the one+ 4.75 gallon comes equipped with 360 degree rotating castors providing smooth rolling and excellent stability even on rough surfaces. Moreover, the cordless design is ideal for free maneuverability and the vacuum also comes with a thorough on-board storage to keep crucial tools and accessories for safekeeping. 

Its compact design, coupled with a reasonable weight of up to 21.85 lbs, is ideal for carrying the vacuum. 

Along with the vacuum, included are: 

  • Crevice tool 
  • Floor nozzle 
  • Dust brush 
  • Extension wand 
  • Dry filter
  • Wet filter 

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FAQ about Ryobi one plus vacuum 

What is the specific purpose of a Ryobi one plus vacuum?

A Ryobi one plus vacuum is specifically designed for household usage, especially the stick vacuum. However, other vacuums, such as the 4.75 and 6 gallon vacuums, have professional applications as well due to their gigantic storage capacity as compared to other household vacuums. 

Is a Ryobi one plus vacuum worth it? 

Certainly. A Ryobi one plus vacuum will inevitably provide you a great value for your money, regardless of the model. Since Ryobi one plus vacuums are priced relatively reasonably, given the features and superior experience that they provide, they are definitely worth it. 

Is the Ryobi stick vacuum greater than Dyson V8? 

Although it comes down to consumer preference, we certainly believe that the Ryobi stick vacuum has a great deal more to offer, in abundance, as compared to the Dyson V8. Not only is the Ryobi able to transform into a handheld vacuum, it can also be charged with its EVERCHARGE wall mounted dock. The Dyson V8 can charge on a wall mount, however, it can not transform into a handheld vacuum. 

Moreover, the Ryobi also provides the user with a better experience due to a superior build quality. 

In conclusion, the Ryobi one plus vacuum series is exceptionally competent and effective in delivering a superb experience to the consumer due to the value of money on offer as the vacuums from this particular series are brimming with features. 

The one thing which is truly admirable is Ryobi’s emphasis on ease of usage, to make the vacuuming experience as easy as possible for the user. 

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