Review of Milwaukee Vacuum Cleaners 

What is Milwaukee Vacuum Vacuum. 

Milwaukee, a manufacturer of jobsite tools, is a fine producer of professional vacuums that are specifically built for heavy-duty purposes on the jobsite. Any Milwaukee vacuum is known for its immense durability and performance. Milwaukee, as a manufacturer, produces a rare breed of vacuums that still hold their end in 2022 for being some of the most competent and effective vacuums on the market. 

Milwaukee’s vacuum section currently provides two types of vacuum cleaners: compact vacuums and wet/dry vacuums. Some of these vacuums are known to be ideal for household use as well due to their size, weight, and performance. An ideal example is of the M18 3-in-1 model from the Milwaukee vacuum lineup. 

In almost every Milwaukee vacuum, you will find amazing features, such as the POWERSTATE motor, Milwaukee's own patented motor which is superior in every regard. Milwaukee’s POWERSTATE motor has been known to deliver the best performance in a 12V vacuum; Milwaukee’s M12 compact vacuum has a POWERSTATE 12V motor that performs significantly better as compared to its 18V counterparts. 

Another patented feature that is original to almost every Milwaukee Vacuum is the famous and superior REDLITHIUM battery lineup from the hardcore brand. 

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List of Milwaukee Vacuum Models

  • M12 fuel 1.6 gallon wet/dry vacuum 
  • M18 fuel 3-in-1 backpack vacuum 
  • M18 fuel 12 gallon dual-battery wet/dry 
  • M18 2-gallon wet/dry vacuum 

TheM12 Fuel 1.6 gallon wet/dry vacuumis a special piece of engineering because it is highly distinguished as being the one and only vacuum of its kind to produce an unbelievable amount of power output. 

It is definitely an elephant in the room because this mere 12V vacuum produces more power as compared to its 18V counterparts from the same brand. And, this is not a minor difference in power output. The M12 produces a whopping 40% higher power output. The POWERSTATE brushless motor on this exceptional vacuum is responsible for producing a suction force up to a stunning 45 CFM on wet and dry surfaces, combined. 

Since the M12 is merely a box, it can be easily carried due to its substantial portability. Due to this portability, the M12 has both household and professional applications because it can be easily handled and stored in the household by the average consumer without taking up loads of storage space. Evidence for its household usage can also be provided by its minor weight of only 9.7 lbs. The M12 has also proven to be a great practical option because it contains on-board storage as well. 

The M12 can certainly be considered as the pinnacle of vacuum engineering because it is rather quiet as compared to the competition; up to two times quieter as it produces only 87 dB(A) of noise. 

Along with this brilliant piece of vacuum engineering, you get: 

  • HEPA filter 
  • Crevice tool 
  • 5” flexible hose 
  • Utility nozzle 

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Next up is the M18 fuel 3-in-1 backpack vacuum, which provides up to 2 times more performance as compared to other jobsite vacuums in its class thanks to Milwaukee’s groundbreaking POWERSTATE brushless motor. 

Along with the POWERSTATE motor, the 3-in-1 vacuum also has a cyclonic design, which is unique to every other Milwaukee vacuum. The cyclonic design has plenty of advantages. Firstly, it offers more performance. Next, it increases the filter life to a great extent as the vacuum’s suction efficiency increases. Lastly, the cyclonic design allows for an easier disposing function. 

Amongst every Milwaukee vacuum, the M18 3-in-1 is the quietest as it only produces a sound output of 76 dB(A). 

Perhaps, the best feature of this vacuum is its unique portability. It can be worn, hung, and carried due to hooks and harnesses. This is a highly practical feature as this allows the user to easily take the vacuum with him or her. It also makes the vacuum immensely practical, and although it is a jobsite vacuum, it can easily be used at home as well due to its portability and lack of sound production. 

Along with the whole package, you get: 

  • 6” flexible hose
  • Dust extractor adapter
  • Crevice tool 
  • HEPA filter 
  • Telescoping extension wand 

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Moving on, we have the infamousM18 fuel 12 gallon dual-battery wet/dry vacuum. Milwaukee’s most prestigious vacuum due to its ultimate capabilities and performance. This is a monster of a vacuum cleaner. 

In terms of performance, its POWERSTATE brushless motor produces more than 4.25 HP at peak performance. This allows the 18V, 12 gallon vacuum to clean any sort of jobsite which involves the heaviest of debris and metal shavings. 

Its durability is astonishing. The vacuum’s casters, wheels, and mainframe, are made from reinforced materials of the highest quality and durability. This in turn provides a robustness of up to 8 times as compared to the competition. 

With the M18 12 gallon, you can completely customize your vacuuming experience thanks to interchangeable heads, tanks, and carts. This allows the user to tweak the performance, handling, and storage capacity of the vacuum, as per their liking and demands. 

Its large high efficiency filter allows the user to collect microparticles. 

Along with the vacuum, you get a universe of tools and accessories, including:

  • Dual-bay rapid charger
  • REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD 12.0 battery pack
  • Crevice tool 
  • Extension wand 
  • Flexible hose 

This is a must-buy if you are looking for a large, capable, and effective vacuum for your heavy-duty worksite. 

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Lastly, in our Milwaukee vacuum series, we have the silent but violent entry. TheM18 2 gallon wet/dry vacuum is ideal for a user who is looking for a solid vacuum that gets the job done, no nonsense whatsoever. 

In terms of performance, it provides an exhilarating suction power due to its 18V Milwaukee motor, which produces 45 CU ft per min suction. And, in terms of practicality, the M18 2 gallon gets a brilliant on-board storage compartment to store all of your vacuuming tools and accessories. The stackable design is crucial for effectively storing the vacuum without taking loads of space. 

The M18 2 gallon vacuum is also loaded with added accessories and tools, that include: 

  • 6” flexible hose 
  • Crevice tool 
  • HEPA filter
  • Utility nozzle 

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Milwaukee Vacuum Accessories/Parts/Attachements

Along with a Milwaukee vacuum, you will be bound to get the following accessories: 

  • HEPA filter 
  • Crevice tool 
  • Extension wand 
  • Flexible hose 
  • Utility nozzle 
  • Milwaukee Vacuum Vacuum Cleaners Review: 

    To jump right to the point, there are an abundant amount of reasons why you should buy a Milwaukee vacuum for your jobsite vacuum needs; even a vacuum for your home. 

    Firstly, the brand image of Milwaukee garners immense respect due to its history and prowess. Milwaukee has been producing worksite equipment for a long time coming, and have developed the necessary competencies to know their craft perfectly well. So, you can easily put your trust in the brand without any worries. 

    Moreover, these vacuums are built to last. You will barely see any review that complains about the build quality of a Milwaukee vacuum. These vacuums are built to serve heavy-duty purposes, hence they are made from reinforced casters and rigid steel. 

    Milwaukee’s patented POWERSTATE brushless motors are capable of producing more than 4.25 HP, a solid feat. Moreover, Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM batteries have stood the test of time as delivering one of the highest runtimes on a vacuum, even though the vacuums in question are engaged in intense jobs. 

    Video of Milwaukee Vacuum Vacuum Review: 

    Milwaukee Vacuum Vacuum vs Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum, Which is Better? 


    M18 Fuel 3-in-1 Wet/Dry Vacuum 

    Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum 


    1 gallon 

    0.64 gallons 

    Power Source 




    15.70 lbs 

    13.89 lbs 

    Key Features 

    Wear, hang, and carry, 2X more suction compared to traditional vacuums, 3X quieter with a sound production of only 76 dB(A) 

    Anti-allergen complete seal technology, swivel steering, lightweight design with premium materials 

    Comes With 

    6” flexible hose, HEPA filter, telescopic extension wand, crevice tool 

    Pet power brush, dusting brush, (2) crevice tools 

    Both compared vacuums are excellent in their own respective classes, however, both are quite different yet similar in their weight, and capacity. While the M18 is a jobsite, wearable vacuum, the Navigator is an upright.

    We can clearly see that the M18 is the clear winner because it includes more accessories and tools, has a greater capacity, and is just slightly overweight as compared to the competition. 


    Can Milwaukee vacuum be used on carpet? 

    Yes, any milwaukee vacuum can be easily used on a carpet with guaranteed positive results because it is designed to be used on much difficult and harsh surfaces.

    How does Milwaukee Vacuum compare with Dyson? 

    Both vacuums are entirely different because almost every Milwaukee vacuum is manufactured for primary professional use. However, Dyson makes household vacuums. 

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