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What is Shark Pet Vacuum 

Shark is a prestigious vacuum manufacturer that is known for its wide range of vacuum cleaners. The well-renowned manufacturer produces just about every type of vacuum currently available on the market, including robot vacuums and handheld ones. 

A Shark pet vacuum is not necessarily a formal category of Shark’s long vacuum lineup, however, it is a true consumer demand because of the rising number of pet owners desiring a vacuum that collects every minute pet hair. 

A Shark pet vacuum is known for its detailed suction, which specifically targets the smallest of residue. The ideal form of pet hair cleaning involves deep cleaning, a feature that is offered by Shark’s Cordless Rocket Pet Stick Vacuum. 

Your Shark pet vacuum is also recommended to be highly lightweight. The crucial attribute of being lightweight allows a vacuum to operate in the tightest and almost unreachable areas, such as the narrow crevices between your furniture and the ceiling. 

Since pesky pet hair will be present all over the place as they blow away from the slightest gust of wind, a Shark pet vacuum will also have to incorporate the crucial function of swivel steering in its design to allow for easy handling for the user for catching every bit of hair nuisance in your living room. 

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List of Shark Pet Vacuum Cleaners 

For your ease of purchasing the best Shark pet vacuum on the market, we have chosen three of the most successful and ideal pet hair vacuums from Shark. 

  • Shark navigator lift-away vacuum 
  • Shark rocket cordless pet stick vacuum 
  • Shark rocket ultra-light stick vacuum 

Shark navigator lift-away vacuum is an upright vacuum, which is perfectly capable of providing the user with the necessary amount of performance and handling to catch all those pesky pet hair. 

Shark rocket cordless pet stick vacuum is a stick vacuum, which can be considered to be an ideal example of a Shark pet vacuum due to its powerful suction, crucial attribute of being lightweight, and perfect for handling due to swivel steering. It is the only cordless option in this list. 

Shark rocket ultra-light stick vacuum is the most cost-effective option on this list, while still being perfectly capable of performing at the top of the game. The rocket ultra-light is widely regarded as providing the highest value for money. 

Shark pet vacuum shark navigator lift-away vacuum reviews 

The Shark navigator lift-away will provide you with value for your money in great abundance due to its reasonable price tag of $179.99. The sheer value is gained by the consumer through the vacuum’s top-notch features. 

A significant power output of 1200W allows the vacuum to perform sufficiently. The praiseworthy power coupled with a consistent level of suction throughout a vacuuming session will allow you to capture as much pet hair as possible. 

Apart from power, handling is also crucial for a shark pet vacuum. In the handling department, the navigator lift-away ticks all the boxes. Its impressive swivel steering feature enables the user to obtain maximum maneuverability, allowing him or her to easily glide the vacuum head through the tightest of spaces. A beneficial cord length of 25 inches gives the user an ample amount of leverage space to freely vacuum inside a large region. Moreover, the vacuum’s impressive weight of only 13.89 lbs, which is achieved through usage of materials of the highest quality such as superior stainless steel and well-crafted hard plastic, enables the user to easily maneuver it. 

Since pets are extremely sensitive to unhygienic environments and harmful allergies, the navigator goes above and beyond in this regard due to its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filter that kill 99.99% of allergens, dust particles, and bacterial irritants. 

Since the vacuum is specifically designed for pets, in the box, you will get: 

  • 2 crevice brushes
  • A pet power brush 
  • And dusting brush 

This high-performing and resilient upright vacuum deserves to be in the category of ‘Shark pet vacuum’ due to its value for money and incredible features that are specifically devoted to taking care of those pet hair. 

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Shark pet vacuum shark rocket cordless pet stick vacuum reviews 

If there were a vacuum closest to the title of ‘Shark pet vacuum’, it would have to be Shark rocket cordless pet stick vacuum due to its specific deep-cleaning feature that sucks almost every single pet hair. 

Coming to the performance, its powerful suction provides deep-cleaning. More importantly, this deep-cleaning feature is highly effective due to the vacuum’s ability to sustain consistent suction throughout the vacuuming session. The staggering performance on this Shark pet vacuum model allows it to easily sweep up built-up debris, dust, stains, and pet litter, without any issues. 

Apart from performance, the rocket is especially known for its exceptional attribute of being lightweight, weighing only 6.93 lbs. Its feathery weight allows the user to easily operate the rocket on ceilings and tight spaces due to added mobility. 

Its ease of usage and practicality can be gauged from its XL cup that allows for greater vacuuming and maximum cleaning. Since the rocket is cordless, it is portable. It can be easily carried anywhere. 

In the hygiene department, the rocket provides a rare feature, even to Shark vacuums. The CleanTouch Technology ensures that there is no manual disposal of collected debris. 

Lastly, and probably the most impressive feature on this already amazing vacuum, the rocket can also transform into a handheld vacuum. This allows the user to gain the ultimate portability that can be derived from a full-fledged stick vacuum cleaner. After transforming into a handheld shape, you can easily operate the vacuum in the tightest of spaces, such as your washroom and car; these spaces are often missed, but, pets do not miss them which is why they have the highest number of pet hair, especially your car. 

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Shark pet vacuum shark rocket ultra-light stick vacuum reviews 

Shark rocket ultra-light stick vacuum delivers a wattage of 1200. This high performance ensures that deep suction takes place to deal with all those pesky pet hair. If you are worried about your pet’s litter that is sitting on the floor, the ultra-light stick vacuum’s Hard Floor Hero feature is capable of picking sitting debris and stuck-on litter from various surfaces. 

This esteemed vacuum is popular because of its handling, however. It offers a plethora of features that help it to be one of the best in its class in terms of handling; to get those pet hair from every nook and cranny, you need your vacuum to have the best handling. 

Its fine weight of 7.5 lbs, coupled with the swivel steering feature, allows this vacuum to be easily steered in every tight corner of your house. The 25 inches cord gives ample room to the user to roam freely with the vacuum, covering a greater region. 

For an understandable price of only $169.99, you will get one of the most capable stick vacuums in its class, which will provide you with a substantial amount of value for your money. 

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FAQ about shark pet vacuum 

  1. Which shark pet vacuum is the best for pet hair?

After carefully reviewing all contenders on this list, we found out that the Shark rocket ultra-light stick vacuum is the best pick when it comes to dealing with pet hair because of its focused emphasis on handling and increasing the vacuum’s ease of usage to facilitate the user in the most tightest of areas where he or she will definitely find pet hair.

2. Which Shark pet vacuum offers the greatest portability?

The shark rocket cordless pet stick vacuum can be transformed into a handheld vacuum due to it being cordless, hence it offers stunning portability because it can be easily carried to your car or to the restroom. These places, where a conventional vacuum can not go, are overlooked; it is these places that have a great amount of pet hair.

3. How to empty a shark pet vacuum?

Although a few models are self-emptying as they have the no-touch feature, other models have to be manually emptied. This can be easily done by pressing the release button or lever at the bottom of your shark pet vacuum cleaner.

4. Is Shark pet vacuum worth it?

After carefully assessing several reviews, we can confidently say that the Shark pet vacuum is absolutely worth it due to the cost-effectiveness and handling efficiency that it provides. 

          In conclusion, this Shark pet vacuum series is immensely handy when it comes to dealing with pet hair because of its emphasis on efficient handling and making the vacuuming experience as easy and manageable as possible for the consumer. Every above mentioned vacuum is almost equally reliable when it comes to dealing with those annoying pet hair.  

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