Sebo canister vacuum; is it still worth your money in 2022?

What is Sebo Canister Vacuum? 

Sebo’s canister vacuum division prides itself to be one of the quietest vacuums on the market today. Indeed, a Sebo canister vacuum’s unique selling point would be its lack of noise production. Along with being almost soundless, Sebo canister vacuums are also known to have amazing performance and a compact design due to their innovative German engineering. 

A Sebo canister vacuum is specifically designed and produced for household usage. The range of vacuum cleaners is ideal for loftily staired suburban homes because its minimal weight allows it to be carried up and down a flight of stairs by anyone, without any worries. 

Why Choose Sebo Canister Vacuum Vacuum? 

If you are looking for an ideal vacuum for cleaning your home, a Sebo canister vacuum is an ideal option for you because of its portability and movability, performance, and discreteness. The vacuum can be easily lifted and stored in the tightest of spaces. In terms of performance, these vacuums come with airflow filters; cleaner air coming into the system means greater performance. A Sebo canister vacuum will also be a delight to the ears because of its reduced sound production, which is an ideal feature for homes with the elderly and infants. 

Sebo Canister Vacuum Vacuums Compared 


Airbelt E3 Premium 

Airbelt D4 Premium 

Airbelt K3 Premium

Airbelt E2 Turbo 

Unique Features

Mid-size canister vacuum, comfort through an ergonomically designed body and handle, AIRBELT soft bumper lining the vacuum protects furniture, three-step filtration (similar to hospitals), parking feature and compact shape for storage

Flat floor 3 ½” profile, patented AIRBELT foaming, an impressive 52 foot cleaning radius, 1.5 gallon bag capacity, rubber coated castors and wheels, three-step filtration process, parking feature and compact shape for storage 

Mid-size canister vacuum with 3.5” flat profile, personalized and colorful vacuum options, suction adjustment, large filter bag, parking feature, compact shape for storage purposes, 180 degree rotating neck, bumper padding, S-class filtration, HEPA filtration  

Flat profile with 3.25”, large 37 foot operating range, AIRBELT patented soft bumper, hospital-grade filtration through S-class filtration, ergonomic handles 

Bag Capacity

0.92 gallon

1.5 gallon

0.8 gallon

0.92 gallon 

S-Class Filtration 






11.4 lbs

15.9 lbs 

12 lbs 

11.4 lbs 


ET-1 powerhead, upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle, parquet nozzle, dusting brush 

ET-1 powerhead, parquet brush, crevice nozzle, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle

ET-1 powerhead, crevice nozzle, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, parquet brush 

ET-1 powerhead, parquet brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, dusting brush 

Hose Length

7 ft 

7 ft

7 ft

7 ft






With each of the above mentioned options, you get similar accessories as listed below: 

  • ET-1 powerhead
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Dusting brush
  • Parquet nozzle

Review of Sebo Canister Vacuum (Airbelt E3 Premium)

Airbelt E3 Premium, a solid part of Sebo’s canister vacuum lineup, is an innovatively high performing vacuum. It is ideal for households because it has a compact shape and a meager weight of 11.4 lbs, allowing it to be easily handled and mobilized by the average user. The E3 Premium also produces an impressively quiet sound output of 62 dB(A). 

Another reason why this is ideal for homeowners is because of its AIRBELT patented soft bumper and padding, which lines the critical parts of this vacuum cleaner, including the wheels. This will prevent vacuum operations from damaging your floorboards. 

The ET-1 powerhead, which comes along with your E3 Premium, is a powerful component which is known to pick up the most minor pet hair on your floors. It also operates on hard floors and carpets. 

S-Class filtration is an incredible feature, which is especially beneficial for those suffering from breathing problems such as asthma. E3 Premium does not compromise on the user’s health because there is also a hygiene cap which prevents contact with dust while changing bags. 

A 37 foot cleaning radius along with a 7 foot hose is ideal for covering a large region of your home without having to drag the vacuum with you. Moreover, the vacuum will provide you with critical indications, hence, you do not have to worry about keeping a constant check of collection levels; there is a bag full and clog warning indicator. 

The Sebo Airbelt E3 Premium is a smart purchase to make because the well-crafted vacuum, designed and manufactured in Germany, will last you for numerous years along with providing you healthy and powerful vacuuming with a great deal of practicality as well. 

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Review of Sebo Canister Vacuum (Airbelt D4 Premium) 

The most expensive vacuum on this list, the Airbelt D4 Premium holds up its end of the bargain due to its incredible build quality, surprisingly easy maintenance, and a mighty performance. 

Sebo’s AIRBELT cushioning, which is patented, has been great for protecting furniture and floorings. The vacuum’s wheels are extremely durable, and roll smoothly as they are mounted on high quality castors. 

Due to its compact design and shape, the D4 Premium can be easily stored due to its reasonable dimensions of:

  • Height: 44.09”
  • Width: 12.99”
  • Depth: 11.22” 

Weighing in at 15.9 lbs, D4 can be easily maneuvered into tricky spots by anyone due to its weight. 

Moreover, the vacuum also offers on-board storage for smaller tools, such as crevice tool and upholstery tool. You need not worry about chasing the power cord and carefully rolling it because it retracts at the push of a button. 

Suction and performance is amazing on the D4 due to its 120 CFM airflow rating and a 1250 Watts suction motor. Air quality is not compromised due to its three-step filtration system which involves S-class filtration, allowing you to trap all the pollutants and dust particles. 

As compared to other conventional vacuum cleaners, the D4 Premium also creates lesser noise to a great degree. A noise production of 76.4 dB(A) on bare floors is quite impressive, making it ideal for households that have elderly people or infants. 

A bag capacity of 1.5 gallons is ideal because a higher capacity means larger and frequent cleanups without having to labor through changing bags. 

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Review of Sebo Canister Vacuum (Airbelt K3 Premium) 

Airbelt K3 Premium is known for its build quality, having castored wheels and AIRBELT patented cushioning on crucial high contact areas such as wheels and hose. Moreover, German engineering has given it superior materials that last longer than the competition. 

The vacuum is extremely practical because it can be easily maneuvered due to its reasonable dimensions: 

  • Height: 9”
  • Width: 15.5”
  • Length: 23.25” 

And, a weight of 12 lbs means it can be easily lifted, carried, and stored, without any hassle. 

The K3 is a modern option, specifically targeted toward the technology-driven youth because of its color options and use of modern technology such as a 180 degree rotating neck, parking aid, and S-class filtration. 

The vacuum is also compatible with a HEPA filter, hence, it offers great protection and assurance of clean air quality due to its three-tier air cleaning system, which ensures that you do not come in contact with harmful pollutants and dust in the air. The K3 is ideal for people with allergies and asthma because of its air cleanliness and liberal operations. 

A large filter bag, with a rating of 0.8 gallons, also comes with this vacuum to ensure customer ease. The vacuum and its attachments, parts and accessories, are highly adjustable and interchangeable to allow for varying mobility, performance, and cleaning styles, according to the user’s choice. 

K3 Premium justifies its price tag of $899 due to its state-of-the-art workmanship, the ease it provides to the consumer, and reasonable performance that gets the job done. 

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Review of Sebo Canister Vacuum (Airbelt E2 Turbo) 

For the price of $699, the Airbelt E2 Turbo can be easily considered as the elephant in the room due to its staggering build quality, provided ease of operations and storage, and performance. 

For starters, it has AIRBELT patented bumpers to protect your flooring and furniture from any damage. Moreover, it has high quality aluminum hoses and superior wheel castors to allow for a smooth operating experience. 

In terms of ease of usage, you will be provided with an exceptionally large, 37 foot operating range. Moreover, the handles are specifically made to be ergonomic for increased comfort. To add to the customer experience, given the price point, the bag can hold 0.92 gallons, much greater than even its Airbelt’s better counterparts. This added storage capacity allows the user to easily vacuum a large space without having to change bags repeatedly. 

A compact design with considerably small dimensions and a weight of just 11.4 lbs, makes this vacuum easy to carry and store. 

Lastly, its S-filtration and three-tier filtration systems are brilliant because they are responsible for cleaning the air. 

Given the price, it can be rightly said that the E2 Turbo is the elephant in the room. 

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Video of Sebo Canister Vacuum Vacuum Cleaner Review: 

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