Milwaukee cordless vacuum cleaner: review of an ideal handheld stick which is ideal for pet hair and hardwood floors 

What is Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

A Milwaukee cordless vacuum cleaner has been a staple for numerous professional cleaning companies in the USA and some European countries for almost 8 years. These superior vacuums from Milwaukee are specifically designed to enhance the user experience through sheer quality, performance, and durability. 

Milwaukee’s cordless range is known for its POWERSTATE technology that accompanies an accomplished motor, which is known to produce outstanding performance, enabling the user to capture even the most minutest of pet hair. The new M18 motors from Milwaukee, even their M12 motors, have been performing remarkably due to their innovative design; on average, these motors produce 4 HP. 

All vacuums from Milwaukee’s cordless vacuum cleaner series can operate on both dry and wet surfaces without any hindrances. The majority of models from this particular series can also be used in the household because of their practical size. 

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

Why Choose Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum? 

Milwaukee cordless vacuum cleaners offer great resilience in the form of a durable product that will last you for a lengthy time period. Apart from the durability, the vacuums are also exceptionally competent as they offer substantial performance. 

In the end, it all comes down to Milwaukee’s brand image that they have been striving to establish and maintain since a lengthy time period. This brand image creates great confidence in the product, making Milwaukee’s vacuums an attractive and reasoned purchase. 

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Vacuums Compared 


M12 Compact Vacuum 

M18 Fuel 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum 

M18 Fuel 9 Gallon Dual-Battery Wet/Dry Vacuum

M12 Fuel 1.6 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum 

Key Features

Compact shape is ideal for spot cleanups, 33 CFM deliverance from powerful motor, REDLITHIUM XC4.0 29 minutes battery life 

2X higher suction due to POWERSTATE brushless motor, portable design with wear/hang/carry features, up to 3X quieter compared to traditional vacuum cleaners

POWERSTATE brushless motor outperforming 4.25 HP, 8X greater life due to reinforced components, interchangeable heads, tanks, and carts 

POWERSTATE brushless motor produces 40% greater suction, 45 CFM rating, most powerful and compact 12V vacuum, 2X quieter


29 minutes 

Slightly over 20 minutes 

49 minutes (economy) 

26 minutes (economy)

Comes With 

Extension wand, crevice tool, utility nozzle, filter cartridge 

3-in-1 backpack vacuum, dust extractor adapter, floor tool, crevice tool, HEPA filter 

M18 fuel dual battery motor head, 9 gallon tank, large vacuum high efficiency filter, flexible hose, crevice tool, extension wand

M12 fuel 1.6 gallon vacuum, crevice tool, 5” flexible hose, HEPA filter, wall mount, utility nozzle


1 Gallon 

9 gallon 

1.6 gallon 

Power Source 






Tool: 5 years 

Tool: 3 years 

5 years


2.25 lbs 

15.70 lbs 

30.25 lbs 

9.7 lbs 

Review of Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (M12 Compact Vacuum) 

Do not get fooled by the size of this relatively small vacuum; the M12 Compact Vacuum’s performance, in terms of delivering 33 CFM, is exquisite. Due to this high performance, the vacuum operates well with most construction materials, especially metal and wood shavings. 

Milwaukee’s famous REDLITHIUM XC4.0 battery provides a total runtime of 29 minutes on a full charge. This substantial time allows the user to operate this vacuum on minute spots that require extra effort. 

This is also a highly versatile option because the M12 Compact Vacuum has many applications as you can think of. It provides small area cleanups in great detail, overall large area cleanups, and it also has household applications due to its tiny size and practical weight of 2.25 lbs. 

The cherry on the cake is Milwaukee’s excellent customer service of providing the consumer with a 5 year tool warranty with this handy cordless vacuum cleaner. 

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Review of Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (M18 Fuel 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum) 

One of the most capable and innovative vacuums from Milwaukee, the M18 Fuel 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum is loaded with features and parts (provided with the product). In terms of performance, the vacuum's POWERSTATE brushless motor and unique cyclonic design is responsible for producing a 2X higher power output as compared to competitors in its class. The unique Cyclonic Technology introduced in this vacuum has produced groundbreaking results in terms of efficient suction, longer filter life, and an easy process of clearing the storage tank. 

Apart from performance, the M18 3-in-1 is an excellent practical choice because it can be hanged, worn, and carried with great ease due to its detachable harness, added hook, and handle. Due to these facilities, the vacuum has immense versatility, which can be practically seen on the jobsite with its portable design. It can also be easily operable in large homes as it can be easily carried like a backpack. A 15.70 lbs weight can be easily handled by the average user as well. 

Another critical feature of this vacuum is its ability to be almost soundless when compared to other products in its class. The vacuum produces an audio output of only 76 dB(A), and that too on high performance levels. 

To provide further relief to the user, Milwaukee has added on-board storage compartments to house the several parts provided with this vacuum cleaner. On-board storage of flexible hose, telescoping extension wand, floor tool, and crevice tool, are readily present and easy to use. 

REDLITHIUM batteries provide an excellent runtime of more than 20 minutes. Moreover, the 1 gallon storage is ideal for both professional and household use. Milwaukee’s REDLINK PLUS feature allows this particular vacuum to be linked with all other Milwaukee vacuums that offer REDLINK PLUS support; this feature significantly adds to the performance, ensuring optimal output from the brushless motor. 

Along with this purchase, you will also get a certified HEPA filter, which is known for its effectiveness in dealing with the most minute residue types. 

There is hardly anything wrong with this option, hence, it is one of the most successful vacuums on the market today. 

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Review of Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (M18 Fuel 9 Gallon Dual-Battery Wet/Dry) 

The M18 Fuel 9 Gallon is another serious contender in the Milwaukee lineup due to its long list of competencies. You will find the famous POWERSTATE brushless motor, which is known to outperform the 4.25 HP benchmark. On both wet and dry surfaces, this vacuum cleaner performs like a dream due to its capability to induce outstanding suction of jobsite wastes such as: metal/wood shavings, concrete dust, etc.

Reinforced casters on key touchpoints of the vacuum significantly increase the durability of the M18 Fuel 9 Gallon. Due to the hose being the most breakable part of a vacuum, Milwaukee has specifically made their hoses resistive to crush and twist. 

This vacuum also allows you to have a tailor-made vacuuming session because of its interchangeable parts, such as: tanks, motor heads, and carts. Upon changing these crucial components, you can successfully alter the performance, mobility, weight, durability, and holding capacity of the vacuum. 

Milwaukee’s famous REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD 12.0 battery is present in this spectacle of a vacuum cleaner. The dual-battery combination provides a whopping 49 minutes of runtime on economy mode, and a respectable 34 minutes on its MAX POWER MODE. 

Along with the vacuum itself, Milwaukee provides the user with the following parts and accessories: 

  • Extension wand 
  • Floor utility nozzle 
  • Crevice tool 
  • Flexible hose 
  • Large wet/dry vacuum high efficiency filter 
  • Wet/dry vacuum cart 
  • 9 gallon wet/dry vacuum 

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Review of Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (M12 Fuel 1.6 Gallon Wet/Dry) 

This 12V vacuum cleaner is the elephant in the room in terms of its prowess and countless features. For starters, it produces an incredible performance, providing 40% more suction compared to Milwaukee’s M18 lineup, which has 18V as a standard. Its exemplary POWERSTATE brushless motor delivers up to 45 CFM, the highest rating amongst all 12V vacuums. 

In terms of customer ease, the M12 has a compact and portable size, allowing it to be easily carried and hung on the wall without taking plenty of space. To add to your comfort, there is on-board storage available for you to place your important accessories and parts. 

You can use the M12 in your home because of its low sound production, 87 dB(A), to be exact. 

You can easily store the following tools that you will get in this vacuum’s on-board storage: 

  • Crevice tool 
  • 5” flexible hose 
  • HEPA filter
  • Utility nozzle 
  • Wall mount 

A 5 year warranty is also a big plus for the user’s satisfaction because, after all, it is a jobsite vacuum and damage is bound to happen. And finally, being lightweight, weighing only 9.7 lbs, this vacuum can be easily mobilized by a single hand without any loss of accuracy or control. 

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