An Oreck Upright Vacuum is the Solution to all your Vacuuming Needs 

What is Oreck Upright Vacuum

Oreck has successfully established itself as one of the leading brands in the vacuum industry due to their emphasis on making household vacuum cleaners of the highest quality. An Oreck upright vacuum is the best vacuum cleaner you can get from the lineup, why? 

Oreck upright vacuums are designed to be as consumer friendly as possible. Due to their standing posture, you can easily carry them with you throughout your cleaning session, and place them anywhere without the fear of these vacuums taking an elephant’s worth of space. 

Why Choose Oreck Upright Vacuum Vacuum? 

There are several reasons to choose an Oreck upright vacuum. Firstly, Oreck vacuums are priced significantly less as compared to their competitors, hence, they offer a substantial value for your money. These vacuums definitely provide a bang for your buck. 

Next, there is no need for you to worry about reliability because an Oreck upright vacuum will last you for a lengthy period of time due to its excellent build quality, thoughtful craftsmanship, and superb parts. 

An Oreck upright vacuum cleaner is known for being lightweight, albeit, producing impressive power outputs due to mighty motors. 

Oreck Upright Vacuum Vacuums Compared

For comparison purposes, we will be comparing all three currently listed Oreck upright vacuum models on Oreck’s official website, in great detail.


Elevate Conquer Vacuum 

Elevate Command Vacuum 

Elevate Control Vacuum 





Key Features 

SlimSwivel Steering for optimal maneuverability, SaniSeal System for air purity, bright LED headlights, low-profile design, HEPA media filtration to trap minute particles 

SlimSwivel Steering, SaniSeal System, Low-profile design, superior quality airbag, premium design along with lightweight components and materials 

SaniSeal System, Odor management, Direct path technology, self-propelled, AllergenBlock 

Provided Parts and Accessories 




Cord Length 

35 in 

30 in 

30 in 


10 lbs 

Less than 10 lbs 

9 lbs 

HEPA Enabled




Review of Oreck Upright Vacuum (Elevate Conquer Vacuum) 

Elevate Conquer Vacuum is the best Oreck upright vacuum for several reasons. It will not be bold of us to say that it might provide the most value for your money amongst all of its competitors in the same class. Here is why: 

Conquer is packed with several innovative and groundbreaking features that set it aside from the competition. It holds up to 4X more capacity than a typical vacuum. Oreck upright vacuums, especially Conquer, greatly focus on promoting a hygienic and clean vacuuming experience for the user. 

They cater to the hygiene issue with the following features: 

  • HEPA media filters enable the vacuum to capture the most minutest of dust particles that might go unseen with other conventional vacuums. The vacuum’s HEPA system captures up to 99.97% of small particles at a minute scale of 0.3 microns. 
  • The SaniSeal System captures the majority of dust, allergens, and other irritants. 

This is not where Conquer’s long list of key features ends. 

Conquer’s exceptional lightweight, of 10 lbs, is a frontrunner in the industry as there is barely any other lighter vacuum on the market. To further ease your vacuuming experience, Conquer comes with a 35 inch cord length; an ideal length for maneuverability and coverage of the maximum amount of space in a single vacuuming session. 

To ensure ease of usage, the vacuum comes with SlimSwivel Steering, a unique feature that helps in mobility and handling, allowing the user to reach the most difficult and pesky places. A low-profile design with an added rare feature of bright LED headlights will allow you to effectively reach lower positions. 

You can also easily choose between the speed or intensity you prefer through the vacuum two-speed fingertip controls that are easy to use. 

Along with the vacuum, you will also get a brush system which is more commonly known as a 360 SpinBrush. 

However, there is only one downside to this prestigious vacuum. Apart from the product, which is the vacuum itself, the whole package does not come with any added extra parts and accessories, such as a crevice tool or an upholstery tool. 

Other than this minor inconvenience, Conquer is a solid purchase option when it comes to vacuums. We highly recommend it for its efficiency, value for money, ease of usage, and overall aesthetic. 

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Review of Oreck Upright Vacuum (Elevate Command Vacuum) 

Frequently considered as the sweet spot in the Oreck upright vacuum lineup, Command is almost equally as competent as its bigger brother: Conquer. Priced at $449.99, this vacuum has plenty to offer as it easily justify its relatively low price tag. 

For starters, Command captures 4X more due to its 4X more capacity as compared to the average vacuum in its class of bagless vacuums. Moreover, the dust it captures is probably the purest and most hygienic dust anywhere due to the Vacuum’s sheer importance given to hygiene. 

To increase its efficiency in collecting as much as dust as possible, Command comes with side edge brushes that negate any chances of the user missing a patch of dust. 

Its capable SELECT technology, which uses Oreck’s patented SeniSeal feature, carefully picks out any allergens, bacterial content, microbial dust, and other irritants in a vastly detailed manner. Basically, it captures up to 99% of all minute substances that you do not want in your living room. 

In terms of weight, Command easily beats its already championed brother, Conquer, as it weighs less than 10 pounds. The vacuum weighs less than half of what its average competitor weighs in the industry. This compelling weight is achieved through usage of premium materials and components, including expensive and quality metal as well as plastic, to vigorously reduce the weight of the vacuum cleaner.  

In terms of easy usage, Command goes above and beyond as it has all the latest and outstanding features offered by Oreck. To provide you with an incredible handling experience, the vacuum comes with:

  • A SlimSwivel System feature which enhances Command’s maneuverability and mobility as it allows the vacuum to easily pivot and reach the tightest of spaces in your house. 
  • To add to this remarkable handling experience, the vacuum is designed to be as low as possible, allowing you to reach below lowly sitting couches and other pieces of furniture. 
  • A respectable cord length of 30 inches allows this vacuum to be easily handled around a large space to provide maximum cleaning without the hassle of constant blockades due to a small cord size. 

Oreck also provides you with the ability to customize your vacuuming experience, with Command, as you can choose from two power modes from two-speed fingertip controls that are easily reachable. 

Command also comes with a 360 SpinBrush system; this dynamic system of brushing allows the vacuum to perform in a potent manner. 

However, the vacuum does miss out on a few dust spots. Command does not include any additional parts and accessories that are highly useful in vacuuming operations, such as crevice tools and upholstery nozzles. Moreover, the vacuum does not come with a HEPA filter. 

Although it misses on a few dusty notes, a price point of %449.99 is hard to beat, and deserves all of the attention it could get. 

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Review of Oreck Upright Vacuum (Elevate Control Vacuum) 

One of the most affordable vacuums on the market today, Control is ideal for those looking for an immensely affordable option with quality beyond par. Although it is at the bottom or Oreck’s upright vacuum range, it still shares loads of features with Conquer and Command, making it an ideal purchase given its mere price of $299.99. 

Keeping with Oreck’s preference of a hygienic vacuuming experience, Control the famous SeniSeal system, which is known to capture minute dust, allergens, and other irritants, that are mostly missed by the naked eye. Its SELECT filtration bag is responsible for collecting up to 99% of dust up to 5 microns. Impressively, the filtration system also features the ability to combat the vacuum’s odor to a great degree. 

Probably being the most lightweight vacuum in its class, weighing at 9 pounds, Control offers great handling and mobility. The vacuum has a low-profile, which is an ideal design for collecting dust in tight spaces in between furniture spaces and other tiny crevices. 

Oreck has also added an ergonomic handle design which further allows the user to easily operate the vacuum; almost anybody can operate this vacuum cleaner without even the slightest of difficulty. A solid 30 inch cord allows the vacuum to be operable over a large surface area, meaning that you can easily vacuum large regions without having to be limited by the cord.

Two-speed fingertip buttons allow you to change the speed according to your preference, giving you a customizable vacuuming experience. 

Given its price point, we can not argue against this vacuum for one bit. Yes, there are several features and quirks missing, however, Control prizes itself of being a no nonsense vacuum that gets the job done. 

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