Is Ryobi stick vacuum the best vacuum choice in 2022? 

What is Ryobi Stick Vacuum 

Ryobi has been manufacturing cleaning tools and heavy equipment for a long time. Keeping their experience and prowess in mind, Ryobi’s new stick vacuum is an exciting option which is worth considering because of its mighty performance and amazing battery life. 

The new and improved Ryobi stick vacuum, 18V ONE+ HP CORDLESS has been making abundant headlines due to its sheer potency when it comes to effective vacuuming. The improved model has seen betterment on every front as compared to Ryobi’s previous stick vacuums as well as other vacuums of its diverse range. 

The Ryobi stick vacuum under consideration of this reading is the 18V ONE+ HP CORDLESS STICK VACUUM. Out of all the reviews on the internet, the majority of them speak about the value of money provided by this Ryobi stick vacuum to the consumer because of its long list of numerous features and a robust build quality. 

It is safe to say that this vacuum has got it all, quite literally, this is the complete package. Some of its key brand features include: 

  • ONE+ HP Technology is ideal for deliverance of 2X more performance to clean up the most rigid of messes. This makes the vacuum ideal for cleaning up harsh surfaces that are plagued with hardcore gunk. 
  • Ryobi prides itself over the 1 hour runtime of 18V ONE+ HP on light pickings such as fur, hair, and dust. The best thing about the battery is that it is removable, hence you do not have to wait for your primary battery to charge as you can always place the 4Ah battery, included with the box, in its place. 
  • This Ryobi stick vacuum is affiliated with a whole universe of parts and tools; Ryobi has over 260 parts and tools that can be used to customize your 18V ONE+ HP. 

Pros & Cons 

Obviously, the 18V ONE+ HP is not a perfect machine as it has its fair share of shortcomings that have been faced by plenty of its customers. However, its various perks outweigh any sort of negativity related to the product. 

Here is a brief list of 18V ONE+ HP’s pros: 

  • 2X higher suction performance as compared to other vacuums in its class due to the intelligent brushless motor. 
  • 30% lighter at an almost unbelievable weight of only 5lbs. 
  • 50% decrease in sound production as the current version only produces 73 dB(A). 
  • 4Ah high performance battery that delivers a staggering 1 hour of runtime on a single charge; this too with the addition of replaceable batteries to allow for maximum ease of usage. 
  • Perfect hygienic vacuum as its cyclonic filter traps up to 99.99% of allergens, irritants, dust, bacteria, and other pollutants. 
  • LED lights on the roller bar to illuminate dark and tight spaces for a better cleanup and visibility. 
  • A wide list of compatible tools for the ultimate customization experience. 
  • A dust collection cup that is easy to use and empty in a matter of a few seconds. 
  • And many other critical features! 

On the darker side, here are a few concerns with the 18V ONE+ HP: 

  • Some reviewers have said that the suction power does not live up to the standards set by the vacuum itself. 
  • The 18V ONE+ HP can also get a bit loud. 





Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Cordless Pet Stick Vac 


Capable of 75 IOW 

Key Features 

HP Technology, Intelligent Brushless Motor, Cyclonic Filtration, Time-effective cup  


0.21 Gallons 


18V ONE+ 4Ah High Performance Battery 

Included Accessories and Parts 

(1) wall mount, (1) dust brush, (1) crevice tool, (1) 18V ONE+ Charger, (1) 4Ah high performance battery


5 lbs 

Who Should Buy Ryobi Stick Vacuum (18V ONE+ HP Brushless)

A Ryobi stick vacuum should be bought by every homeowner because of many reasons. Firstly, it is perfectly capable of dealing with every type of filth and allergens found in a common home. 

Next, the 18V ONE+ HP is extremely lightweight, weighing in at 5 pounds. This allows it to be used by anyone with great comfort and ease. 

Its compact stick shape allows it to be easily stored anywhere in the house without taking up a huge space, hence, people living in apartments can own it as well as it stands upright; it can be easily placed in a corner. 

Review of Ryobi Stick Vacuum (18V ONE+ HP Brushless)

Although a great deal of discussion has been done on this goliath of a vacuum, this section will further study and extrapolate the astonishing vacuum’s key features, including its surprisingly compact size and stature. 

There is barely any notable feature that is not included in the 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Vacuum. When it comes to suction and performance, its 18V motor is widely considered to be the best in its class because of its unhinged performance over wood and metal shavings, pet hair, and other allergens that are measured in microns. To boost its performance further, the vacuum’s intelligent brushless motor is a treat as it doubles its suction power, thus its performance. 

A cyclonic filtration is one of the best hygienic ways to vacuum your floors, on the market. It is known to eliminate up to a total of 99.99% of all allergens. 

Its ergonomic handle and mind blowing lightweight allows it to be a ceiling vacuum cleaner as well because it can be easily lifted to the ceiling, making it ideal for cleaning vent openings, fans, lights, and air conditioners. 

If you are worried about your investment in monetary terms, you need not panic because Ryobi provides you with a 3 year limited warranty of the complete product, the vacuum. 

Priced at $249.00, the 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Stick Vac will not break the bank as it is, surprisingly, a relatively reasonable option. If you consider its features, extra included tools, the unique attribute of being extremely lightweight, and usability, it definitely provides a great deal of value for your money spent.

Buy it here 

Comparison Chart: 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Stick Vac vs. Dyson V8 

For comparison purposes, we have paired Ryobi with Dyson; probably the topmost leading brands that are known for their manufacture of effective vacuum cleaners.

18V ONE+ HP Brushless Stick Vac 

Dyson V8 





5 lbs 

5.51 lbs 

Battery Runtime 

60 minutes 

40 minutes 


0.21 gallons 


Included in the box 

Wall mount, dust brush, crevice tool, charger, 4Ah high performance battery

Motorbar cleaner head, hair screw tool, crevice tool, combination tool, docking station, charger

Key Features 

ONE+ HP technology, intelligent brushless motor, easy to empty dust cup, cyclonic filtration 

Touchless bin emptying, docked charging while stored, two power modes, Dyson digital motor V8 


Cyclonic filtration 

Whole-machine filtration 

The competence and cost-effectiveness of the Ryobi stick vacuum can be seen on full display. Even though it is priced at $249.00 compared to Dyson V8’s $449.99, it has more storage capacity at 0.21 gallons. It also has a greater runtime of 60 minutes and a lesser weight. All these crucial and practical indicators show that the 18V ONE+ HP Brushless is indeed a more practical option. 

Dyson V8 does have impressive features, such as its motor that revolves at 110,000 rpm and its wall-mounted charger which operates through a docking station that is provided in the box. The Dyson V8 also has a greater number of included accessories and a superior filtration system as compared to its competitor, although they still provide the same 99.99% protection from allergens. 

In conclusion, keeping all of these comparisons in mind, the 18V ONE+ HP Brushless is the downright winner because it provides a greater value for money because of its wins in the most basic yet practical comparisons, including: 

  • Battery runtime
  • Capacity
  • And weight 

The above mentioned parameters are prized possessions of stick vacuums because their unique selling point is their practicality due to them being lightweight. 

You can buy the Dyson V8 here 

Questions About Ryobi Stick Vacuum (18V ONE+ HP Brushless Stick Vac) 

  1. Is the 18V ONE+ HP available now? 
  2. Yes. it is newly launched and is available all over North America and Europe. In the USA, you can find it at all Home Depot stores. 
  3. Can I replace the battery with another if it runs out? 
  4. Yes. the batteries are replaceable. You can easily change them during vacuuming sessions if your battery runs out and you do not want to charge it. 
  5. What is this model most suitable for? 
  6. It is most suitable for picking pet hair because of its ability to collect even the minutest of residue and dust. Moreover, the vacuum will easily collect any light filth found in homes. 

Video of Ryobi Stick Vacuum Vacuum Cleaner Review: 

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