Riccar Handheld Vacuum: Comparing the Riccar Gem, Riccar Squire, and the Riccar Roam Vacuum. 

This article will be reviewing three Riccar handheld vacuums to see if they are worth their price, what features they have, and if there are any benefits to having them.

What Is The Riccar Handheld Vacuum 

Riccar vacuums are made exclusively in the US and are mostly available on independent retail shops. The manufacturers are known for producing only the best performing vacuums that excel in air flow control and suction power. Regardless of how much dirt, you can rest assured that your Riccar handheld vacuum is powerful enough to tackle it. 

We’ll be reviewing three of the best handheld Riccar vacuums in this article. They include:

Why Choose The Riccar Handheld Vacuum?

  • It has extra tools to allow you to clean various places
  • The vacuum isn't expensive
  • The vacuum is easy to maintain

Riccar Handheld Vacuums Comparison


Riccar Gem

Riccar Squire

Riccar Roam

Power Source

Corded Electric

Corded Electric

Battery Powered








40 Volts

Cord Length










Washable HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter


90 Days 

2 Years

2 Years

Included Components

Flexible Hose, Crevice, and Upholstery Tool

Stretch Hose, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush

Hose, Crevice Tool, Brush

LED Headlight




Special Feature


HEPA Filter, Two Speed Motor

Spinning Brush Roll, Two Speed Motor


3 Pounds

5 Pounds

9 Pounds 




40 Minutes

Review of The Riccar Gem Vacuum Cleaner

This Riccar handheld vacuum was released under their Speciality vacuum series. It was designed to take care of quick cleanings. It also has a lot of features, and it costs lower than their regular vacuums. 

You can use this Riccar handheld vacuum to clean small areas of your home, quick spills, or even inside your car. Its simplicity and efficiency are what make it a favorite for many households. 

The vacuum has a power cord, dust cup, filter, flexible hose, crevice tool, and an upholstery tool. It is very easy to use. Plug the unit into a wall outlet. You turn it on by pressing the button on top of the handle. The various tools that come with the vacuum you can connect through the suction inlet. You can also join the devices through the flexible hose.

To empty the dust cup, push the release button, then pull out the dust cup. Remove the dust cup filter, empty the contents of the cup, and clean the dust filter. You can rinse the dust cup filter, and then after it is thoroughly dried, you can resemble it with the dust cup and then into the vacuum. 

You have to constantly empty the dust cup unless the suction power will become weak or the vacuum won't pick up any dirt. An overfull dust cup will also cause dust or dirt to escape from the vacuum.

The downside of the Riccar Gem vacuum is that it doesn't have a HEPA filter which will be better suited for people with allergies. Also, this vacuum is suited for small cleanings only as the cord isn't very long, and the dust cup doesn't take much dirt. 

Key Features
1. Portable

This Riccar handheld vacuum is lightweight. It weighs only three pounds, so your hand wouldn't easily get fatigued, unlike other handheld vacuums. You can easily carry it to different parts of your home.

2. Sleek Design

It has a slim build and a simple black color. The handle of the vacuum is not bulky, and it grips firmly. The buttons on the vacuum are few and have been conveniently located in places your fingers can easily reach. The suction inlet is also an attachment for other tools that come with the vacuum.

3. 600 Watts Powered

It is powered by these high watts to provide effective and efficient performance.

4. 15ft Long Cord

Unlike with a battery-powered vacuum, you don't have to wait until a battery is done charging before you use the vacuum. All you need to do is plug it into a wall outlet. 

5. Easy to Empty Dust Cup

The dust cup is opened when you push a button, and all you need to do is empty the contents. The filter is also washable. 

6. It is not expensive

This vacuum is very affordable, and it is worth its price. 

Review of the Riccar Squire Hand Vacuum

To start, plug in the vacuum's 23ft cord to a wall outlet, then turn on the vacuum. Choose the speed you want to clean. The vacuum will pick up pet hair, dirt, dust, and debris from any surface. 

Various tools can be attached to enable it to clean up even better. The dusting brush is suitable for cleaning shelves, table tops, or blinds. You connect the dusting brush through the flexible hose. You can extend the hose by turning it and then retract it in the opposite direction. The brush is supposed to be retracted when not in use. 

The crevice tool is for reaching tight corners and crevices. You attach the crevice tool to the end of the dusting brush. To clean with the flexible hose, you will have to remove the hose from its inlet. The removal will temporarily disable the brush roll. To enable them, you push the hose back into the inlet until it clicks. Doing this should activate the brush roll, and if it doesn't, it's because you moved the brush roll too far into the inlet. 

To empty the dust cup, push the release button at the side of the vacuum. Pull out the dust cup, then empty its content. Shake the dust cup filter to get rid of debris. You can rinse the filter but make sure it is completely dried before you insert it back into the vacuum.

Key Features

1. Two-Speed Motor 

You can clean at either a high or low speed. The buttons for this feature are marked 'I' for low speed and 'II' for high speed on the vacuum. 

2. Elegant Design

This vacuum has a bright purple color. It is shaped very elegantly, small and lightweight. Its buttons are easy to find on the vacuum. 

3. Extra Tools

Tools like a flexible hose, dusting brush with natural bristles, crevice tool, and a rotating brush roll allow you to perform your cleaning stress-free.

4. LED Light

This LED light makes you able to see better when you clean. Especially in those tight corners. It also prevents you from allowing the vacuum to suck in something that would cause blockage. 

5. HEPA Filter

The filter type makes the Riccar handheld vacuum a perfect fit for people with pets or allergies. This washable filter will eliminate all the pet dander and dust mites in your home, leaving the air clean. 

6. Shoulder Strap For Support

The vacuum comes with a clip-on shoulder strap to provide more support while cleaning. 

  • It has an extra support
  • It has a big dust cup
  • The vacuum can operate at two different speed
  • The vacuum can only clean small areas

Review of the Riccar Roam Vacuum

Before you begin using the vacuum, you need to assemble a few things. This step takes about ten minutes to complete. The battery goes into the battery compartment, and there is an arrow to help you with the right placement. Please make sure the battery lines with the arrow, then place the battery cover, then turn it clockwise to lock it in. 

The dust cup comes in immediately after. Place the bottom of the dust cup on top of the battery cover, hold, then simultaneously push the upper dust cup release button to lock it. To remove the dust cup, have the handle, then press the release button. 

When you turn on the unit by pressing a button, a green light will come on. The default speed on the vacuum is Low (labeled I). You can increase the speed to High (labeled II) if you want. To clean in a handheld mode, you need to turn on the tool activation on the unit and then remove the metal wand from the body of the vacuum by pressing a release button. After that, you attach the tool to the end of the hose handle. 

It would help if you emptied the dust cup before the dirt rose to a marked line. Not doing this causes the filter to clog, and the suction may weaken. The vacuum brush roll might get jammed, and if that happens, the vacuum motor will turn off and won't work until you've removed the obstruction.

This particular vacuum is a stick vacuum, but you can also transform it into a handheld one. It was released under the Speciality vacuum series also, and it has a lot of key features, including:

1. Spinning Brushroll

This feature allows the vacuum clean surfaces, especially rugs, with even more power. 

2. It is Battery Powered

The vacuum would not be hindered by a cord plugged into a wall outlet. You can carry it to various parts of your house without bothering about it tripping or how to store it. 

3. LED Headlight

This bright light feature will allow you to see under furnishings and other corners. 

4. It Operates at Two Speed

Sometimes you need your vacuum to have a little power, like when you're cleaning dust from your hardwood floor, and other times you need it high to take in dirt from your carpet. Luckily, this vacuum comes with both speeds. 

5. HEPA Media Filter

The filter will trap allergens rather than float around in the room.

  • Perfect for cleaning large areas
  • The handheld mode makes it possible to clean corners and underneath furnishings
  • It has a HEPA filter 
  • It operates at two speeds
  • The vacuum requires a lot of assembling, which can get quite confusing

Video of Riccar Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review


Riccar handheld vacuums are very versatile and affordable, and they perform a great task at eliminating dirt around our homes. 

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