Is The Simplicity Stick Vacuum Worth The Price? (Complete 2022 Review and Comparison)

The Simplicity Stick vacuum is made under the Tacony corporation. They are made in the USA, and they aim to make exceptional vacuums. Simplicity vacuums are available in many parts of the world, and you can purchase them at different price ranges.

What Is The Simplicity Stick Vacuum 

The Simplicity stick vacuum is a cordless, bagless vacuum that is convenient to use, easy to maneuver, and store. Above all, it is a powerhouse with amazing suction and long lasting batteries. The Simplicity stick vacuum has two series — the S65 and S60.

The S65 has three different models namely, Standard, Deluxe and Premium. While the S60 only has one — the Spiffy Bagless Stick Vacuum. We’ll be comparing the S65 Standard, S65 Premium, and S60 Spiffy Stick Vacuums in this article.

Why Choose The Simplicity Stick Vacuum?

1. Simple to Use

As the name of the vacuum suggests, the vacuum is easy to use. It doesn't require a lot of buttons or mode of operation. When you press a button, the vacuum comes on and starts cleaning. 

2. Versatile

You can use the vacuum on different floor surfaces, and there are multiple attachments to make cleaning more versatile and effective. 

3. Portable

This stick vacuum is lightweight and easy to carry. It comes in a compact size, which makes it very easy to store. 

4. HEPA Filtration System

This filtration system makes the vacuum perfect for people with allergies or asthma. Pet owners will also find this simple stick vacuum beneficial as the HEPA filter traps pet dander from the air.

Simplicity Stick Vacuum Models Compared


S65 Standard

S65 Premium

Spiffy S60





Form Factor





9.5×11.25×27 Inches

10×16×36 Inches

8×10.75×46 Inches


5.5 Pounds

6 Pounds

7 Pounds

Specific Use

Hard Floor, Dual Action, Carpet

Multi-Surface, Bare Floor, Pet Hair, Portable

Hard floor

Special Feature

HEPA Filter, Bagless, Cordless, LED Headlight

HEPA Filter, Lightweight, Portable, Pet Hair

Bagless, Powerful Suction, Four Stage Filtration System

Filter Type

HEPA Media

HEPA Media

HEPA Filter, SF 60 Filter Set

Power Source

Battery Powered

Battery Powered

Corded Electric


21.6 Volts

21.6 Volts

120 Volts





Control Type

Push Button

Push Button

Push Button

Recharge Time

3 Hours

4 Hours



25 Minutes

25 Minutes Each Battery


No. of Battery




Cord Length



30 Ft





Review of the Simplicity S65 Standard Multi-Use Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

It is a cordless stick vacuum that allows for easy cleaning with its strong suction power. The vacuum is battery-powered, so you don't have to be bothered by a long cord while cleaning or storing the machine. Its swivel head will allow you to clean tight crevices and corners with ease. 

This Simplicity stick vacuum is perfect for every household because it doesn't make a lot of noise, and it efficiently cleans mess from the kids or pets.


This vacuum has a simple aluminium stick with a black handle where you can find some buttons. It has a detachable handle where you can fix other tools provided to customize your cleaning. The bare floor/carpet nozzle is black, and it blinks bright blue when the LED display is on.

Key Features

1. It Is Lightweight

This vacuum weighs about five pounds which means it would be easy to carry up and down stairs. This lightweight feature also means that the vacuum would be easy to maneuver around. 

2. You Can Clean At Different Speed 

With the S65, you can clean at whatever speed you choose. 

3. HEPA Filter 

Due to its HEPA filter, the S65 could efficiently eliminate dander, dust, and dirt from your homes. 

4. Easy to Store

The vacuum comes with a floor store caddy and an optional wall mount. 

5. It Has a Removeable Battery

Unlike other vacuums, you wouldn't have to worry about packing up your vacuum when the battery gets spoilt. You can replace it with any other compatible battery. 

6. LED Headlight

This feature lets you shine a light on what you're cleaning, so you don't accidentally clog up the vacuum. 


You can use this vacuum to clean various floor surfaces as well as furnishings and cars. 

Cleaning Performance

To start using the S65 Standard, pull a trigger; you don't have to hold it down while you clean.

You can clean with either of the two power modes. The faster mode will provide more power to clean sticky, gunky, and stubborn messes. You don't have to run the vacuum over and over a spot to get it clean anymore. The lower power mode will allow you to clean all the dirt, dust, and debris from your house.

You can use this vacuum on any floor. The best part is that it can transition from hard floors to carpeted ones without stopping or losing power. 

You don't have to touch all the dirt vacuum takes in because once you press a button, it goes through a filter and into a garbage bin. The air is sent through a HEPA filter before leaving the vacuum. 

Battery Power

A 21.6-volt lithium-ion battery power runs the vacuum. The runtime for this vacuum is about 25 minutes when you clean on the lower power mode. The battery fully charges within three hours. 

Included Components

It has three motorized attachments: a LED headlight, a carpet, and a bare floor nozzle. If you wish, you can remove the metal wand from the handle and then attach the extra tools for a hand vacuum. 


The dust cup is easy to empty, and you should do that after every cleaning. If there's anyone in your household with allergies, you need to replace the filter every six months and if not, then yearly is fine. You can store the cleaning attachments on the wall mount.

Review of The Simplicity S65 Premium Stick Vacuum Cleaner


  • It has a lot of accessories
  • The vacuum has a dual battery
  • You can use it on any floor surface
  • It is on the expensive side
  • You have to wait until one of the two batteries is charged fully before you can clean

Key Features

1. Special Tools

This vacuum comes with a lot of accessories to fit different kinds of dirt and surfaces. These tools make the vacuum function better, which makes your cleaning faster. 

2. Multi-Use

You can use the S65 Premium as a stick vacuum for floors, or you can transform it into a handheld vacuum for cars, furniture, etc. 

3. Two Detachable Battery

Not only does this feature mean that you can replace your battery when it gets bad, but it also means you can clean twice as many areas as you usually do. 


1. Compact Size

The vacuum is lightweight and doesn't take a lot of storage. Most of the compartments it comes with can be stored on wall mount storage.

2. HEPA Filter 

This HEPA filter helps get rid of home allergens and dust mites, and this will leave your air free from pollutants which is great for pet owners and allergic persons.

Cleaning Performance

The cleaning performance of this vacuum is very similar to that of the S65S. The only difference is that it lasts longer. 

Battery Power 

It is powered by one lithium-ion battery, but the unit has two batteries and two charging stations. You can charge one battery while you use the other to clean. Each battery lasts about 25 minutes, and they charge for 4 hours until they are full.

Included Components

The S65 Premium is quite straightforward to use. It comes with accessories such as 

  • Upholstery tool
  • Combination of crevice tool and dusting brush with nylon bristles
  • LED carpet/bare floor nozzle
  • Wall mount
  • Bare floor soft nozzle
  • Pet tool turbo brush
  • Angle adapters
  • Dual charging stations

Spiffy S60 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner By Simplicity


  • It has a powerful suction
  • The vacuum is perfect for pet owners
  • It has a multiple filtration system
  • The bin is easy to empty
  • It is straightforward to use


  • The long cord might trip or get tangled

Key Features

1. Multiple Stage Filtration

The vacuum has a multiple-stage filtration, including a HEPA filter. Pollen, dander, dirt, dirt, and even the smallest microns wouldn't escape this incredible filter system.

2. Two-Speed Cleaning

The Spiffy S60 has a very powerful suction which you can adjust to two speeds suitable for cleaning hard floors, rugs, and low pile carpets.

3. 30ft Cord

This long cord feature allows you to clean while the machine is plugged into a wall outlet. You never have to bother about batteries dying out, and you can clean bigger spaces. 


1. Adjustable Wand

You can easily adjust the aluminum wand to any height you want.

2. Lightweight

This vacuum is slim and lightweight. You can carry it around easily or glide it through different spaces without worrying about it bumping into furniture. This slim build, along with other specially designed tools, will allow you to clean tighter areas and corners. 

3. Bagless

The Spiffy S60 is a bagless vacuum, and all you need to do is push a button to empty the bin. You don't have to touch any of the dirt. 

Cleaning Performance

This vacuum has a powerful suction that can pick up any dirt on hardwood floors, carpets, and rugs. Performing at 1020 watts with a motor of 9 amp, it can take in crumbs, coffee grounds, cereals, chips, etc. It has a squeegee to push mess towards the suction inlet. You don't have to go over one particular mess over and over; it gets rid of them in one go. 

The vacuum is aggressive towards dirt but gentle on the surface. Its rubber wheels will never scratch and leave marks on your floor. You can clean at a high power speed or opt for a low one; whichever one you choose, your floor will be squeaky clean. 

Included Components

There is a crevice tool you can use when you want to get to tight corners. To attach this tool, remove the floor nozzle and put the crevice tool in its place. It is pretty straightforward. 

Video Review of The Simplicity Stick Vacuum


Simplicity stick vacuum doesn't offer complicated technology, but it has a very high performance. These vacuums prove that for anything to be worth their price, they must have high quality, which the Simplicity vacuum does.

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