Tineco Vacuum Mop Vs. Bissell CrossWave: The Ultimate Comparison and Review of Two Vacuum Brands

These two brands of vacuum specialize in a two-in-one feature that allows users to vacuum and mop simultaneously. They both have great suctions that can take in pet hair, debris, and clean liquid. 

Tineco Vacuum Mop Vs. Bissell CrossWave: Which Is Better? 

It is almost impossible to choose which one is superior as they both have important features and functions. As you read on, you will find that they are quite different from each other. 

Tineco Vacuum Mop Vs. Bissell Crosswave: Specs, Features, Price, Pros & Cons

Features of The Tineco iFloor Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

1. Tackles Both Big and Small Mess

It doesn't matter the mess size made, and the Tineco iFloor has cleaning modes to provide a solution.

2. Two Tank Technology

This vacuum has two tanks for keeping water when cleaning and for storing dirty water. 

3. Self Cleaning

After cleaning with the vacuum it cleans itself. You don't have to spend extra time and energy cleaning the unit. 

4. Ultra Quiet

The noise level on this vacuum is 82db. It is guaranteed to give you and your household maximum comfort.

5. Powerful Battery

It is powered by a 2500mAh lithium-ion battery, strong enough to go through your cleaning cycle. 

  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight and easy to direct
  • It is battery powered
  • Dual tank system
  • Self-cleaning
  • No filter system
  • Poor battery life
  • Designed for only one type of surface
  • It cannot reach corners and other areas
Tineco Price: $279.99

Features of The Bissell CrossWave All in One Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuum (1785A)

1. Dual Action Brush 

It delivers 3,000 RPM as it rotates on your floor, giving a clean and shiny outlook.

2. Swivel Head

It also has a filtration pack that removes most airborne particles. This filtration system is completely detachable, washable, and reusable. If it wears out, you can easily replace it with an amount within ten dollars.

This feature allows you to turn the vacuum in whatever direction you choose easily. It isn't stuck in one precise position so this will give you more control while cleaning. 

3. Dual Tank

You don't have to push buckets around anymore while mopping. The tanks are separate so the only water going on your floor is fresh. Each one can hold about 28 ounces of water. 

4. Lightweight

This vacuum isn't heavy, and neither is it bulky. Although it holds two water tanks, it is quite light. It is because its weight is distributed evenly. 

5. 25ft Cord

It features a long cord that can allow you to move around different areas of a room without difficulty.

6. Three Easy Buttons

The buttons allow you to choose from three modes. Rug mode (to clean with a more intense flow of water), hard floors, and washing mode. 

7. Strong Suction

The suction power is about 100-150 AW, so it does a great job of removing dirt and debris. 

  • Dual tank system
  • It is a two-in-one vacuum
  • It has a multi-surface and purpose brush
  • It is not very expensive
  • It doesn't have a HEPA filter
  • It doesn't have any special feature that allows it to reach corners and crevices

Bissell Price $272.14

Tineco Vacuum Mop Vs. Bissell CrossWave: Design

Tineco iFloor Wet Dry Vacuum Mop

The vacuum comes in the colors ash and gray. It has a slim handle you can easily grip and push the machine around. The 'on' button is located on the handle where your finger can easily reach.

There is vacuum glides on wheels that won't scratch your floors. The floor head nozzle has the suction. It has a LED display where every important information is displayed. 

Bissell CrossWave All in One Multi Surface Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1785A

This vacuum has a bright neon color with blank and white. The handle has a firm grip and weighs around 11 pounds. It has a swivel head that makes the machine easy to maneuver. There are three buttons on the vacuum, all of them within finger reach. The vacuum is designed in such a way that it is simple to use.

Tineco Vacuum Mop Vs. Bissell CrossWave: Cleaning Power

Tineco Vacuum

The Tineco iFloor wet dry vacuum is battery powered and it has a runtime of 22 minutes which is not enough to clean a very large area. It is powered by a lithium ion battery and it takes four hours to fully charge. 

There are two water tanks that do not hold a lot of water capacity. You have to constantly empty the tanks. Overall, this vacuum has a strong power and is efficient in eliminating any kind of dirt from hard floor surfaces. 

Bissell CrossWave

It is a Canister vacuum powered by an electric cord. It has a 500 watt power. The brush of the vacuum is located in the head floor nozzle and it rotates at a 3000 RPM while vacuuming and mopping at the same time. It is a dual action multi surface brush roller guaranteed to tackle the dirt on your floor.

The water tank doesn't have a large capacity which is a downside but despite this fact, the vacuum is strong and efficient. It has a suction power of 100-150 W.

Tineco Vacuum Mop Vs. Bissell CrossWave: Performance

Tineco iFloor Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The unit has two tanks. One is meant for freshwater, the other for dirty water the vacuum sucks in as well as other dirt. There's also a Tineco cleaning solution (which is the recommended solution) to add to the water for mopping. 

To begin, add water and a small amount of Tineco solution into the clean water tank. Leave the dirty water tank empty to take the dirt and liquids vacuumed into it. Press the button located on the handle and then it begins to work its magic. The machine will vacuum and mop at the same time which will leave your floors squeaky clean and dry from water. 

You don't have to worry about getting the vacuum clean after all the mess it picked up. This machine can clean itself in minutes. This self-cleaning system keeps brush rollers and tubes clean and odor-free.

The vacuum lasts up to 25 minutes and it takes about four to five hours to charge fully. To charge it, plug an adaptor into a wall circuit. 

Bissell CrossWave All in One Multi Surface Wet Dry Vacuum 1785A

After starting the machine, push it backward, and the brush roll will begin to spin. If you want to stop the brush from spinning, stand it upright. Holding the trigger down for about ten seconds primes the machine with water and cleaning solution. An LED light will illuminate when you hold the trigger down. You can now begin to clean. When you do not want the solution released, let go of the solution trigger. This way, you can dry your floor if there is excess water.

If there are any stubborn stains on the floor, place the vacuum over it then press the RUG mode. Hold the trigger then make short passes over the stain, this will allow the multi-surface brush work efficiently. 

With this dual tank feature, you don't have to pour dirty water on your floor while you vacuum and mop simultaneously. All dirt and debris will be sucked in and gathered in a separate location. There's a filtration pack but mostly retains airborne particles. It can be removed, washed, and reused. 

Review of The Tineco iFloor Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner 

This vacuum is easy and comfortable to use. It doesn't feature complicated technology, buttons and commands are within your finger's reach and you spend less time cleaning because the machine cuts down your work for you. 

Review of The Bissell CrossWave All in One Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuum 1785A 

Assembling the CrossWave vacuum is easy. All you need to do is slide the handle into the body until you hear a click. There are two tanks (clean and dirty tank water) and you begin cleaning, fill the water tank up with water and add the BISSELL solution formula. Slide the tank into the back of the unit until you hear a click. Plug in the machine then choose the settings you want to clean in (either hard floor or rug). 

Tineco Vacuum Mop Vs. Bissell CrossWave: Specifications





10.6×9.8×43.7 Inches

10.5×12×46 Inches


7.28 Pounds

11.02 Pounds

Power Source

Battery Powered

Corded Electric

Specific Use

Hard Floor

Floor and Rugs


2 Years

2 Years

Control Type

Push Button

Push Button

Charge Time

4-5 hours



22 Minutes





Clean Water Capacity

0.55 Liters 

0.4 Liters

Dirty Water Capacity

0.4 Liters

0.4 Liters

Form Factor



Assembly Required



HEPA Filter 





504 Watts

Tineco Vacuum Mop Vs. Bissell CrossWave: Which Should You Choose?

The vacuum you choose depends on what you're looking for. Choose Bissell if

  • You don't mind the cord
  • Have a larger area to clean
  • If you tend to have more dirt around your house
  • Bissell is the best choice if you have rugs around your home
  • Bissell is less expensive so if you do not want to spend too much on a vacuum choose it

On the other hand

  • Tineco may be a better option if you don't spend a lot of time cleaning
  • If you do not want to spend extra time cleaning the vacuum after each use, choose Tineco
  • This vacuum is best for people who do not like cords around while they clean
  • If you have hard floors, this option is better
  • If money is not an issue you can choose Tineco

Video Review of Tineco iFloor Wet Dry Vacuum


At the end Tineco Vacuum Mop vs. Bissell CrossWave quest, we conclude that both of these brands are good and ideal for cleaning. 

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