Looking To Increase the Functionality of Beam Vacuum? Try Out These Beam Vacuum Accessories

There are many reasons why I prefer using Beam vacuum cleaner for my home vacuuming needs. Beam vacuums are lightweight and, therefore, easily portable. It is also a quiet vacuum, and you won’t be irritated by so much noise, as is the case with most vacuum cleaners. Moreover, Beam vacuum cleaners are known for their powerful suction and durability advantages. They also have several accessories that will make vacuuming more desirable. Here are the most convenient Beam vacuum accessories you can consider using on your Beam vacuum cleaner.

Beam Vacuum Accessories: The Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is a long thin hose that tapers to a point. Some crevice tools might look a little bit like a flute. It is one of the most critical Beam vacuum accessories your vacuum cleaner should never lack. As its name suggests, the crevice tool is used to get into crevices or narrow gaps. For instance, with the crevice tool, it would be easy to vacuum beneath and between the sofa cushions, crown moldings, and many other narrow gaps beneath the appliances.

Beam Vacuum Accessories: Combi Floor Tool

The combi floor tool works as the regular brush except for the fact that it has a toe switch that can adjust to vacuum hard floor surfaces or carpets.

Beam Vacuum Accessories: Upholstery Brush

The upholstery brush is broad with a little level head. It has an inherent texture strip that makes it suitable for lifting residue, hairs, dust, and other forms of dirt from surfaces such as coaches, pads, and seats. As the name suggests, the upholstery tool will be used mainly for cleaning upholstery. And the good thing is that the tool is excellent for cleaning several upholstery materials such as vinyl, leather, and cloth.

Beam Vacuum Accessories: Dusting Brush

The dusting brush is a small rounded attachment that has bristles. It is also a vital Beam vacuum accessory that will give your vacuum cleaner more functionality. With the dusting brush, it will be easy to use your Beam vacuum cleaner to knock off the dust from flat and delicate areas such as the window sills, air vents, and cabinet tops. It is designed with soft bristles that make it easy to clean lamp shades and picture frames. It is, therefore, the ultimate Beam vacuum accessory for removing dust from areas that can be easily forgotten.

Beam Vacuum Accessories: Extension Wand

The extension wand is created to go places where other parts and accessories cannot go. It is, therefore, a vital Beam vacuum accessory that increases the vacuuming reach of the vac. It gives the cleaner the additional contact that is needed to eliminate webs from high-end areas such as roofs and corners that are difficult to reach.

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. Is Beam vacuum good?

A keen look at customer reviews left by those who have used the Beam vacuum cleaner will tell you that the Beam vacuum cleaner is an excellent option for your home vacuuming needs.

  1. How long do the Beam vacuum cleaners last?

Beam vacuum cleaners are durable and can last for twenty to thirty years before the need for replacement arises.

You can watch the video in the link below to learn more about Beam vacuum accessories.


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