How Much Does A Kirby Vacuum Cost In 2022? Are They Worth The Price?

Kirby vacuum cleaners came into existence in 1914. Since then, Kirby vacuums have been on the frontline of innovations that seek to improve the reliability of vacuum cleaners. To date, Kirby vacuum cleaners remain perfect vacuuming solutions for commercial and residential purposes. But How much does a Kirby vacuum cleaner cost, and is it worth the price? In this Kirby vacuum price review, you will get to learn how much it costs, among many other pertinent details you should know about this vacuum cleaner.

How Much Does A Kirby Vacuum Cost?

The price of Kirby vacuum cleaners varies depending on the model. Here is a summary of the Kirby vacuum models, as well as their associated prices and their pros.




Kirby Avalir


·         Lightweight

·         Powerful motor suction

·         LED cleaning headlight increases the visibility of dust and dirt spots

·         Characterized a carpet shampooer that gives carpets a deep clean

Kirby Sentria Cleaner


·         Features all accessories you will want for vacuuming

·         LED cleaning headlight increases the visibility of dust and dirt spots

·         High suction power

Kirby Ultimate Cleaner-G7D


·         Enhanced suction power

·         An enhanced outer bag filtration system

·         Lighter design

Kirby G6 Vacuum cleaner


·         Enhanced Ergonomics

·         Characterized by an enhanced portable shampooer and spray pattern meaning high versatility

·         Improved filtration system

·         Enhanced brush roll

Kirby G3


·         Robust cleaning action

·         Adjustable brush roll height increases the life of the vacuum

·         A toe-touch system that allows easy transition between vacuuming and storage modes

·         Easy pull and push functionality because of the power assist motor

Kirby G4


·         High maneuverability enabled by the 3-position locking system

·         Extreme HEPA filtration abilities make it suitable for containing all forms of dust and enable an allergic-free environment

·         Flawless vacuuming enabled by the power-assisted motor

·         Easy brush replacement enabled by the belt lifters

·         Adjustable brush roll height increases the life of the vacuum

Kirby G6


·         Characterized by a Lexan fan blade that improves the suction power

·         Good for portable and upright cleaning, making it a more versatile vacuum cleaner

·         Easy pull and push functionality because of the tech drive power assist

·         Adjustable power nozzle height

Note:These prices might vary depending on the store you are using. Additional costs such as shipping costs and taxes might also apply.

Are Kirby vacuum cleaners Worth their Prices?

These prices might look so heavy, especially considering the fact that the ultimate price is bound to increase once taxes, shipping costs, and other costs are added. And this would make one wonder why they should pay such prices for a vacuum cleaner when they can find others brands at cheaper prices. However, you can be sure to receive value for every cent you pay for Kirby vacuum cleaners. They are a great option for allergy sufferers and good for cleaning all types of surfaces, including mattresses.

Our Final Verdict

People love the multi-tasking abilities of the Kirby vacuum cleaners, as well as their perfect design. Although their prices might seem a bit high for a vacuum cleaner of its kind, we feel it is still worth the price because of the many benefits the users will get when they use the Kirby vacuum cleaner.

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