A Complete Review of the Most Fundamental craftsman vacuum parts

Craftsman wet/dry vacuums have been around for some time. They are mainly preferred because they can clean quickly and perfectly. There are several Craftsman vacuum parts included in this vacuum cleaner. Each part plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper functionality of the Craftsman wet/dry vacuum cleaner. However, before you buy any Craftsman vacuum part, you should know the model of your Craftsman wet/dry vacuum so that you get a part that is perfectly compatible with your part. The following are the most fundamental Craftsman vacuum parts you should know.

Craftsman Vacuum Parts: Filters

Craftsman vacuum filters are washable. There are several types of Craftsman vacuum filters you can use for your vacuum cleaner. For instance, the CMXZVBE38779 Red Stripe General Purpose Wet/Dry Vac Replacement Filter fits different Craftsman vacuum models such as (CMXEVBE17155, CMXEVBE17595, and CMXEVBE17594. The filter is important since it helps to maintain optimal suction performance by alternating wet and dry filters. The wet application filter is used for liquid spillages, while the dry filter is applicable for dry pickups like debris, dirt, and dust. The filters are easy to install.

Craftsman Vacuum Parts: Nozzle Attachment

The next vital Craftsman vacuum part is the Nozzle. The dry nozzle features a brush insert that is used to sweep debris from the floors. The dry nozzle can also be used to clean up dry debris directly when the brush insert is detached.

Craftsman Vacuum Parts: Vacuum Hose

Most Craftsman vacuum hoses are characterized by dual flex technology. It means that the hoses offer 180-degree flexibility that can turn both ends and allow for better maneuverability. There are several hose options you can use for your Craftsman vacuum cleaner. For instance, the POS-I-LOCK Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Hose could be a great replacement option. The hose has an extended reach that is almost three times the length of a standard hose. With such a hose, it is easy to clean high-end areas that cannot be accessed by the main vacuum section.

Craftsman Vacuum Parts: Dust Bags

Vacuum bags are important since they help to keep dust and allergens separate from the person doing the cleaning. Additionally, with dust bags, there is no any chance that the dust will wind up back to the floor. There are several dust bag options you can use on your Craftsman vacuum cleaner. The dust bags are easy to dispose of and allow hassle-free dust elimination. They are made of excellent materials that improve their durability.

Craftsman Vacuum Parts: Dusting Brush

The dusting brush is the last Craftsman vacuum part we look at. It helps with cleaning intricate surfaces such as carpets and inside cars. It is the perfect option for dealing with stubborn debris. The dusting brush is characterized by soft bristles that get into fine materials and crevices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I clean Craftsman vacuum filters?

To clean the filters, you will first have to detach them from the main body of the vac. You should use a detergent and water to wash and rinse the filters with clean water. You should let them dry before fitting them. Watch the video in the link below to learn how you can replace the filters

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