How to Dispose of a Vacuum Cleaner

Every vacuum cleaner has an expiry date, regardless of its sturdy build; that much everyone knows. However, very few people know what to do when that day comes; many don’t know how to dispose of a vacuum cleaner. Is there an appropriate method to dispose of it, or can you simply dump it in your garbage can outside? If you’re unsure how to dispose of a vacuum cleaner, this article will give you steps you can take.

For environmental and other significant reasons, you must dispose of your vacuum cleaner correctly. That said, find below the simple steps to dispose of a vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: Recycle It


Almost all the components of your vacuum cleaner can be recycled, including its body housing, hoses, and plastic parts. You can drop off your vacuum cleaner at a recycling center where manufacturers make helpful items out of them. Recycling is the best method for disposing of a vacuum cleaner because it is eco-friendly and valuable for other items. If you’re unsure which recycling bin your vacuum cleaner should enter, you can find an onsite staff to help.

Before going to the recycling center, you may want to know their terms and conditions. Some recycling centers have limitations on what they can or cannot receive, so check their website to be sure.

Step 2: Give Scrap Yards

Another method to dispose of a vacuum cleaner is by giving it away to scrapyards. The vacuum cleaner may not be helpful to you anymore, but you’ll be surprised how useful it is to scrapyards. Some may even pay you to remove specific metallic components of the vacuum cleaner, although they mostly take only the metallic parts.

That means you will need to disassemble the vacuum and look for other ways to dispose of the other components. Scrap Yards are not hard to find; you can find them near your location or any industrial area.

Step3: Sell It


If your vacuum cleaner is still operational and you’re simply tired of it, you can sell it or give it away. Whichever you decide to do, the internet is an excellent place to look for buyers. You simply need to take a picture of the vacuum cleaner from different angles and post the pictures online. If you’re unsure how much your vacuum cleaner is worth, check out similar sales; that’ll give you an idea.

Step4: Sell As Scrap

If you’re disposing of a broken-down vacuum, certain parts of it are still useful. An excellent way to dispose of it is by selling its parts as scrap; you even earn some cash from it. You can easily remove, wash, and sell parts of the vacuum cleaner, like the nozzles, brushes, and hoses. Plus, the belts and other essentials of an older vacuum model are often in high demand because they are hard to find.

Meanwhile, you can always give the vacuum cleaner away to your less-privileged neighbor, a friend, or a loved one. On the side, you’re practicing eco-friendly habits in disposing of your vacuum and helping a friend out.


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