How to Clean Your Dyson Animal Vacuum Cyclone Component

The Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner isn’t only the best out there and the easiest to clean and maintain. The vacuum cleaner is specially designed for pet owners who have to deal with hair daily. However, as great as it is, even the great Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner isn’t immune to suction loss. At one point or the other, it’ll cave under the amount of dust and pet hair it has had to pick up.

When that happens, you need to clean its cyclone component and rid it of the strong smell of dust. When you bought the vacuum, it came with instructions on cleaning your Dyson Animal vacuum cyclone component. However, if you can’t find the instructions, below are steps on how to clean your Dyson animal vacuum cyclone component.

Step 1: Detach and Empty the Bin

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When cleaning the cyclone component, the first step is to remove the clear bin and cyclone component. You’re removing these components just as you would if emptying a canister vacuum of accumulated dirt. After removing both components, empty the bin and set it in a safe place away from the upper cyclone component. Be careful as you clean these parts because some parts of the vacuum system must not get wet.

Step 2: Rinse

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On the cyclone, components are small filtering holes likely filled with dirt. The next step is to take the cyclone component to a large sink and run lukewarm water over those holes. Ensure water gets to the entire grid; spin the unit to cover each selection of holes. Keep rinsing and spinning until the water coming from the holes runs clear; that means they are clean.

Step 3: Rinse the Main Hole

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Apart from the filtering holes, there is the main hole at the end of the cyclone component. So the next step on how to clean your Dyson animal vacuum cyclone component is cleaning the main hole. Simply pour or spray water into the main hole, rinse, and pour the water out; then repeat the cycle. As in the filtering holes, you’ll need to repeat this process a few times until the water runs clear.

Step 4: Check to be Sure

When you’re done with the first three steps, you’ll thoroughly check to ensure you got all dirt out. To do that, fill the unit halfway and cover the main hole of the cyclone component with one hand. Then, gently shake it to agitate the water inside, ensuring every last patch of dust or dirt leaves. Again, you’ll need to do this a few times until the water runs clear; ensure you pour out each round of water.

Step 5: Dry It

After cleaning the cyclone component, you should leave it to get dry before re-attaching it to the vacuum body. How you clean the cyclone component depends on the part you’re cleaning. You only need to sprinkle or spray water for some parts, while some require that you shake water in the cyclone. You can wash the cyclone component with only water and use soap to make it more effective.


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