How to Vacuum Stairs(Step by Step Guide!)

There is no doubt that vacuuming makes general cleaning easier, even when you’re only using traditional models. For instance, if you’re using robotic vacuum cleaners, you simply have to schedule the vacuuming session, and the robot cleans. Thus, whether you’re around or not, your robot vacuum gets cleaning done while you do other things. However, how you clean each room differs; you usually won’t vacuum your bedroom the way you vacuum your living room.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking for tips or a guide on vacuuming stairs. Unfortunately, vacuuming stairs, especially carpeted stairs, isn’t as straightforward as vacuuming a flat surface like the kitchen. This article thus serves as a guide to show you how to vacuum stairs effectively, ensuring every corner is covered.

Step 1: Choose the Right Vacuum

First, you want to choose a vacuum that allows you to vacuum stairs; not every vacuum cleaner is designed for such. Thus, start your journey of learning how to vacuum stairs by choosing the best type of vacuum cleaner. Ideally, a canister or detachable upright canister vacuum cleaner with attachments is excellent for vacuuming stairs. The hose on these types of vacuums and their attachments will aid in maneuvering tight corners and crevices.

To make the task even easier, we suggest choosing a cordless vacuum; this eliminates the risk of tripping over a cord. When you’ve got the vacuum, before cleaning, first empty and clean the dust bag/bin to make the vacuum lighter.

Step 2: Remove Obstacles

Once you’ve chosen the right type of vacuum that can efficiently clean stairs, you’re set for cleaning. Start by removing whatever errant or decorative items you’ve got lining your stairs to make the cleaning more seamless. The idea is to ensure you don’t try juggling your vacuum cleaner and other items while you’re perched on a stair. In addition, we recommend removing whatever may be an obstacle to the vacuum’s operation on the stairsteps before you start vacuuming.

Step 3: Dust First before Cleaning

Before vacuuming, get a duster and clear the dust on banisters, trim, and baseboards. Then, start vacuuming the stairs starting from the bottom steps to give you a firm foundation as you continue up. Furthermore, starting at the bottom gives you a good view of everything you’re working with, ensuring you have a good grip on the vacuum. Finally, starting from the bottom significantly reduces the risks of pulling the vacuum down onto yourself, especially if you’re using a corded vacuum.

Step 4: Detach the Stick

Detach the long stick part of the vacuum cleaner and use the crevice tool and main canister part first. This ensures you gain reasonable control of the vacuum to enter the nooks and crannies of the stairs. This way, the pet hair, dander, and crumbs lurking at the corners of the stairs won’t escape your vacuum cleaner. Next, use the crevice tool to run over the front rounded part of the step to eliminate lint and give it a nice, fluffy look.

Step 5: Switch Attachments

When you’re done with the corners, switch out your attachments; let the long detached stick with the mini motorized tool do the rest. Once again, start cleaning from the bottom of the stairs and work your way up to make your work easier and faster. Remember the riser part of the stairs; simply twist your wrist to flip the vacuum over. The motorized tool will rest on the stairstep's riser this way; vacuum the area with a few up and down motions.


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