How to Clean Shark/ Dyson/ Bissell/ Rainbow/ Miele Vacuums?

So, how to clean Shark/ Dyson/ Bissell/ Rainbow/ Miele vacuums? If you have one of these vacuums you must be wondering, your vacuum should be cleaning the house and not making it dirtier right? Why is your vacuum just plain refusing to suck the dirt tracked in by your dog? In a worst-case scenario, some of the vacuums would be blowing the dust back onto the flooring. You must be thinking, just take it out and empty it in the trash can. That might work in some cases, it is not going to clean the vacuum filter completely. Here is everything you need to know about how to clean Shark/ Dyson/ Bissell/ Rainbow/ Miele vacuums.

How to clean a Shark vacuum:

Shark has been around for many years. The company has introduced a crazy number of models in these years. But the basic parts of the vacuums are the same and they work similarly. Here are the steps to clean the Shark vacuum.

  1. Disassemble the vacuum: Disconnect the machine from the power and take it apart. do not remove wires and screws. Just take out the filter, dust canister, and handle hose.
  1. Watch out for obstructions and clear them out: Check out all the openings for hairballs, fuzz, and clinging dust. Remove all the obstructions by using a wooden screwer, a damp microfiber cloth, or just your hands.


  1. Empty the dirt canister and clean it: Open both ends of the canister on the trash can and dump all the stuff inside. Clean the dirt canister with warm soapy water. Use rags and brushes to get inside the canister.
  1. Clean the filter: Shark vacuums come with one or two foam, one HEPA, and a single felt filter. Rinse the HEPA, foam, and felt filters in clear and cool water.

  1. Clean the vacuum's rotating brush head: Place the vacuum on your floor to find the rotating brush. Place a towel or a bag below it for collecting all the dirt and debris. Clean everything you see wrapped around the brush.

  1. Cleaning the handle hose: Ensure that there are no electrical components in the hose. Remove all the grime and dust. Then take the hose to soapy water and then after soaking it clean it with clean water from a faucet.

  1. Reassemble: After the filters and handle hoses are dry reassemble them.


How to clean a Dyson vacuum:

You need to take the time out to clean your Dyson vacuum because failing to do so will affect its performance. Here is what you exactly need to do.

  1. Unplug the vacuum: Safety has to be paramount. So, ensure that you have unplugged the appliance.
  1. Clear out the canister: Remove the dust canister as usual and empty it. Do this outside, as most Dyson vacuums are bagless.
  1. Clean and wash the canister: Clean the canister insides by using a damp microfiber cloth. Do not use water or detergents.

  1. Remove the filter and wash it: As the canister is drying remove the vacuum filter. Take the filter out to remove all the dust. Fill it with warm water and shake it to provide a final rinse. Remove all the water and allow it to dry.

  1. Clean the brush roll: Untangle all the hair wrapped in the brush roll. You can use scissors for removing them.

  1. Check out the hose blockages: If the vacuum suddenly stops working you may have a blockage. You can remove the hose and use a mop handle for clearing the blockage within the hose.

  1. Clean all the attachments: Keep in mind to provide all the attachments a run over.
  1. Wipe the vacuum exteriors and leave things to dry: In the end wipe the exteriors and allow 24 hours for everything to dry before reassembling.

How to clean a Bissell vacuum:

In case your Bissell vacuum is throwing dirt across your rooms with each stroke you can rest assured that you need maintenance and not just emptying the dirt collecting container. Here are the steps.

  1. Find the right area for cleaning: Remove the vacuum from the power source. Select an open area either near a tabletop or on the floor to perform the cleaning.

  1. Collect cleaning items and tools: Getting the requisite tools and cleaning items near you makes the task simpler.
  1. Take apart the vacuum: Only remove those parts that are meant to be removed for cleaning such as filters, brush roll, and dirt collection container.
  1. Empty the dirt collecting container: There is a button at the top of the handle for removing the container. Empty it in the garbage bin and place it back in the machine.

  1. Wash the filters: Dirty filters affect the performance of all vacuums. It is simple to clean the filters as they are washable.
  1. Clean the rotating brush: Remove the brush roll bracket and pull out the brush. Use a cloth for cleaning it and replace it into place.

  1. Wipe the dust from exteriors: This is the last step of cleaning the vacuum. Use a damp cloth for cleaning the exteriors of the vacuum.

How to clean a Rainbow vacuum:

Most Rainbow vacuum models use a bowl of water rather than bags for dropping dirt. Even then some maintenance is required to ensure a long life for the vacuum. Here are the steps.

  1. Removing the water bowl trap: This can be done by undoing the vacuum buckles. You can use an old brush or toothbrush for removing the dirt from the edges.

  1. Removing the separator fan: The fan is removed from the assembly by unscrewing its retainer nut. 

  1. Put the fan into a sink: You can also use a faucet and rinse the fan assembly with warm water. Brush off all the debris and lint by using a cleaning brush that comes with the vacuum.

  1. Replace it: Seat your separator fan assembly into the receptacle and secure it by fastening its retainer nut. 
  1. Reconnecting the water bowl: You may re-join the water bowl to the vacuum and secure the buckles.

How to clean a Miele vacuum:

Miele makes a great range of home products including vacuum cleaners. There are many models available and the machine can be purchased from the internet, departmental or appliance stores. Cleaning the Miele vacuum regularly will ensure good performance from the machine and it will also extend the life of the vacuum.

  1. Unplug and turn off the machine: You always need to keep safety in mind and turn off the vacuum before performing the maintenance and cleaning tasks.
  1. Cleaning the dust compartment: Set the machine upright and open the dust compartment by lifting the release button. Remove the dust bag from the vacuum and discard the old one. Wipe the interiors of the dust compartment clean by using a dry cloth.

  1. Installing the new filter: Lift out the older filter by opening the filter frame. Put it into place gently. Make a connection between the nozzle, and the new dust bag. Now, unfold the dust bag. Now close the dust compartment.

  1. Cleaning the exhaust filter compartment: Now you many open the exhaust filter compartment available on the machine and pull up the filter frame. Lift the older filter by opening up the frame. Replace it with a new Super Air Clean filter. Now close the frame. Get the filter holder into position and close the exhaust filter compartment.

  1. Cleaning the exterior: Wipe away the vacuum exterior by using a damp and clean cloth.
  1. Turn it on: Now you can plug in the vacuum and turn it on. Press and hold the vacuum's "Reset" button till the change indicator lights are off. Now unplug the machine and turn off the vacuum to store it in a cool area.

Dyson vs. Shark vs. Roomba vs. Hoover vs. Bissell vs. Miele

One of the best cordless vacuums available is the Dyson V11 TORX drive. But if you are looking for a robot vacuum you can opt for Roomba S9. It comes with sensors that can digitally map the house. There is very little work required from your side for doing house cleaning, when you are using this Roomba machine. There are some other great Roomba models available as well such as Roomba E5 and Roomba 675 albeit they are not in the same league as the robot cleaner. One of the best machines for pet hair is Dyson Ball Animal 2. It comes with unbelievably strong suction. Dyson V11 is also a good alternative for pet hair. If you are looking for a portable and light machine for pet hair, go for Shark Pet Perfect 2. Dyson V10 is a great bet for hardwood flooring. If you are looking for great suction power on a lightweight machine, go for Miele Classic C1. It is the best canister vacuum out there.


So, we have seen how to clean Shark/Dyson/Bissell/ Rainbow/ Miele vacuum cleaners in this article. Do you know what is even less interesting that using the vacuums? It is cleaning them. However, it is an important thing to do and must be done every few months to effectively prevent the allergy and dust from sniffling into your home. How often should you clean it? It is a good idea to clean the vacuums after every 3 months. 

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