Best Shark Robot Vacuums! IQ, AV1010AE, AV970, UR1005AE, R100!2022 Reviews!

What is a Shark  IQ robot vacuum?

The Shark robot vacuums simplify your cleaning routine like no other vacuum. Although these machines cannot match the power of their upright counterparts, they are close. Their navigational skills are getting better as well. Gone are the days when the robot vacuums grasped at the walls and ran over the cables. These days some vacuums can identify fragile objects and they can also self-empty their dustbins. If you are using a Shark vacuum you can rest assured that the robot vacuum will pick up all the day-to-day debris including the feared pet hair with a single pass. It can cover the entire flooring effectively while mapping out the house also.

It will not miss out on any key areas on the way. You can set it up quickly and program it intuitively with useful settings for room-specific cleaning and no-go areas. Some of the Shark robot vacuums come with terrific features such as emptying bases and live streaming. Even though it is worth flagging, you are not going to need the functions for getting a good performer. However, when you are buying your first robot vacuum, it can be pretty intimidating. There are several brands out there with countless models that all appear familiar.








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Pet hair cleaning








1. Shark IQ Robot Vacuum with XL Empty Base for Pet Hair Review:

The Shark IQ Robot vacuum is a terrific alternative for those looking to get a deep clean by using a robot vacuum. The machine can be programmed to map any room with a complete cleaning. The Shark IQ uses a row-by-row cleaning method rather than a zig-zag pattern for making sure that, all sections of your flooring are cleaned properly. The machine is exceptional for picking up pet hair and comes with a self-cleaning feature for its rollers to keep it working at its peak. As the vacuum returns to the base, it will self-empty the bigger bin. Therefore, there is no need to stop and empty the vacuum before every use and operation. 

The machine operates by using a voice command via the home assistant or a phone app. You can place the charging unit, near the wall. This allows the unit to enter the charging and disposal areas, and make secure connections. You can empty the bin every month or less depending on the number of debris collected in it.

2. Shark IQ AV1010AE Review:

The Shark IQ AV 1010AE vacuum provides the users with ten different functions that allow them to clean up any kind of a mess. The vacuum comes with a top-quality HEPA filter and anti-allergen technology that ensure that the machine will not be responsible for triggering asthma and allergies. It has a retractable cord that is suitable for tight spaces and it comes with a lightweight design allowing you to move around the house without straining yourself. The machine has a powerful motor and it can be used for all kinds of hard floors and carpets. 

There is a dustbin available with a capacity of 0.35 liters. It means the machine can be used for an extended period without stopping to empty it. You also get several accessories with the vacuum such as a dusting brush and crevice tools and there is no need to buy replacement bags. The IQ AV1010AE has a powerful suction that works well with both carpets and hard flooring. The vacuum can be used with or without motorized brushes depending on the requirements of cleaning. You also get a crevice tool with the vacuum, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush, and a cord wrap system for simple storage. The vacuum is portable and lightweight. It is possible to take it anywhere you wish.

3. Shark IQ AV970 Review:

The IQ Robot AC970 is a robot vacuum from Shark with Wi-Fi connectivity. There is a convenience offered by the machine, for intuitive cleaning. You can manage several rooms with it. This machine is popular among people that do not wish to clean the same spots incessantly. As the vacuum cleans row-wise, cleaning the floors is organized and detail-oriented. You can also recharge the product easily. The vacuum just goes back to the dock for doing it. After the recharging, the machine can continue the cleaning work as usual. 

The amazing suction offered by the vacuum is its distinguishing feature and it can clean debris from all size categories. The high-efficiency filter offered by the machine provides the capability to retrieve pet allergens, dust, and dander. You will find in the different reviews that the customers are praising the vacuum because it does not get caught up in the miscellaneous items lying around in the rooms. People are happy with the way the vacuum extracts the remnants of remaining dust from the rooms.

4. Shark IQ Robot UR1005AE Review:

If you are using the UR1005AE vacuum you can give up thinking about vacuuming for almost a month by using a bagless and washable self-emptying base. The vacuum comes with deep cleaning power for taking on small and large debris, with pet hair from several surfaces. You can get an unbeatable suction, compared to any other Shark robot vacuums. This vacuum will clean all the rooms row by row, and then move on to the next room. It can capture and trap 99% of dander, dust, and pet allergens. This Shark IQ robot vacuum cleans the house intelligently room by room and row by row. 

After every cleaning session, the robot vacuum automatically empties its dust bin into a bagless base. This base can hold the debris for almost a month. The vacuum does not need Wi-Fi connectivity for running. But if you are looking to take advantage of the voice control and smart app you are going to need a Wi-Fi connection. It is possible to schedule a whole-house cleaning with Amazon Alexa and SharkClean app. There are dual spinning side brushes available that can pull the debris in from all the edges and corners. The vacuum is covered under Sam's Club Member Satisfaction guarantee scheme.

  1. Shark IQ Robot Vacuum R100 Review:

The Shark R100 vacuum is powered by IQ Navigation. It can map your entire house and, in the process, allowing you to choose the rooms for cleaning immediately by using the SharkClean app. The vacuum cleans the rooms row by row methodically and can provide coverage for the whole house. It comes with powerful suction and self-cleaning brush rolls and has none of the hair wraps. You can provide your house with a look of continuously clean floors and carpets. 

The R100 provides everything from wet mopping to powerful vacuuming. You can clean multi-room homes and studio apartments with this vacuum. The top-quality suction from R100 can pick up all the debris from the floors and carpets with consummate ease. The vacuum empties the dust bin automatically into a base but with a hands-free experience. It comes with a versatile robot that vacuums powerfully and also wet mops the hard floors. It can dry vacuum the flooring and carpets as well.

6. Video of Shark robot Vacuum Cleaner Review:

FAQs about Shark IQ Robot vacuum:

Does a Shark IQ Robot vacuum empty itself?

    You can recharge and resume with the Shark robot vacuums. The robot vacuum will come back to the dock, recharge itself, and continue from where it left off. The Shark robot vacuums are perfect for pet hair. The vacuums are designed for houses with pets. The automatic robot vacuum comes with a self-emptying base, and a self-cleaning brush roll. You can also get a high-efficiency filter for capturing the dander, dust, and pet allergens.

    How is a Shark IQ Robot vacuum with pet hair?

      Picking up pieces of your pet's hair or huge volumes of it is all in the day's work for a Shark robot vacuum. If you are using a smaller vacuum, you will find that they are not capable of doing this task proficiently. If you tested the Shark robot vacuums you will find that they are very good at picking dog hair from your carpet.

      Can the Shark IQ Robot vacuum cleaners vacuum and mop at the same time?

        Some models of Shark robot vacuums also offer a mop combo with them. The combination means powerful suction, a pad-release button, and a spray-mopping system with the vacuum. You can get a no-touch and easy disposal of dirty cleaning pads as you are tackling both dry debris and wet mess at the same time on the hard flooring.

        Do Shark IQ Robot vacuums work well on hardwood floors?

          The question is, do the Shark robot vacuums cause damage to the hardwood flooring while cleaning. The answer is no. These robot vacuums will not damage or scratch your hardwood flooring. All Shark robot vacuums are created with rubbery wheels and soft brushes that are safe for several surfaces such as hardwood ones. They can pull out the dirt without having to gnaw at the hardwood floors. The robot vacuums are deliberately designed for working with hardwood floors without damaging them.

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