Best Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaners! Are They Worth the Price? [r7040 VS r9000...]

What is a Samsung robot vacuum?

A Samsung robot vacuum cleaner is a terrific addition to your home. It will provide more to enjoy things that you like most. Unless, of course, you like to do the vacuuming. These Samsung robot vacuums are compact and they do not account for a lot of space within your home. These vacuums are a terrific addition to the cleaning arsenal of your home. Some of the models might not be advanced enough to take the place of your trusted uprights or cylinder vacuums but you can rest assured that it will not be too long before they find a replacement.

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of robot vacuums in the world. They have models that vary between $300 to $900. Although the cost will be prohibitive for several people, keep in mind that these vacuums cannot replace the conventional vacuum completely. But the Samsung vacuums have the potential to grow in their technical sophistication with time. Keep in mind the time-saving the robot vacuums bring to your life. Time is like money as the saying goes. It is possible to set up the Samsung robot vacuum to clean the house each day of the week if you wish. They will go about their business swiftly and save a lot of hard work for you.


JetBot VR30T80313W

JetBot+ VR30T85513W

VR30T80313W Jet Bot 80

PowerBot R7010


Dust capacity

Set 0.4L

Set 0.3L/Station 2.5L

Set 0.3L/Station 2.5L



LiDAR mapping






Cleaning speed

30 cm/s

30 cm/s

30 cm/s

12.6 cm/s

0.32 m/s

1.Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

Samsung Electronics R7040 Robot Vacuum is Ideal for Carpets, Hard Floors, and Pet Hair.  It has 3510Pa Absorption capacity,Can easily get the floor clean.

2.Samsung Powerbot R9000 Robot Vacuum

 10x more suction power Can made the R9000 Robot Vacuum easily get floors clean. This robotic vacuum is better than any other brands.

3.Samsung JetBot VR30T80313W Robot Vacuum Cleaners review:

This Samsung Jetbot robot vacuum can clean your house quite efficiently and thoroughly. This is because it can calculate its location properly and can optimize the path accordingly. It comes with LiDAR sensors that will scan the room to be cleaned to decide an optimal cleaning path. This allows the vacuum to cover more areas of your house. You can get an intelligent power control with the vacuum that identifies the kind of surface it is working on. So, it adjusts the suction power to provide an optimized cleaning. There is a high-efficiency brush available.

It can clean both carpets and hard floors with greater precision and lesser tangling. You can use the SmartThings app to schedule the cleaning remotely for selected rooms or set certain no-go areas. You may keep track of the cleaning status to check where the vacuum is performing its cleaning in real-time. It is simple to empty the dustbin and it is also easily washable. you can maintain the dustbin clean hygienically and empty the robot vacuum with ease.

4.Samsung JetBot+ VR30T85513W Robot Vacuum Cleaners review:

There is a built-in clean station available with this vacuum that empties the dustbin as the Jet Bot returns to the docking area automatically. It uses air pulse technology for capturing almost 100% of the fine dust lying around in the house. There are LiDAR sensors on the machine that scan the room for an optimal cleaning path. It helps in covering most of your house. You can monitor and control your robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere at any time, thanks basically to the upgraded Wi-Fi technology. 

You get an intelligent power control with the machine that identifies the kind of surface that needs cleaning and can adjust the suction power for optimal cleaning. For instance, the vacuum can generate greater suction power if it is required to move from hard floors to the carpets for removing the embedded dust, from the fibers. You may select where the Jet Bot should perform cleaning and where it should not from your mobile device. You can develop no-go areas or virtual walls. The Samsung robot vacuums will stay away from these areas. There are advanced technologies available with the robot vacuum that allow you to clean your house more effectively such as a digital inverter motor for maximizing the suction power.

5.Samsung VR30T80313W Jet Bot 80 Robot Vacuum Cleaners review:

 This robot vacuum calculates the location properly and cleans the house thoroughly and efficiently by optimizing the path. A LiDAR sensor will accurately track the location of the Jet Bot by scanning the rooms for gathering distance info. This allows you to move around the house efficiently and cover more areas of your house. There are advanced technologies available with the machine such as digital inverter motor for improving the suctions power. You can also get an efficient brush for cleaning all kinds of flooring including hardwood and carpets by avoiding all the tangling. 

The intelligent power control available with the Jet Bot can identify the type of surface it is looking to clean and the quantity of dust on it. It automatically adjusts the suction power for cleaning the debris effectively. It is possible to maintain the dustbin with hygienic cleaning and it is simple to empty the dustbin. The 0.4L dustbin is entirely washable. You can monitor and control the Jet Bot at any time with the upgraded Wi-Fi control available with the vacuum. You can use the SmartThings App for scheduling the cleaning remotely and setting virtual no-go zones. You can save time and increase efficiency by selecting the particular areas for cleaning by using Select and Go. The vacuum can identify the rooms that are selected for cleaning.

6.Samsung PowerBot R7010 Robot Vacuum Cleaners review:

The Samsung PowerBot R7010 is for people that are looking for an entry-level, no-frills robot vacuum. When you do not want any hassles and are looking for phone apps and wireless communication this is the right choice for you. When you just need to get the floors cleaned regularly and do not wish to get involved in time-consuming setup or schedule making, R7010 will be the right choice. The navigation and mapping of the robot vacuum are excellent but it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of carpets. There is greater maintenance involved with the vacuum than in other similar models but it is an inexpensive machine and a top choice for entry-level robot vacuums. 

Set up for the robot vacuum has never been easier as there are no complex controls that will get in the way of the easy cleaning cycle. Although there is no remote control available with the vacuum and there is no real programming, you will get just 3 buttons that will tell the vacuum when to start and when to end. But the robot vacuum will make its way across the house with little trouble. The cameras and sensors will work well just so long as they are being used on the hardwood flooring.

7.Samsung VR7000 Robot Vacuum Cleaners review:

The VR7000 vacuum cleaner from Samsung is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners you can hope to get. Although the machine comes with a fairly higher price tag, it is worth every penny, as it is extremely good at performing your home cleaning. If the robot vacuum is used together with a compatible app, remote control, and other voice-control capabilities the machine is easy to use and pretty flexible. You will find that the machine rarely gets stuck or has any issues while navigating through the house. 

It will manage the everyday cleaning cycles with relative ease. But it is one of the noisiest robot vacuum cleaners that was tested. However, that is only to be expected for a machine that has such great suction power. You can also set the machine to run on one of the three power levels when you are not in the house. This robot vacuum is truly one of the best suckers out there. There is a unique point cleaning mode available and it comes with a flat front allowing great edge cleaning. There is a self-cleaning brush available with the vacuum.

Video of Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review:

FAQs about Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaners:

  1. Do Samsung robot vacuums empty themselves?

Most of the Samsung self-emptying robot vacuums empty their dustbins automatically after returning to their docking bases after they have finished the cleaning. Most Samsung robot vacuums come with large dustbins that can last for more than 30 or 60 days. Therefore, you will have to empty the tank after every month or so.

  1. What does a Samsung robot vacuum do with pet hair?

Samsung robot vacuums are the best ones for pet hair. Some of the higher-end models do a terrific job in dealing with pet hair from both high and low-pile carpets. This is not to mention the bare surfaces out there. A lot of these robot vacuums come with HEPA filters for helping them in trapping finer allergens as they complete cleaning.

  1. Do Samsung robot vacuums work well on hardwood floors?

The Samsung robot vacuums are always well suited for hardwood floors. This is because the even and bare surfaces are simple to manoeuvre. These surfaces have little small crevices that allow the dirt and debris to get collected.

  1. Can I use a Samsung robot vacuum on different floors?

Most Samsung robot vacuums work by feeling each time they adapt to the changes in furniture and other such objects. Therefore, there will not be any problems while changing the floors. But it is a good idea to relocate the Samsung robot vacuum with its docking station when you are changing the type of flooring. The unit has to start from a docking station. So, it must have an area where it can return to.

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