Eureka Airspeed 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum Reviews and Manual: Eureka Airspeed 2 in 1 AS102A Stick Vacuum, Eureka Airspeed 2 in 1 AS100B Stick Vacuum

The Eureka Airspeed 2 in 1 is the first stick vacuum from the Airspeed series with Airspeed technology. The vacuum cleaner is small and lightweight making it easy to push around. It also makes cleaning the house quick and requires minimal effort.

Its Airspeed technology also grants it good suction power. The vacuum system has also been designed to allow air to move through the vacuum quickly and efficiently, making sure the suction power doesn’t decrease even when the dirt bin starts filling up.

The Eureka Airspeed 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum is a great versatile tool, making you feel like you’re using three vacuums in one with its onboard crevice tool.

Features of the vacuum;

-          It is lightweight

-          Can be converted to a handheld vacuum

-          Comes with a 2-, 3-, and 5-year warranty

This vacuum has two models;

Eureka Airspeed 2-in-1 AS102A Stick Vacuum


The vacuum has a modern, lightweight 3.6 pounds design making it portable and easily able to clean areas where other vacuums cannot reach. It features a removable handle that converts the unit to a handheld vacuum that’s suitable for eliminating dirt anywhere including your home and car.

With the 16-foot cord and a 10-inch cleaning path, it will allow you to clean up larger stains and clumps of dirt a lot quicker. Also, the length allows you to carry it in your home without hassle.

With the presence of a removable floor nozzle, it’s able to reach the corners of your home effortlessly. The onboard crevice tool also allows effective cleaning of the upholstery, furniture and crevices.

The vacuum cleaner has a dust cup that is easy to empty after collecting all the dirt and debris in your home.

The 2in1 stick vacuum is designed to clean bare floors and other home surfaces which include, upholstery, pet bedding and drapes areas. You can even use the vacuum cleaner to clean inside your car.


-          Lightweight. It weighs 3.6 pounds keeping you from suffering fatigue. You can carry it up and down the stairs

-          Filter is washable and reusable, preventing waste thus saving you money in the process.

-          The foot cord is long enough allowing you to clean up a little faster.

-          The dust cup is easy to remove and clean

-          Has a slim profile that allows easy storage enabling you to clean messes of all kinds quickly.

-          Has an airspeed technology that allows it to move more air and more debris for deeper cleaning on the floors.

-          It is great for cleaning under low furniture.


-          It has a small dust cup capacity that fills up fast when cleaning which means you would need to empty the cup frequently

-          The long power cord is tiresome for small areas and during quick clean-ups.

-          The vacuum cleaner has a loud sound which can be irritating





AS102 A 2-in-1


1.25 amps

Recommended surfaces

Hardwood, tile, and stone



Cord length


Cleaning path length

10 in.

Cleaner dimensions

10 x 5.5 x 42 in


Who should buy Eureka Airspeed 2in1 AS102A Stick Vacuum?

This vacuum is easy to use due to its easy maneuvaribility and flexibility. It is suitable for people who oo not have too large of a space and mostly do quick clean-ups. It is also fit for those looking for a long-corded vacuum to clean along the stairs.

Reviews for AS102A Eureka Airspeed 2in1 Stick Vacuum

“The vacuum is lightweight, but strong enough to pick up pet hair, dust and dirt. Has a long cord and you don’t have to move the vacuum from plug to plug. It is easy to empty dirt into trash. It is convertible to hand-held vacuum. I love it and can’t believe I spend very little”.

“This is one of the sticks I have used so far. Though not made for deep cleaning carpets, it does well on my hardwood and rugs. The suction is consistent and clean up very well”.

“The vacuum is good for quick cleanups. However, it has a loud sound that is irritating and the filters get filled very fast”

Eureka AS100B 2in1 Airspeed Stick Vacuum


This vacuum cleaner creates suction. It uses airspeed technology to move air and remove dirt for superior cleaning on bare floors. It also has an efficient air path which allows more air into the vacuum leading to a great suction for better cleaning on your floors.

This Eureka 2in1 Airspeed stick vacuum cleaner is great for picking dirt on areas that are hard to get into like under the furniture.

It has a nozzle that is engineered to suck up dust and dirt under the furniture. The vacuum cord is 16 ft. and has a cleaning path of 10 inches.

It has a washable filter that can be reused. Also, there is a crevice tool that helps in the effective cleaning of your bare floors.

The vacuum cleaner is used to clean bare floors in small areas. Places that do not require deep cleaning but only to remove dust and debris are well-cleaned by this vacuum.


-          Has an airspeed technology that allows more air into the vacuum to enhance a deeper cleaning activity.

-          It is light and thus easy to carry around your home when cleaning

-          It is convertible to a hand-held unit since it has a removable handle.

-          It is a 2-in-1 stick.

-          With the washable filter, you can recycle it

-          It cleans even around the corners and areas that are hard to reach with other vacuum cleaners.


-          Not the best for cleaning large spaces in your home

-          It has a relatively small dirt cup and you have to empty it more often.

-          When in use, you must plug it on








1.25 amps

Recommended surfaces

bare floor


3.6 lbs.

Shipping weight

4.0 lbs.


Who should Buy the Eureka AS100B Airspeed Stick Vacuum

If you need a lightweight vacuum which will not be cumbersome to use while cleaning, this type of vacuum will be great for you. When your furniture is too low, the vacuum will do a lot of justice. Also, if you own a pet, cleaning its dirt and fur is more comfortable with this 2in1 vacuum cleaner

Review of Eureka AS100B Airspeed Stick Vacuum

“I choose to buy a lightweight vacuum cleaner for cleaning my bare floor instead of lugging the heavy ones down the stairs. Cleaning was taking too long but now it’s a matter of minutes”.

“I would recommend this for small areas. It's small enough to fit in a small space but strong enough to collect debris and dirt on the floor. I bought it for my kid while joining school and with the small room, the vacuum cleaner fits well’.

Comparison chart






Copper Metallic


5.5*10*44 inches

5.5*10*42 inches

Recommended surface

multi surface

bare floor




Frequently Asked Questions

Are filters washable and how often should they be washed?

The vacuum filters are washable, and you can also recycle them. We recommend cleaning them frequently.

To do that, here are the steps you can take:

  • First, remove the filter cover, lift the foam filter and filter the screen.
  • Then shake off the dust.
  • Rinse the foam, screen filter and dust cup.
  • After drying them, you can then return the filters and dust cup.

How do you empty the dust cup?

The dust cup should be emptied after every use. First, unplug the unit then push the button and pull out the dust cup. To release the bottom lid, press the lever. Return the dust cup by putting it directly into the vacuum cleaner.

What should I do when a vacuum fails to clean the carpet or bare floor?

Start by turning the path air sector handle. Empty the dust cup and clean or change the filters. To maintain suction, clean or replace the vacuum filters regularly. For the bare floors, turn off the brush roll by stepping on the pedals. For the carpet, turn on the brush roll and lower the handle into position to allow vacuuming.

What’s the cheapest Eureka Airspeed 2in1 Stick Vacuum?

Both Eureka Airspeed 2 in 1 stick vacuum models are generally cheap. However, the AS102A model is cheaper than the AS100B model. Since they have almost similar functions, buy the one that is within your budget.

Which is the right Eureka Airspeed 2 in 1 stick Vacuum for you?

This will be determined by your specific cleaning needs. Take your time and understand your vacuuming needs to enable you to establish which model will suit you best. Consider your planned budget and choose the model within the range.

How do I know the model of my Eureka Airspeed 2 in 1 Stick vacuum?

The model number is located at the bottom or back of the vacuum cleaner. The number is on a metallic silver plate.

Why is my Eureka Vacuum cleaner too hard to push?

One of the common reasons is a jammed rotator brush. This happens when the brush stops rotating due to stuck fiber on it. Tilt it back and check on the moving brush as the vacuum runs. If the brush is not turning, you will have to get a new brush belt.

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