Hoover Backpack Vacuum: Complete Review of Hoover Commercial C2401 6.4 qt. Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

What is Hoover Backpack Vacuum?

The Hoover Backpack Vacuum is the best cleaning solution for large areas or places where upright or canister vacuums wouldn’t be able to do the job. This is one of the lightest models out there, weighing only 9.2 pounds, making it easy to carry around when performing cleaning tasks without having to worry about fatigue or injuries.

It’s designed for ergonomic use and comes with a harness, including a sternum clip for securing the shoulder straps. It also has a 48-feet quick disconnect cord that still lets you move freely and can be replaced easily when needed.

The container of the Hoover Backpack Vacuum has a clear dome lid so it’s easier to see what’s inside the canister. This also lets you easily determine if the bag needs to be changed or if the vacuum needs to be emptied. You can use a disposable type BP bag or a shake-out cloth liner for this model.

With its HEPA air filter and Hypercone cartridge filter, the vacuum has high-quality filtration while still being able to maintain consistent air movement throughout the task.

The Hoover Backpack Vacuum also has a 17-inch crevice tool that lets you reach and easily clean the tighter areas.

Pros and Cons

Here are the different advantages and disadvantages of the Hoover Backpack Vacuum.


  • Chiropractor-designed harness that lessens the risk of fatigue and reduces back strain
  • Suction power is consistent and strong
  • Inexpensive vacuum with a HEPA filter


  • HEPA filters can end up building up, reducing their effectiveness
  • Uses vacuum bags


Cord Length

48 feet

Hose Length

52 inches

Handle Length

57 inches

Hose Diameter

1 ½ inch


8.5 A


1,000 W


120 V

Airflow Rating

120 CFM


HEPA Filtration


6.4 qt.

Power Type


Noise Level

66 dB

Static Lift

120 inches


Who should buy Hoover Backpack Vacuum?

The Hoover Backpack Vacuum is ideal for people who need a HEPA vacuum and aren’t willing to shell out too much money. It’s also perfect for those who regularly clean offices, conference rooms and other large areas.

With its 48-foot cord, you can perform your cleaning tasks using only a single wall outlet. Not to mention, its lightweight design and ergonomic harness make it comfortable even for prolonged use. This allows you to finish your tasks quickly and efficiently, without putting too much strain on your body.

Review of Hoover Backpack Vacuum

When compared to another backpack vacuum model, the 1000 watts of power that the Hoover Backpack Vacuum has might seem considerably lacking. However, Hoover is able to make up for this with its cartridge filter that allows for consistent airflow without sacrificing suction power. This is something that you won’t see in other vacuum models.

The Hoover Backpack Vacuum also has newer features that allow for better efficiency of the model. This includes a long cord that’s 48 feet long and comes with a power cord that allows you to cover a larger area without having to worry about constantly switching outlets.

It also has the HEPA filtration system, which is a combination of HEPA media and hypercone filter for picking up smaller particles as small as 0.3 microns.

You won’t have to worry too much about the maintenance of the Hoover Backpack Vacuum which is mostly due to the fact that it uses bags. These bags are able to carry about 1.6 gallons of debris.

The only maintenance you will be doing for the Hoover Backpack Vacuum is making sure its filters are regularly replaced whenever they start building up with debris.

This vacuum is also incredibly durable, compared to other vacuum models. Its ergonomic harness greatly complements its own lightweight design. Not only is it extremely efficient, but it also helps reduce any fatigue that you might be feeling.

The Hoover Vacuum Backpack is ideal for not just commercial use, but for personal use too. Its consistent power and additional features that they added to make the vacuum even more efficient to use make it a worthy purchase.

Comparison Chart


Hoover Commercial C2401

ProVac FS Backpack Vacuum

Koblenz Backpack Vacuum Cleaner BP-1400

Ergo Backpack HEPA Vacuum


1,000 W

1,108 W

1,400 W

1,400 W







120 CFM

153 CFM

120 CFM

106 CFM

Hose Diameter






9.2 lbs.

11.8 lbs.

16.1 lbs.

19 lbs.


66 dB

69.7 dB

70 dB

72 dB


6.4 qt.

6 qt.

6 qt.

8 qt.


Questions about Hoover Backpack Vacuum

Can the Hoover Backpack Vacuum be used on carpets?

Yes, in fact, this unit was designed to be used on commercial level-loop carpets.

What is the difference between the Hoover C2401 and the Hoover C2410-010?

The manufacturer themselves stated that the main difference between both models is the specific attachments each one has. The C2401 model has a 1.5-inch diameter hose and also comes with a tool kit that contains wider floor tools compared to the C2410-010.

The larger hose’s diameter can help to prevent clogging. Not to mention, it has ‘S-shaped’ wands that easily let you sweep from side to side and clean larger areas soon after.

Can this unit pick up bits of sand without damaging it?

It’s highly possible, considering how powerful the suction power of this vacuum is. It can also pick up all types of debris and dirt, regardless of size.

Does the vacuum come with a reusable bag?

Yes, the bag can be emptied for reuse. It’s also best to wash it at least once a month. The filters should also be cleaned regularly.

Would this unit be good for cleaning the inside of a car?

It’s not advisable. Since the car is a small space, having the Hoover vacuum strapped to your bag can put it at risk of accidentally banging into a door frame or a window. You can use other portable vacuums for cleaning your car, but the Hoover Backpack Vacuum is best used for more open areas.

Can this vacuum be used on ashes and dry wall dust?

Although the vacuum has three different filters, it’s unadvisable to use for ash and dry wall application.

Does the unit have a warranty?

Yes, the unit comes with a two-year limited warranty.

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