Best Proteam upright vacuum cleaners for tile/vinyl/carpet floors (2022 review & comparison)

What is Proteam ProForce 1500XP vacuum cleaner?

Proteam ProForce 1500XP is an upright vacuum cleaner developed by Proteam, a leading manufacturer of some of the best cleaners in the market. The company not only manufactures vacuum cleaners but also filters and vacuum cleaning tools and parts.

The Proteam ProForce 1500XP comes with exceptional suction power, enabling you to remove stubborn stains, dirt, and allergens. With a highly effective HEPA filtration system, you can be sure the vacuum cleaner will leave the air healthy and clean.

 Besides, thanks to its unique design, you can clean corners with ease. In this article, we will look at some of its features, functionality, and other aspects. We will also see how it stacks up from its competitors.


The Proteam ProForce 1500XP vacuum cleaner comes in a rather bulky design, weighing at about 18 pounds. This is bulky for most homeowners, hence making it difficult for you to move with it from floor to floor. It is also huge, measuring 7.875 x 15 x 48”. As such, you need a dedicated areas to store this vacuum cleaner.

However, the Proteam upright vacuum comes in an elegant design, having shades of white, black, and yellow. This significantly improves its aesthetic aspect, making it appealing to the eye. You also get a comfortable handle, thanks to the padded construction.

This makes cleaning easy and comfortable. Besides, there’ll be less slippage when using it. As you’d expect, the Proteam upright vacuum has a modular design. This allows you to remove the dust cup easily, not to mention removing and replacing parts.


This Proteam upright vacuums comes with features that make every day cleaning hassle free. It has a powerful suction with an airflow of 96CFM. As such, it can remove stubborn stains such as soil, leaving your house extra-clean. And thanks to the robust dual motor system, you’ll have strong suction power while enjoying the benefits of a robust brush roller.

Another fantastic feature is the 50-foot long cord. This cord allows you to clean large spaces without having to connect to different outlets. In fact, if you are using it in a small space, you won’t need to use an extra power source.

Thanks to the integrated hose, you can clean high up places with ease. And since the hose measures 7-feet, removing cobwebs and accumulated dust on your ceiling will be an easy task. With a cleaning path of 15” you can be sure to clean expansive spaces with one pass.

To enable seamless movement, it has large rubber wheels that move on bare and carpet floors. As you’d expect, the dust cup is large, having a maximum capacity of 3.08 liters. This is enough to allow you clean your living room before emptying it.

You also get an efficient filtration system, which comes with a HEPA filter. As such, the quality of the indoor air is improved significantly. The Proteam ProForce 1500XP vacuum cleaner has an L-shaped floor head that allows you to clean corners and hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Moreover, it has a low profile, enabling you to clean under furniture hassle free. The upright vacuum cleaner also comes with a 3-way power switch, allowing you to increase or decrease suction power depending on the surface you are cleaning.

Why choose the Proteam ProForce 1500XP vacuum?

So, why should you consider using this Proteam upright vacuum for your cleaning needs? Let’s find out.

  • Easy to use

Like other upright vacuum cleaners, it comes in a minimalist design, doing away with much of the clutter such as many buttons. Besides, all you need to do is switch it on and you are good to go. Maneuvering is also seamless, thanks to the large rubber wheels.

  • Extra-large vacuum head

Another reason to use the ProForce 1500XP vacuum cleaner is its large floor head. This allows you to clean wide spaces with a few passes. This Proteam upright vacuum has a 15” cleaning path.

  • Easy to empty

Well, emptying the dust cup is as easy as pressing the release latches and you are good to go.

  • Deep cleaning ability

Unlike most of its competitors, the upright vacuum cleaner has deep cleaning ability. This enables it to pick ups debris lodged in your carpet with ease.

Proteam upright vacuums compared


ProForce 1500XP

ProForce 1200XP

ProGen 12 Upright Vacuum


18 pounds

17 pounds

17 pounds





Noise level





3 liters

3.6 liters

3.6 liters


4.7 pounds

2.7 pounds

2.7 pounds

Power cord

50 foot

40 foot


Filtration system

4-level filtration system

3-level filtration system

3-level filtration system


7.875 x 15 x 48”

13 x 12 x 47”

13 x 12 x 47”


Check price

Check price

Check price

Review of Proteam ProForce 1500XP vacuum


  • Easy to use
  • Relatively quiet
  • Deep cleaning capability
  • Ideal for different floors
  • Wide floor head


  • Assembling it is a daunting task

Key features of Proteam ProForce 1500XP vacuum

  • Four-level filtration system

The Protean upright vacuum cleaner comes with a 4-level filtration system. This enables it to capture not only large and small debris but also micro particles thanks to the integrated HEPA filter. The best part? You get two HEPA filters

  • Dual motor system

To ensure you don’t lose suction power, the vacuum cleaner presents you with a dual motor system. This ensures your brush roller works exceptionally well while offering unmatched suction power.

  • Long cord

The long cord allows you to clean wide spaces with ease. with it, you can clean spaces 50ft from the power outlet.

  • 67dBA noise level

The Proteam ProForce 1500XP vacuum has low noise levels, measuring 67dBA, this is silent compared to other upright vacuum cleaners.

Benefits of Proteam ProForce 1500XP vacuum cleaner

  • Easy to use: It does not come with complicated buttons and manual.
  • Deep cleaning: You can clean low-profile and high-profile carpets with ease.
  • Easy to maneuver: It is extremely easy to maneuver thanks to the rubber wheels.
  • Powerful suction: With and airflow of 96CFM, it captures just about any debris.

Cleaning performance

Well, the Proteam ProForce 1500XP vacuum cleaner is not only versatile but also practical. In that, you can use it to clean different surfaces such as carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles. Thanks to the robust suction power, it can pick up small and large debris with ease. The brush roller also enables it to capture pet and human hair with ease.

While it has a powerful dual motor system, it is quiet compared to its competitors. On max power, it registers noise levels of 67dBA. This is ideal for people with kids and pets. The HEPA filter ensures pollen, allergens, and other micro particles are captured as needed.

Review of Proteam Proforce 1200XP vacuum cleaner


  • Certified
  • An efficient filtration system
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant design


  • Struggles to pick up large debris on carpets

Key features of Proteam Proforce 1200XP vacuum cleaner

  • Three-level filtration system

This ensures it captures debris, allergens, and pollen with ease.

  • Large rubber wheels

They enable you to maneuver the vacuum cleaner across different floor types.

  • Washable filters

You can clean the filters, allowing you to use them for extended periods.

  • Specialty tools

You get a crevice tool, hose, and other tools so you can clean different surfaces.

Benefits of Proteam Proforce 1200XP vacuum cleaner

  • Easy to use: Like other Proteam vacuum cleaners, it is easy to use on different floors.
  • Robust suction power: The 100CFM airflow enables it to pick up large and small debris.
  • Maneuverability: Thanks to the large rubber wheels and L-shaped floor head, you can clean hard to reach areas with ease.
  • Large capacity: The 3.6 liter dust cup can hold extra dirt and dust.

Cleaning performance

The Proteam Proforce 1200XP vacuum cleaner has robust suction power ideal for small and large pick ups. However, it is lacking in capturing large debris on high and low profile carpets. You’ll also enjoy how quiet it is when using it. Picking up pet and human hair is also easy with the vacuum cleaner.

Review of Progen 12 vacuum cleaner


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Certified
  • Powerful suction


  • Small cleaning path

Key features of Progen 12 vacuum cleaner

  • HEPA filter: It comes with a HEPA filter for capturing fine dust and dirt.
  • Rubberized wheels: The wheels allow you to maneuver the vacuum easily.
  • Ergonomic: Ensures you are comfortable when using the vacuum cleaner.
  • Dashboard: Allows you to keep track of the vacuum status.

Benefits of Progen 12 vacuum cleaner

  • Easy to use: The vacuum is beginner friendly.
  • Monitoring: You can monitor the state of the upright vacuum cleaner.
  • 3-year warranty: Comes with a prolonged warranty for peace of mind.

Cleaning performance

As you’d expect, you can use the vacuum cleaner on all surfaces. It is also ideal for picking up debris and fine dust. With a cleaning path of 12”, you can clean small spaces with ease. The best part, it is quiet with noise rating of 60dB.

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