LG cordzero vacuum compare & reviews: LG cordzero kompressor, LG cordzero A9 kompressor, LG cordzero thinQ robotic vacuum

LG cordzero vacuum is a series of elegant cleaners from the LG brand. They are best suited for people looking for practical cordless and robot vacuum cleaners. The cordless models are equipped with a long wand so you can use them for above the floor cleaning.

On the other hand, robot vacuums come with top-notch technology, making unmanned cleaning seamless. The cordless vacuum cleaners are equipped with a long lasting battery, with a runtime of up to 60 minutes. You also get a large collection bag, so you can clean more with less worry of emptying.

Besides, the 5-step filtration system captures dirt, allergens, and micro particles. You’ll also enjoy the powerful suction they come with. Whether you want to clean your carpet or bare floor, the LG cordzero stick vacuums got you sorted.

The same case applies to the robot vacuums. You can easily set a cleaning schedule and adjust settings. Thanks to the integrated technology, the robot vacuum cleans itself while the brush prevents hair from tangling on the axel. They are quiet, allowing you to go about your business as they clean your house.

In this article, we will look at a few models in this category and see how they stack up. Let’s dive in.

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List of LG cordzero vacuum cleaners

  • LG cordzero kompressor universal stick vacuum
  • LG cordzero A9 kompressor stick vacuum
  • LG cordzero thinQ robotic vacuum
  • LG cordzero A9 cordless stick vacuum
  • LG cordzero A9 kompressor stick vacuum with power mop

LG cordzero kompressor universal stick vacuum

This LG cordzero vacuum cleaner comes with powerful suction ideal for small and large pick ups. It can work on all floor types, ranging from carpets, tiles, to hardwood. It has a large 33.8 oz dust cup allowing you to clean more while emptying less. The best part is that you can compress the debris in the dust cup to increase its capacity.

The included lithium ion batteries allow you to clean your house for up to 120 minutes. This is enough for a medium to large space. You also get a battery indicator so you can know when to recharge it. There are three power settings: normal, power, and turbo. As such, you can clean just about any surface to your power liking.

While a robust vacuum cleaner, it is noisy with a noise rating of 84dB. Like other premium vacuum cleaners, it comes with an app, which you can connect to the vacuum via your home WiFi. With it, you can monitor the cleaning progress of your house.

With a 5-stage filtration system, you are sure to capture small and large debris as well as micro particles. In fact, it captures 99.99% of allergens and pollen. As you’d expect, it has an elegant design and an ergonomic handle

LG cordzero A9 kompressor stick vacuum

Next on the list is this elegant stick vacuum cleaner. It comes in Iron Grey color, which is appealing to the eye. Besides, when hooked to its stand, it improves the aesthetic of the space. The stand allows you to charge the vacuum easily. You can either place it against the wall or lay it on a flat surface.

The ergonomic handle is padded, feeling comfortable in hands. This prevents slippage and hand strain so you can vacuum with improved comfortability. And to improve functionality, the control buttons are placed next to the handle. Here, you can connect to your Wi-Fi, turn it on/off, or change the power setting.

Speaking of power setting, there are three to choose from namely, normal, power, and turbo. The turbo mode will have a runtime of 40min, normal mode will run for 120min, and power mode will last 80min. the charging time of this LG cordzero vacuum cleaner is 4 hours.

To ensure convenience when using it, you get filter and battery monitoring. As expected, you can connect to the LG ThinQ app via your home Wi-Fi. With accessories such as upholstery and crevice tools, you can clean hard to reach spaces. For peace of mind, you get a 10-year warranty.

LG cordzero thinQ robotic vacuum

If you are looking for practical robotic vacuum cleaner, this is the perfect choice for you. With top-notch ingenuity, this LG cordzero vacuum ensures your floors are clean within minutes. It is lightweight weighing 9.4 pounds allowing you to carry it around with ease. Besides its 11.2 x 13 x 5.6 inch, dimensions make it a compact vacuum cleaner.

You can control the robotic vacuum cleaner using a remote control or voice alert. Unlike most vacuum cleaners, this model supports languages such as Dutch, French, German, Danish, and of course English. The powerful suction present allows you to clean all floor types with ease.

And to ensure exceptional cleaning results, it is equipped with obstacle sensors and detection capabilities. It has an OFS camera, Gyro, PSD, and cliff sensor to help it avoid obstacles. The HEPA filter ensures fine dust and allergens are captured with ease.

There’s a lithium ion battery with a runtime of 100 minutes, which takes 3 hours to charge. The vacuum is quiet with noise levels of between 60dB and 68dB depending on the power setting.

LG cordzero A9 cordless stick vacuum

If you are looking for an elegant vacuum cleaner, get yourself this model. It comes in an appealing Blossom Pink color that improves the aesthetic aspect of your spaces. Combined with black and silver shades, this LG cordzero vacuum is no doubt one of the most elegant in the market. Besides, it is lightweight and compact allowing you to store it in small spaces.

And thanks to the modular design, you can remove and reattach components for seamless maintenance. You get a portable charge dock, allowing charging of the vacuum in any room. The best part, you don’t have to drill holes on your wall. Just place it against the wall or lay it down on a flat surface and you are good to go.

The battery lasts for up to 50 minutes depending on the power setting. The control button are placed above the handle, where you can reach with your thumb. Here, you can change settings and switch it on and off. The cyclone filters are easy to clean so you can use them for up to 6 months. With a 5-stage filtration system, picking up small and large debris is an easy task.

LG cordzero A9 kompressor stick vacuum with power mop

Finally, you can opt for this LG cordzero vacuum if you want to mop your floor. Like other cordzero vacuum cleaners, it has powerful suction that picks up debris on all floor types. Whether it is a bare floor or carpeted one, the vacuum cleaner will do the trick.

Unlike others, you can easily which between vacuuming and mopping. And you don’t need special chemicals or solution to do the mopping. Just use normal water and you are good to go. However, you can only mop vinyl or hardwood floors with this vacuum cleaner.

As you’d expect it has a large capacity dust cup, which when dirt is compressed, doubles its capacity. This allows you to clean for long with less emptying. The handle has an ergonomic grip for comfortable use. You also get the control buttons near the thumb so you can control it easily.

Like other LG cordzero stick vacuums, it has a removable battery. The best part is that they come in pairs with each having a maximum runtime of 60 minutes. As such, you get 120 minutes of runtime with each session. With a portable charging stand, you can recharge the batteries anywhere.

You can detach the dust canister, attach the crevice tool, and use it as handheld vacuum cleaner. The compatible app enables you to keep track of your cleaning history. You can also run diagnosis to ensure the vacuum is functioning properly.


Does LG cordzero have Wi-Fi?

Yes, it has built-in Wi-Fi to connect to the LG ThinQ app.

How long do LG cordzero vacuum batteries last?

The 2300mAh batteries can run up to 60 minutes depending on the power settings. The best part is that LG provides two batteries increasing the total runtime to 120 minutes.

Is LG cordzero HEPA?

Most cordzero stick vacuums come with cyclone filters. However, the robotic models have HEPA filters. In both cases, they capture allergens and pollen with ease.


As you can see the LG cordzero vacuum cleaners are no doubt a workhorse. They are equipped with strong suction power enabling you to clean different surfaces with ease. Besides the Wi-Fi capability allows for remote control and diagnosis.

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