Is Ryobi vacuum ( worth it? Ryobi upright/handheld/canister vacuum cleaners review

What is Ryobi vacuum?

Ryobi vacuum is part of the Ryobi Tools catalogue of products. The company is a leading producer of not only vacuum cleaners but also DIY machines such as drilling, fastening, storage, and cleaning machines, to mention but a few. The company serves a worldwide customer base with its headquarters based in the USA.

It also has branches in Australia, Canada, Europe, and Mexico. Its products can be found in online stores such as Home Depot and Amazon. It is also a pioneer in producing sustainable products allowing you to preserve the environment.

As mentioned, it produces a wide range of products among them vacuum cleaners. You can find handheld, stick, and dry/wet vacuum cleaners. All come with different features and are used for different situations. They are a favorite to many thanks to their top-notch ingenuity and quality build. While made of quality material, they are not as bulky as you’d expect. As such, you can use them with minimal strain.

What’s more, all Ryobi vacuums feature the iconic brand colors: black and yellow. This makes them stand out among their competitors. As you’d expect, you’ll find simple and complex vacuum cleaners. The best fit depends on your cleaning needs. Now, let’s look at some of their models.

List of Ryobi vacuum models

  • 18v one+ hp cordless pet stick vac kit with dual-roller bar
  • 18v one+ hp cordless pet stick vac kit
  • 18v one+ cordless stick vac kit
  • 18v one+ hand vacuum
  • 18v one+ performance hand vacuum
  • 18v one+ 4.75 gallon wet/dry vacuum
  • 18v one+ 3 gal. Project wet/dry vacuum

18v one+ hp cordless pet stick vac kit with dual-roller bar

This is a perfect choice if you want to clean your floor and ceiling. Thanks to the dual-roller design, you can be sure of deep and thorough cleaning. This is because it can pick up small and large debris with ease. What’s more, you can use it to clean your pet’s bed as well as picking up pet hair on other surfaces.

It comes with a capacity of 0.21 gallon, meaning you can clean large areas before emptying it. Also you get a 73 dB noise level. This is relatively loud, making it not so ideal for homes with young kids. The 4 Ah battery ensures you can clean for up to 60 minutes. With a weight of 5 pounds, you can carry it around with ease.

18v one+ hp cordless pet stick vac kit

If you have pets in your house, then this might be the perfect choice for you. Intended for cleaning pet debris and dander, it is fantastic picking hair on carpets and bare floors. The integrated brushless motor ensures you get unmatched suction power, leaving the floor free of debris.

To ensure prompt maintenance, it comes with a removable roller bar. This also allows you to remove hair tangled on the axel. With cyclonic filtration, it captures 99.99% of allergens and pollen. Emptying the dust cup is as easy as pressing the release button. It weighs 5 pounds and has a capacity of 0.21 gallons.

18v one+ cordless stick vac kit

This model is especially ideal if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner to clean under furniture. The low profile design and the foldable wand allows you to clean under furniture with ease. As you’d expect, it features cyclonic filtration that capture micro particles with ease. With it, you can expect 20% more suction, making it ideal for capturing small and large particles.

It also comes with accessories such as a dust brush, wall mount, and crevice tool. Like most Ryobi stick vacuum cleaners, it weighs 5 pounds, has a noise level rating of 73 dB, and a capacity of 0.16 gallons. With the 18V ONE+ battery, you can use the vacuum cleaner for up to 60 minutes.

18v one+ hand vacuum

Do you want to clean hard to reach areas with ease? Well, why not get yourself a handheld vacuum cleaner. The Ryobi handheld vacuum cleaner allows you to clean hard to reach areas and high up places hassle free. Besides, it is lightweight and portable, bolstering its convenience. With an airflow of 37 CFM, it can pick up small and large debris

You also get an easy to empty dust cup that has a capacity of 2.5 cups. Thanks to the universal nozzle it comes with, you can clean just about any surface. From gaps to cracks, it will clean hard to reach areas.

18v one+ performance hand vacuum

This is yet another Ryobi vacuum to consider. It features 2X suction power for faster pick up of debris. It comes in a compact design allowing you to use it with minimal strain. Besides, the design enables you to store it in tight spaces. Thanks to the dual-filtration system, you can be sure it will capture small to large debris as well as micro particles.

Thanks to the modular design, it is easy to remove the dust cup and the filters. And since the filters are washable, you can use them for at least 3 months. The dust cup has a capacity of 2.8 cups while the airflow rating is 40CFM.

18v one+ 4.75 gallon wet/dry vacuum

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that will afford you thorough cleaning, consider buying this model. Not only is it suited for dry cleaning but also wet cleaning. As such, you can use it to mop bare floors and vacuum carpets. Thanks to the 18V power rating, it provides powerful suction, which is ideal for small and large pick ups.

This vacuum is made of stainless steel improving its durability. The four robust wheels provide seamless maneuverability so you can clean different areas. It comes with all necessary attachments such as a floor nozzle, crevice tool, dust brush, and others.

18v one+ 3 gal. Project wet/dry vacuum

This cordless Ryobi vacuum cleaner offers thorough mopping and vacuuming leaving your spaces sparkling clean. As you’d expect, it comes in a stainless steel build, which improves its durability, so you can use it for long. The 4.75 gallons capacity ensures you can clean large portions without worry of emptying.

With a hose length of 4.9ft, cleaning high up places will be an easy task. The 18V battery will ensure you can clean different surfaces for up to 60 minutes. Again, this vacuum cleaner offers unmatched suction power picking up small and large debris.

Ryobi vacuum accessories/parts/attachments

Stick vac replacement filter

This replacement filter is suited for the Ryobi stick vacuum cleaners. It can trap 99.9% of allergens and prevents pet hair and dust from clogging your vacuum cleaner. It is easy to remove and attach: all you need is to pull it from the vacuum. As expected, it is washable meaning you can use it for 3-6 months.

3 gal. Wet/dry vacuum replacement filter

As the name suggests, it is intended for the 18v one+ 3 gal. Project wet/dry vacuum. Like other filters, it is easy to remove and attach. Also, you can easily clean it and let it air dry for up to 24 hours. With regular cleaning, it can serve you for up to 6 months.

18v one+ 4.75 gal. Replacement filter

If you have the 4.75-gallon vacuum, you should buy this replacement filter. It is washable, easy to maintain, and has a maximum lifespan of 6 months.

18v one+ p770 6 gal. Replacement filter

This replacement filter is intended for the 6-gallon wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Ryobi vacuum cleaners review

Well, the Ryobi vacuum cleaners are no doubt a fantastic add on to your cleaning arsenal. They offer powerful suction and can pick up large and small debris with ease. What’s more, they are easy to use and maintain. With much-needed attachments and accessories, their longevity is bolstered significantly. Overall, they are a workhorse that will improve your cleaning performance.

Video of Ryobi vacuum review

Ryobi vacuum vs Dyson vacuum, which is better?





Ryobi handheld vacuum cleaner

Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum





2.5 cups

15 gallons

Noise level




18V One+ 2Ah battery



2 pounds

3.77 pounds


45 minutes



Carpet, bare floor

Carpet, bare floors


Check price

Check price



Is it worth buying the Ryobi wet/dry vacuum cleaner?

Yes, because you are not limited to dry materials such as debris and dust. Instead, you can clean sticky spills and other liquid stains with such as vacuum cleaner.

Are Ryobi vacuum cleaners durable?

Yes, most are made of robust BPA-free plastic or stainless steel. This ensures you can use them for long.

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