Your Ultimate Guide To Eureka Vacuum Filters

Your kid just spilled their breakfast on your sparkling carpet. You instinctively run to your Eureka vacuum cleaner to deal with the dirt on the mat. On your way to pick up the vacuum cleaner, you cannot help only wonder, “The vacuum has been serving me diligently for some years; why so?” To start with, Eureka vacuums have been around since the early 1900s. They have been serving home and office users for quite some time now. Throughout its lifespan, Eureka has dedicated many innovations and creativity to its vacuum cleaners and accessories to ensure they bring the best value to its users. And with so many years of experience in the vacuuming industry, you can put your money on Eureka to do the task for you.

But like all gadgets, the vacuum cleaner is bound to defect, often calling for part replacements. There are several Eureka vacuum parts that need replacement. However, in this article, we will try to pay more attention to one essential part- the Eureka vacuum filter

What is the Role of Eureka Vacuum Filter?

So, why do you need the Eureka vacuum filter on your vacuum cleaner? The filters play three critical roles in your vacuum cleaner.

First, they help in trapping dirt and dust from your carpet and other cleaning surfaces. Upon switching on your Eureka vacuum cleaner, the motor will force air through the innards. This will create a strong suction that captures dirt from the cleaning surface. The dirt will pass through the vacuum until it arrives at the vacuum filter. The filter will allow air to pass through but trap large particles and contain them in vacuum bags.

Secondly, your Eureka vacuum filter will help to protect the motor. Filtering dust particles as they pass through the vacuum will prevent them from reaching the motor and building up to form a clog. Clogs could potentially lead to expensive technical hitches with your vacuum cleaner.

Lastly, Eureka vacuum filters are designed to keep your home healthy. Whereas normal vacuum filters could let air containing allergens and microbes pass through, the Eureka vacuum filters trap such substances, create a conducive working environment and allow you to breathe more easily.

Types of Eureka Vacuum Filters

The following are some of the Eureka vacuum filters you should know of

  • Eureka Original STK Vacuum Filters
  • GOLDTONE Replacement DCF-10 & DCF-14 Vacuum Filter

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Frequently Should I clean the Eureka Vacuum Filter?

Different manufacturers propose varied recommendations on how often you should clean your vacuum filter. It is wise that you clean your Eureka vacuum cleaner at least once every three months. If you use your vacuum more frequently, then you will have to clean it more regularly.

  1. How Do I Clean My Eureka Vacuum Filter?

You should always check your user manual to learn how best to clean your Eureka vacuum filter. But the basic process is to open the vacuum, tap off all the dust, rinse the filter and leave it dry. You can click on the following video link to learn more about how to clean your Eureka vacuum filter.


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