A Users’ Guide on How To Empty And Clean Shark Navigator Vacuum

The Shark Navigator Vacuum is a vital apparatus in my home. Not because it helps with cleaning (any vacuum can clean) but also because it features great suction technology. It is an affordable vacuum cleaner that will give you every cent you pay for it. But there are times when you start realizing that the Shark Navigator Vacuum is losing its suction power? The question we seek to answer today is what to do if that is the case. And the answer is simple- give the Shark Navigator Vacuum a proper cleaning. In this article, we will look at how to empty and clean Shark Navigator Vacuum.

How To Empty and Clean Shark Navigator Vacuum

A dirty Shark Navigator Vacuum cleaner could be less efficient than a clean one. Whenever the vacuum filter becomes blocked with dirt or debris, its suction power will decrease tremendously. There are other signs that your Shark Navigator Vacuum needs proper cleaning, such as when it leaves dirt behind, produces a weird sound from normal, or gives an unpleasant smell. If you experience any of these problems with your Shark Navigator Vacuum cleaner, you will have to clean it properly. Here is how to empty and clean Shark Navigator Vacuum.

Step 1- Detach the Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your Shark Navigator Vacuum is a long process that will require you to clean several components. The first step will be to disassemble the vacuum cleaner and empty any dirt from the dirt container.

Step 2- Clean the Plastic Filters

The next step involves opening the top of the vacuum to access the filters. You should free the filter from any dirt by gently tapping it on the side of a trash bin. Once all the dirt is eliminated, you should clean the filter with water. Lastly, you will have to rinse the dirt container thoroughly.

Step 3- Clean the HEPA Filters

It is also important not to forget the HEPA filter during your regular cleaning schedules. The filters are located below the dirt container. After cleaning, ensure you rinse them thoroughly until they become clean, and allow it to dry

Step 4- Reassemble your Shark Navigator Vacuum and Vacuum!

At this point, your Shark Navigator Vacuum is clean and ready for use. You will now need to assemble all the parts and make them as they were before detachment. You can now start vacuuming using your Shark Navigator Vacuum. At this point, you should notice a change in the suction power, no strange smell or abnormal sound. The reason is that all the filters are clean and free from any dirt. Now you can vacuum your way up to a clean home and an excellent working environment

To learn more on how to empty and clean Shark Navigator Vacuum, you can watch the video in the link below;

Final Words

Shark Navigator Vacuums are excellent options for home vacuuming needs. They feature excellent suction power. However, a dirty Shark Navigator Vacuum won’t work well for you, and you will have to clean it. This article has given you guidelines on how to empty and clean Shark Navigator Vacuum.

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