Tristar Vacuum Parts

The Tristar vacuum is one of the most popular vacuum brands on the market. They have existed since 1946, with significant improvements made on every new model released. These vacuum filters are known for their high-powered flow of air and their long-lasting features that outlive most vacuum cleaners you know of. It is not a surprise to stumble upon a Tristar vacuum cleaner that has been around for fifteen or twenty years but still functions properly. These functionality and durability features can be attributed to high-quality and versatile Tristar vacuum parts. In this article, we will examine the various Tristar vacuum parts you should know.

Tristar Vacuum Hose

The general purpose and economical Tristar vacuum hose is the first element of this Tristar vacuum parts review. It is lightweight and extremely flexible, with a smooth inside that allows maximum flow.

There are several types of Hoses that are suitable for the Tristar vacuum cleaners. They include the Compact and Tristar Replacement Curved Chrome Metal Hose, Tristar Canister Vacuum Cleaner Power Nozzle Elbow Hose, and Compact Tristar 12-1110-07, Vacuum Crushproof Hose

Tristar Vacuum Filter and Filter Kit

The vacuum filter is one of the essential components of the Tristar vacuum filter. Its major role is to collect dust passing through the suction nozzle from the carpet or surface being cleaned.

There are three primary categories of Tristar vacuum filters you should know. They are; surface filters, High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, and depth filters.

Power Nozzle

The power Nozzle is one of the most complex Tristar vacuum parts and other vacuums, for that matter. Its primary role is to pick up as much dust as possible from all kinds of surfaces. Apart from its high suction power, the Tristar vacuum nozzle also distributes the airflow and airspeeds as efficiently as possible.

There are several types of power nozzles, such as the Compact Tri-Star Little Pig Vent Power Nozzle and TriStar Vacuum Cleaner Power Nozzle Elbow.


Being an upright vacuum cleaner, the Tristar vacuum needs the correct vacuum cleaner. The purpose of the vacuum belt is turning the agitator that is used to beat dirt and dust from the cleaning surfaces.

There are several vacuum belts on the market you can use for your Tristar vacuum filter. They include; TriStar Vacuum Cleaner Power Nozzle Gear Belt, Tri Star Canister Vacuum Cleaner Belts, and TriStar Vacuum Power Nozzle Gear Belt CO-1123.

The Suction Motor

The last item on our Tristar vacuum parts list is the suction motor. The suction motor plays a significant role in creating the vacuum pressure and suction for rotating the fan of the motor.  

Frequently Asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Tristar vacuum parts

Are Tristar vacuums Good?

Yes. The Tristar vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuum cleaners ever made.

How Do I Know If My Tristar Vacuum Part is Broken?

You are likely to notice a burning smell when using your vacuum cleaner, which could potentially indicate that one or more of the Tristar vacuum parts is broken.

How Do I Repair A Broken Part on My Filter Vacuum?

First, you must find the replacement part compatible with your Tristar vacuum cleaner model. You should then follow the guidelines to replace the broken part. You can also follow this link to watch a video on different Tristar vacuum repairs;

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