Belts, Brushrolls, Filter Kits, Hose, and Other Royal Vacuum Parts

The Royal vacuum is one of the few vacuum cleaners loved by home users. They have been in existence for decades now, considering the fact that the Royal vacuum manufacturing company came into existence in 1905. It is, in fact, the oldest vacuum cleaning company. That alone is enough impression for a vacuum cleaner manufacturer that has not only survived but also thrived. It manufactures two categories of vacuums, namely, tank vacuums and upright vacuums. This article explores some of the Royal vacuum parts you should be aware of.

Royal Vacuum Belts

If you are well-conversant with vacuum cleaners, you will know that vacuum belts are critical to the functionality and efficacy of a vacuum. Of the many royal vacuum parts, the belt is one of the most vital. It helps with rotating the brusher bars that are then used to agitate dirt and dust from the cleaning surface. Belts are subject to high wear and tear and must be replaced frequently.

Some of the best belts for royal vacuum cleaners include the royal metal upright vacuum cleaner flat rubber belt, royal 720410 vacuum belt style, and dirt devil multi-cyclonic belt.

Royal vacuum Brushrolls

The next crucial royal vacuum part you should know is the brush roll. The brush roll is vital because it lifts the carpet's nap and allows the suction to harness dirt and dust particles. In other words, the brushroll helps move the dirt into the suction path.

Some of the best brushrolls to use with the Royal vacuum filter include; the royal 18-inch metal upright vacuum brush roll with a square end and the royal model 9700, 673 upright vacuum cleaner brushroll.

Filter and Filter Kits

The next royal vacuum cleaner part you should know is the filter or filter kits. Without a vacuum filter, your vacuum cleaner will recirculate dirt and dust into the room. To achieve maximum cleaning efficiency, there is a need to use a vacuum filter.

Some of the best vacuum filters to use on your royal vacuum include the Royal reaction upright vacuum filter and Royal canister exhaust filter.

Royal Vacuum Hose

The hose is one of the most critical Royal vacuum parts. The hoses allow you to gather waste and refuse from your room. Without the hose, it might be difficult to remove debris, dirt, and dust using the main section of the vacuum cleaner.

Some of the best Royal vacuum hoses include the royal AiroPro canister vacuum cleaner hose, the royal sr30015 hose, and the royal ry4001 backpack vacuum cleaner hose.

Cloth Bag

Last on our list of royal vacuum parts is the cloth bag. Also called storage bags, these parts are responsible for maintaining suction ahead of cyclone vacuums and offer optimum cleaning performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Replace the Hose For My Royal Vacuum Cleaner?

Several instances should prompt you to replace your hose. For example, when the engine backfires or fails to start, that might be a clear sign that your hose needs replacement.

How Do I Replace the Belt?

To replace the belt, you will first need to remove the brushroller and the old belt and fit the new belt on the motor shaft of the brushroller. You can click on the link below to watch a video on how to replace your belt.


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